Jon and Kate Celebrate 10-Year Anniversary

By Robin Lee,
Reality TV stars made it to 10 years together, but will it last to 11?

Today, Jon and Kate Gosselin celebrate their 10 year wedding anniversary.

Despite the recent speculation that Jon intends to move out on Kate and their eight children, he remains very quiet about the matter. According to Access Hollywood, when asked about his plans to move out Jon told photographers, "We are dealing with it privately ... gotta watch our show."

Kate and the kids have recently returned to their Pennsylvania home after a two-week vacation in North Carolina.

It was just last October that the couple renewed their vows on their show "Jon and Kate Plus 8" but since then it seems that their marriage is been subject for discussion.

"Parents of multiples have, like, triple the divorce rate, and I was thinking we were gonna beat that," said Kate. "I don't know if I can say that anymore. Very swiftly, we turned into two different people, and that's just hard."

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