What’s Hot on Facebook, 3/31/11

By Amber Belus,
Your Weekly Facebook Update

Do these Facebook makeovers ever stop? It seems almost monthly the Facebook team reformats the outline of the increasingly popular social media network. It’s a nuisance to users, who forever claim the previous layout was “fine,” pulling attention away from the site rather than towards it.

According to the Social Media Examiner, the newest layout gives more companies a chance to promote themselves and network. Now, over two thirds of screen space are available for the user to personalize and use for marketing purposes.

Business and corporate owners now have easy access to viewers, can create free advertisements, and have their voices heard. Extensive video tutorials are available on the Social Media Examiner website.

Social media blog Convince and Convert's founder Jay Baer expressed the time is now for companies to engage in social media, for it is a modern, centralized controlled structure. Facebook has significant advantages with internal communications, quite possibly the best way to contact someone these days. Using the “opportunity economy” will provide fast access to business expansion, as there are many ways to build a business using the network.

These adjustments are minor compared to a report from Sexy Social Media, confirming Facebook acquired Google group message service Beluga. Smart phone and computer savvies can create a secret group, a pod, where only group members can view updates, comments, etc. This helped validate the group message industry, even if now they (Beluga) hate them.

There is no way of knowing what might happen on Facebook. High school students usually start to make friends before college, but most users are on to write messages on their friends' page and post a million pictures. The demographic is changing, and it’s more than just a site for high school or college students. Parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles have joined in on the phenomenon, who may be as addicted as the youth.



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