Meagan Good Has Gone Under the Knife

By Melanie Sutrathada,
The 26-year-old recently had a breast augmentation.

Former The Famous Jett Jackson star, Meagan Good, has apparently had a breast augmentation.

Coming a long way from her role on the Disney Channel, Good has now acted in numerous movies.

Although it was not necessary in securing any roles, the slim 26-year-old still insisted on getting her breasts changed from around a "medium B-cup to a large D-cup," according to Make Me Heal, a plastic surgery site.

Perhaps she should have opted for a smaller size so that the implants would not have been as blatant and obvious.

According to Make Me Heal, Meagan Good's new breasts have a "typical implant appearance: They ride high and round and far apart."

Additionally, pictures that have been taken at a closer distance reveal that Good's decision to go bigger in size has left her with bad stretch marks across her upper half. Maybe bigger isn't always better after all?

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