ABC to Air "Pushing Daisies" Versus Obama Ad

By E. Van Dril,
It's kind of puzzling.

The struggles of Pushing Daisies seem to be getting more serious by the week, and ABC's latest move doesn't seem to be good news for the beloved sophomore show.

The news is that on Wednesday night (Oct. 9), at 8 p.m. ET, ABC will air Pushing Daisies across from the Barack Obama ad on NBC, Fox and CBS.

The Obama campaign spent $1 million per network, but didn't buy any space on ABC.

The reason is still very cloudy, but a source at ABC told Reuters that the network also offered the airtime, but the Obama campaign declined to buy it for some reason.

The massive ad-buy gives Obama a huge advantage over John McCain in terms of visibility and not having the Arizona Senator there to debate his points (as he did in the debates).

Several sources say that the ad will certainly be taped, instead of a live broadcast.

Related, the CW will also show its regular Wednesday programming of America's Next Top Model.

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