David Byrne and Brian Eno Release New Album

By Dean Stattmann,
Byrne and Eno's new album should get some heads talking.

It has been 27 years since David Byrne and Brian Eno released My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, and now the duo is back with fresh material.

The album, titled Everything That Happens Will Happen Today, is a clean-cut collaboration between Byrne and Eno, with the former Talking Heads frontman contributing lyrics, and the experienced producer supplying electronic tunes, reported the Guardian.

According to a press release, the 11-track album is more of a collection of songs than My Life in the Bush of Ghosts. The album apparently draws considerable inspiration from gospel music, along with some other nuggets of inspirado, such as Dave Eggers' novel, What Is the What.

"This record started life as a dinner conversation," Eno explained in a statement reported by the Guardian. "I was in New York, having dinner with David and some other friends, and happened to mention that I had a lot of music which I had intended to make into songs but never succeeded with."

Byrne's challenge, in his words, was to write songs that were "simple but not corny, basic but heartfelt." The result is apparently very close to that, with the lyrics floating along a rather positive, hopeful tone. For Eno, it was all about the music, and by the way he describes the gospel music that inspired his riffs, this album is definitely something to get excited about.

"I was surprised by how little attention Americans paid to their own great indigenous musical invention: gospel. It was even slightly uncool - as though the endorsement of the music entailed endorsing all the religious framework associated with it. To me gospel was a music of surrender, and the surrendering rather than the worshipping was the part that interested me," Eno said.

The album will be available exclusively on www.everythingthathappens.com, and from Aug. 4, listeners will be able to download a free preview of the album, reported eFluxMedia. The full-length track, "Strange Overtones," will also be available for free download. Listeners will be able to purchase the entire album after two weeks.

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