A Closer Look at Christian Bale's Assault Charge

By Dean Stattmann,
The actor's relatives refused to leave his suite after he allegedly declined their investment proposal.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Christian Bale's recent assault charge in London was the result of deep-seeded tension in the Bale family.

Christian Bale, who stars in the epic Batman sequel, The Dark Knight, was arrested Sunday following an alleged scuffle with his mother and sister the previous day. The actor, who showed up at the police station voluntarily, was arrested after his relatives pressed charges. The alleged assault took place at London's Dorchester Hotel before The Dark Knight's European premiere.

Bale was reluctant to meet his mother and sister the day of the premiere, reported the Chicago Sun-Times, but he agreed to it anyway. Apparently, the Batman star has experienced a distant relationship with mother Jenny and sister Sharon Bale since his parents' divorce when Christian took his father's side.

Soon after Bale invited his relatives into his suite, he realized that they had come for money, allegedly proposing a business venture of sorts. The Chicago Sun-Times reported that, according to a source close to Christian, the actor insisted that his relatives leave the suite. When they did not comply, Bale allegedly pushed his mother. This isn't too far-fetched, considering that the mother-daughter team is now hitting up major news outlets, trying to sell the story.

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