'The Walking Dead' Recap: Guts

By Diep Tran,

While this week’s episode title is an exercise in brevity, think of it as a confirmation: “Yes there are guts and yes, it’s bloody and disgusting.”

When the viewers last left Rick, he was trapped inside a tank as the zombies outside swarmed in around him and a voice was taunting him from the radio.

The voice ends up belonging to Glenn (who proceeds to steal every scene that he’s in) who leads Rick into an abandoned department store. They meet up with a group of survivors –Andrea, Morales, Jacqui, Merle and T-Dog – who came into Atlanta for supplies.

Rick ruined that plan, which earns him a death threat, and the store becomes surrounded by zombies.

Merle, the episode's racist villain (we know that he’s evil since he uses the n-word copiously), doesn’t help the scenario since he attracts more zombies by doing a little target practice from the roof. It’s never explained why they brought him along. Maybe they were hoping to feed him to the zombies.

Rick handcuffs Dixon to a pipe, uttering the most amazing line of the episode: “There’s no n--- anymore…only dark meat and white meat, there’s us and the dead.” If only more zombie movie heroes could be so concise the genre would be a lot more respectable.

The group eventually decides that the only means of escape is via a truck parked at a nearby construction site.

Enter the goriest moment of the show. The group hacks open up the body of a zombie, though not before finding out that the man’s name was Wayne Dunlap and he is 28 years old and an organ donor, just in case the audience forgot that the zombies were once human.

Rick and Glenn proceed to cover themselves in bloody zombie bits (Rick once again proves his awesomeness by having two feet hang from his neck) and walk out towards the truck.

Unfortunately, as they are walking, it starts to rain, washing off the entrails and drawing the zombie towards them. Fortunately they make it to the truck, pick up the group, and flee Atlanta, though not before T-Dog accidentally drops the key to Dixon’s handcuffs, leaving him to his doom.

Though something tells me that he’ll be back (reason: strategically dropped handsaw).

Meanwhile, Lori is still having an affair with Rick’s former police partner, Dale. Then again, would it still be considered an affair if she thinks her husband is dead? We also find out that the Atlanta group is part of the camping group.

The domestic drama that will no doubt ensue when Rick comes back promises to be exciting. Until then, I don’t really care about the camping scenes.

Zombie Kill of the Week: The late Wayne Dunlap, whose entrails Rick and Glenn use to disguise themselves from the zombie horde. It gives the iconic scene from Shaun of the Dead a bloody run for its money.



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