Who Will Replace Gilbert Gottfried’s Aflac Voice?

By Samantha Wallad,

As comedian Gilbert Gottfried was fired as the voice of Aflac because of his brash and insensitive tweets surrounding the Japanese tsunami, the question arises who can replace him, as he has been the duck's voice since 2000. Aflac is conducting a nationwide search for their next celebrity spokes voice.

Gottfried’s distinctive nasal tone will be hard to replicate but several contenders are rumored to be up for the challenge. First, Fashion Police sassy host Joan Rivers has a distinctive raspy tone recognizable to TV viewers everywhere. Fran Drescher was made famous for her annoying voice and one of a kind laugh on The Nanny. Sofia Vergara is also a contender, as her Colombian roots give her a sultry accent. The Modern Family star also squawked bird noises in a recent episode revealing she is not shy about making animal sounds. Who do you think should replace Gilbert?



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