What Happened in Vegas Didn't Stay in Vegas: Carrot Top Hospitalized

By Lauren Keating,
Comedian drove himself to hospital after food poisoning and dehydration.

According to Celebuzz, Carrot Top has been rushed to the hospital, but the redheaded comedian has already been released.

It had not been released until now why the comedian was hospitalized, resulting in various different rumors. Hit Dan Back stated, "Last night Carrot Top got all crunked and had to go to the hospital in Vegas. . . ." and Perez Hilton commented, saying maybe he overdosed or suffered an "exhaustion" reason.

While Carrot Top has been headlining a comedy show at Luxor in Las Vegas, he cancelled his show tonight and assures the public he is okay, resting at home, and the reasoning for his hospitalization was due to food poisoning.

Las Vegas Sun revealed this information, saying Carrot Top, himself, said all rumors are "nonsense" and "all is well."

"It was food poisoning and the resulting dehydration that made him drive himself to the hospital. Fluids were put into his system for a few hours, and then he was released," the Web site stated.

Carrot Top has been reported to be back in business for his show on Wednesday night.



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