American Girl Creates Homeless doll

By Amanda Johnson,
American Girl introduces Gwen, their homeless doll, and a story of a mother and daughter forced into poverity

American girl is raising plenty of conversation with the addition of their newest 2009 doll, Gwen, who is homeless. The $95 American Girl product is supposed to reflect the reality of the economic crisis that is upon us. A mother shopping the AG store told CBS News, "I think (a 'homeless' doll is) a good idea. It kind of shows awareness to what's going on in the world."

Some people stand behind the doll but only before they learn that she is not to advocate for the thousands of homeless children there are in the US. If it's not to support a charity or homeless people, "I don't even see why you would make a homeless doll, anyway," another woman added.

However American Girl notes that although the doll does not directly aid the homeless their company have give almost $500,000 HomeAid, a nonprofit organization that helps the homeless find homes. Gwen is a limited addition doll that is friends with Chrissa, AG's doll of the year. In their story Chrissa stands up for Gwen in order to put an end to bullying.



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