Too little but just in time: Praising petite models

By Amanda Johnson,
Tyra Banks debuts her two hour America's Next Top Model cycle 13 in search of petite model.

America's not top model has started a brand new season with cycle 13, a whole new spin on modeling. Tyra is in search of the next top petite model and women who are 5'7" and under come out from all across the country. The potential petite models are asked to take the runway to analyze their pictures and their walk. Some make ever lasting impressions with their interviews however others fall through the crack for one reason or another. Final Tyra picks 14 women in the running to be America's next top model when they are asked to unzip garment bags with their pictures on them. Those that had garments in them were asked to stay. A competitor named Amber is forced to drop out of the running because of family problems and a runner up is put in her place, Lisa from Queens, NY. Sally Hershberger was put in charge as the ladies prepped for Tyra makeovers or "Ty-overs." Some of the girls took to their transformations really well, while others seemed a little disappointed. They each got a short photo shoot to reveal their new look, the shots used in the opening title of the show. After a busy day the girls got to finally see there new home and loved the child hood theme. A few of the girls started to get along great but not everyone. Not everyone cares for the brash Bianca and the strangely quiet Nicole. The day after the girls have a another photo shoot where they mimic pictures from there childhood. Sadly Bianca and Lisa fall flat with expressionless photos but Nicole, Jennifer, and Laura blew the photographers away. When the awkward Nicole shows up the competition, Bianca starts to see her as a threat. On the night of elimination the bottom two goes to Lisa and Bianca however it is Lisa who is let go.



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