"Wild Boy" Andy Taylor from Duran Duran is 50 Today

By Asha Brodie,

Andy Taylor is a prolific singer, songwriter and guitarist and is best known as a member of the hot boy band called Duran Duran. Andy, who celebrates his 50th birthday today, was born in England and learned to play the guitar when he was 11.

By age 16, Andy was playing with several bands and even toured with them throughout England and Europe. He then joined the already-established band Duran Duran, and together they have produced some of the greatest songs to grace the 80s songbook. From “A View to A Kill”, to “Notorious” and “Rio”, Duran Duran definitely ruled the teen scene with their infectious music.

Andy Taylor took a break from the group in 1985 to form the band The Power Station along with Robert Palmer. His new group also had success with “Some Like It Hot” and “Get It On (Bang a Gong)”.

Andy Taylor has also written and produced on compilations for Robert Palmer, The Almighty, Love and Money and Rod Stewart, to name a few.

Also celebrating their birthdays are:

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Ventriloquist Edgar Bergen (1903; d. 1978)

Actress Elizabeth Olsen 1989

Hip Hop rapper/ songwriter Lupe Fiasco (1982)

Johnny and the Sprites actor/puppeteer John Tartaglia (1978)



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