Olypmics Fans Need to Watch Their Clapping

By Marshall Burns,
Xinhua news agency has asked for more courteous clapping from their fans.

The Chinese state media has appealed to fans on Saturday that they must stop cheering inappropriately at tennis matches so that they may present a good image to the world, reported Reuters.

Enthusiastic Chinese fans have clapped at the wrong moments during Olympics tennis matches more than once. They've clapped during rallies and this breaks the usual etiquette that comes with watching tennis. Some players have complained that it affects their concentration, and the official Xinhua news agency has called for it to come to a stop, according to Reuters.

The Xinhua agency said in a commentary, "As everyone knows, tennis is an elegant sport, and it brings with it many requirements for spectators in terms of manners." The explanation continued saying that sudden applause or noise could affect athletes' concentration in such sports as tennis and gymnastics, potentially affecting their chances at snagging a medal.

Xinhua said that, ultimately, spectators' behavior was a reflection of the country's level of civilization. The statement went on to say, "Spectator friends, you can only start from yourselves. Supporting the Olympics with a cool head is the only way to make your support reasonable," reported Reuters.

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