Twitter Talk: Stars Spread the Love on Valentine’s Day

By Amanda Martinez,

Not feeling the love on Valentine’s Day? Beat those feelings of loneliness and isolation by heading over to Twitter and receiving some solace by your favorite celebs.

Some stars kept it short and simple, wishing their followers the best. DitaVonTeese tweeted, “Happy Valentine’s Day, Tweethearts!” and Kim Kardashian wrote, “Happy Valentine’s Day love birds!”

Others used the holiday to stress the importance of love in the world, like Harry Potter star Tom Felton, who showed no signs of his dark alter-ego Draco Malfoy. Instead the actor tweeted, “Happy valentines day everybody. In the words of a beatle “all you need is love” food, shelter, water would b handy but loves the main thing!x”

Brody Jenner echoed these sentiments, tweeting, “Happy valentines day to you all!..Hope you get to share it with somebody special. Life is short so don’t take your loved ones for granted”

Inserting a little humor into his Valentine’s wishes, Chris Colfer tweeted, “Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Hope you’re spending this obnoxious day with a person you love, by choice if not by force! <3 <3 <3”

In a move sure to make all her single followers jealous, Khloe Kardashian tweeted “Lamar’s Valentine’s surprise for me…http://bit.ly/fXK1eR How amazing is my husband?!” The linked picture showed an Orlando hotel room showered with 27 vases of red roses and bundles of balloons.

Lucky for those most affected by the green-eyed monster of jealousy, Justin Bieber offered a solution to keep them comforted. The pint-sized singer, tweeted, “today is your day to feel special…to feel loved…u all deserve it. #happyvalentinesday” and “so be my valentine http://jibjab.com/” With a simple upload of your face, you too can be serenaded by Bieber courtesy of Jib-Jab.

Don’t leave your favorite stars hanging—tweet them back and spread the love.



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