It's Hard Out There for Three 6 Mafia

By Ellen Wernecke,
They can win an Oscar, but the price of fame is high for the Memphis group.

After a big win, you'd expect Three 6 Mafia to head to Disneyland.

Instead, the recently Oscar-winning rap group is appearing in court in Pittsburgh after being sued by a fan who claims he was beaten up at a 2003 concert.

19-year-old Ramone Williams claims he should not even have been admitted to the August 26, 2003 concert, since he was underage. But once he was in, fans around him took the song "Let's Start a Riot" and gave him bruises and a broken jaw.

Williams claims the owners of the (now-defunct) venue and the group ought to have warned him about the dangers of the music. The trial could start as early as November, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette claimed.

It won't stop the flow of Three 6 Mafia up the Billboard charts, though; their last record, September's "Most Known Unknown," spiked in sales following their Oscar win for "Hustle & Flow" anthem "It's Hard Out Here For A Pimp."

Up until now Three 6 Mafia have only been guilty of inciting Academy members to vote for them. Their Hustle and Flow anthem, "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp," snagged the Oscar for Best Original Song at the 78th Academy Awards earlier this month, prompting hostJon Stewart to remark, "I think it just got a little bit easier out there for a pimp."

Indeed, following their performance and win, the Hustle & Flow soundtrack shot up 70 spots on the Billboard 200 album chart. Three 6 Mafia's latest release, Most Known Unknown, hit stores last September.

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