Flavor Flav's New Show "Under One Roof"

By Susie Kopecky,
Rapper Flavor Flav is back in a new television show.

Flavor Fav's career just got another boost. The man best known for his recent stint as a reality television star and previously a singer, will now add scripted television actor to his resume. Flavor Flav will be on MyNetworkTV's "Under One Roof," reports Reuters. Kelly Perine will co-star, as Flavor Flav's brother who welcomes his sibling into his home after a stint in jail. Flavor Flav will star in what the television network president, Greg Meidel, calls a "classic fish-out-of-water story." This will be the network's first sitcom to be scripted. This will ostensibly be aimed at mining Flavor Flav's comedic talents. The show will be half an hour, and is set to debut in Spring. It is currently in production in Toronto. A press release describes the premise of the show: "Flav plays Calvster Hill, an ex-convict that moves in with his wealthy, conservative brother, Walter (Kelly Perine). Calvster subsequently turns the Hill family's life upside down, parading his old prison cronies through the house; teaching his nephew Walter Jr. to be a gangsta rapper; and butting heads with Walter's snooty wife, Ashley."

Sources: Reuters, IGN

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