Meg White Sex Tape Scandal

By Kimberly Lovisi,
Meg White's reps say that it is not her in the sex tapes that leaked on the internet.

Rumors were taking the internet by storm yesterday when a sex tape featuring girl who looked a lot like Meg White hit the net. However, TMZ did some sleuthing and uncovered the truth--it is not Meg White of the White Stripes. Her rep said in a statement, "Some people have a very twisted sense of humor and this prank is in particularly bad taste. The tape circulating on the Internet as featuring Meg White is fake. It's definitely not Meg." Earlier this month the band was forced to cancel their remaining tour dates due to her acute anxiety. They won multiple Grammy Awards including Best Alternative Music Album for Elephant and Best Rock Song for Seven Nation Army in 2004 as well as Best Alternative Music Album for Get Behind Me Satan in 2006.

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