HBO Movie About Winston Churchill

By Stefan Julian,
Brendan Gleeson will star as Churchill.

Irish actor Brendan Gleeson will play Winston Churchill in the HBO movie, "Into the Storm."

According to the Boston Herald, Gleeson will play alongside Tony award-winner Janet McTeer, who is cast as Churchill's wife.

"Into the Storm" is a continuation of "The Gathering Storm," an Emmy-winning HBO movie from 2002. The new movie reflects on Churchill's leadership during wartime.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Gleeson is a powerful Churchill, enthralling himself into the performance. The movie shows Churchill's character hardened by years of war, making him difficult as a peacetime leader.

According to the Associated Press, Gleeson says, "Winston was a bit of a challenge, all right, from a lot of different perspectives." Gleeson, 54, gained his confidence from intense work on the accent and diction necessary to portray Churchill.

The cast also includes Len Cariou, as President Franklin D. Roosevelt; Ian Glen and James D'Arcy.

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