Brad Garrett - Online Dating Star

By Frida Hognabba,
Actor and comedian Garrett creates an online reality dating show.

Brad Garrett taps into the online dating world, Hollywood Reporter reveals.

The actor is set to produce and star in an online reality show called Dating Brad Garrett.

The studio behind the project is Sony Pictures TV.

According to Variety.com, the production is due to premiere in the fall on sites like Crackle, YouTube, Hulu, AOL Video, Verizon's V Cast service and direct to Sony Bravia TVs via the Bravia video link.

Dating Brad Garrett will portray the comedian as he sets out on 10 blind dates with women found and selected on the Internet.

Starting Thursday, 13 June, women can submit videos to Crackle.com in order to be considered as a candidate for the show, Hollywood Reporter outlines.

Garrett says: "An online dating show seemed like a logical choice given that I'm in the midst of a midlife crisis and averse to pain, which makes getting my ear pierced out of the question. . . . And since I'm not picky about my choices, I hope women of all sizes, shapes and colors will be compelled to submit their videos."

Garrett familiarly stars in Til Death, that's currently going into its third season, according to Variety.com.

The actor previously received three Emmys for his acting in Everybody Loves Raymond, in which he played Robert, the brother of the title character, Ray Romano.

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