This week in fashion: Perfect-fitting clothes

By Melissa Goldstein,

Women often have a difficult time finding their true clothing size. They can be size 6 in one store and then a size 8 or 10 in another. Some try on at least three different sizes of the same item, hoping to find the one that “fits” perfectly.

Since there are no sizing standards for clothing manufacturers, shopping can be an arduous process. However, the Me-Ality™ Size Matching Station could make the dressing room guessing game a thing of the past.

The new mall kiosk offers a free service that captures shoppers’ exact body measurements using low power radio signals and then matches them to specific sizes of clothing brands.

After stepping fully clothed into the sizing booth, the body scan only takes about 10 to 15 seconds to complete. Then, a printable Me-Ality™ shopping guide that correlates sizes and retailers that fit and compliment consumers’ unique shape is generated.

Shoppers can also customize their guide to reflect prices, styles, and their favorite retail stores.

Me-Ality™ offers sizing matches to over 40 retailers including J Crew, Gap, and Old Navy and new brands are added often.

There are currently stations in shopping malls in Texas, Pennsylvania and Georgia. By the end of the year, new locations will be added to New Jersey, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, and Illinois.

If you have tried a Me-Ality™ Size Matching Station, please share your experience.



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