Is Suri Cruise a Scientologist?

By Hillary Frazier,
Suri, daughter of actors Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, is still on the bottle at age 2. Scientology may be to blame.

Pictures of Suri Cruise, 2-year-old daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, drinking from a bottle, made many question their parenting skills, but it may be true that Scientology is the bad parent. A Scientology mother, Leah Remini, reported to Defamer that her 3-year-old drinks six bottles a night. This may sound like the newest celebrity trend, but Defamer notes that they've discovered this "Hubbard's baby formula" has caused some youngsters to become "thin and colicky," had their "baby teeth destroyed," and "screamed themselves to death." Hopefully Tomkat reads Defamer, but even with the knowledge, Remini said, "I could see her drinking a bottle 'til she's 16." Remini made an appearance on the Rachel Ray show, and noted that she follows L. Ron Hubbard's advice to "never breastfeed and, instead, feed babies a mixture consisting of barley water, homogenized milk, and oodles of sugar-heavy honey," according to Defamer. The unbelievable part is that Hubbard claimed he discovered the baby formula when he traveled back in time to ancient Rome.

It was not confirmed that Suri is drinking this possibly toxic formula, but Dr. Charlotte Cowan told Usmagazine.com, "Most pediatricians recommend a bottle should be given up by age 1-almost certainly by 18 months." Either way, Us and most parents, excluding Remini and other Scientologists, agree, Suri needs to move to a sippy cup.



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