'The Walking Dead' graphic novels top the New York Best Seller List

By Chelsea Lewis,

The Walking Dead has taken over TV every Sunday and now the zombies are taking over the New York Times Best Seller List. The graphic novels written by Robert Kirkman have the top three spots on the paperback list and the top two of nine spots on the hardcover list.

The Hollywood Reporter reported that no graphic novel has ever sold like Kirkman's. The books are showing increasing popularity as a series as well, as book sales for the first novel have gone up dramatically.

The graphic novels are comprised of the monthly comic book issues. The Walking Dead book one is comprised of the first twelve issues of the comic book.

New York Magazine added that no other graphic novel has ever sold this way before. Kirkman's novels are topping the charts unlike any other graphic novel in part to fans wanting to know more about the TV show they watch.

The comic books started back in 2003 and the first season of The Walking Dead aired back in 2010. The graphic novels received a boost when the show hit television back in 2010.

In July, the 100th issue of The Walking Dead comic book is set to be released and The Walking Dead will be returning to TV in February after the mid-season finale left audiences in shock.



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