Win an Autographed Fender Guitar from Eight Days Gone and Titan

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The band members of Eight Days Gone are ready to explode onto the scene withtheir newest release Silence To The Naysayers. After years of hard work,bankruptcy, and even personal injury, their long awaited album will hitstores June 22nd. In anticipation of their guitar-driven release, the bandis offering their fans at TheCelebrityCafe.com the chance to win a FenderTelecaster signed by the entire band.

Eight Days Gone's influences focus on guitar legends such as Jimi Hendrix,Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Eric Clapton, but also reach as broad as Coldplay,Radiohead and even Cat Stevens. Lead singer Neill Steinke describes thestyle of Silence to Naysayers as "kind of folkie storytelling but with aheavy, moody atmosphere and some poetry on top."

The winner of the Eight Days Gone contest at TheCelebrityCafe.com will beselected in conjunction with the album's release on June 22nd.

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