New Moon to Be Thanksgiving Treat

By Susie Kopecky,
And it will arrive just in time for Thanksgiving, too!

Picture it: The family has just sat down to a delicious meal of Thanksgiving leftovers, you've said thanks for the food, and then a teen daughter checks her watch. Only thirty more minutes until it's time to leave for the new Twilight sequel.

New Moon, the hyped sequel to Twilight, has been slated for a November 20, 2009 opening, according to reports. Rumors have been swirling since the announcement of Chris Weitz as the producer for New Moon. Weitz is the man behind American Pie.

According to rumors, another replacement may be made for the coming sequel, in the form of a new actor portraying Jacob, the friend of main vampire Edward. One name being bandied around is Michael Copon, a Los Angeles resident whose Facebook notes that he is single (so ladies, celebrate), and his quotes include one from his mother: "Mike wake up....Michael WAKE UP!....MICHAEL!!!! WAKE UP NOW!!! YOUR GONNA BE LATE FOR SCHOOL!!!"

Copon is also in the Facebook groups "100,000,000 Christians Worship God!, I ♡ Michael Copon, i bet i can find 1000 people who hate the hannah montana haters, I lie to people in their honesty box..., ♥Eat, Sleep, Breathe JONAS ♥., We Want Victorias Secret Stores in Norway, I'm Always on a Diet!!"

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