Who Died This Week?

By Alexander Rogers,
Remember them as you knew them...through news bytes.

Frankie Thomas:Now, you might all know him as "Tom Corbett, SPACE RANGER," but it was his appearances as Ted Nickerson in the Nancy Drew flicks of the 30's and 40's that cemented his place in history as a guy your elders might be able to recall. His 5-year stint as Corbett, starting in 1950, would make him one of the early heroes of sci-fi television programming.

Cy Feuer:Tony-award winning Broadway and film producer Cy Feuer was one of the winningest men in the New York theater scene at the height of his power. A few of his most notable projects included "Guys and Dolls" on Broadway and the film version of "Cabaret." He will be missed.

Freddie Garrity:The front-man for the British rock-group, Freddie and the Dreamers (he was the "Freddie" part) has died, leaving a rich musical legacy behind him that I'm sure his estate will be sure to cherish. The one-time Manchester-born milkman formed his band just as the British rock scene was exploding in the early sixties, and while he was not quite able to overcome the boys from Liverpool in noteriety, he made an outstanding mark in both the U.K. and U.S. rock scenes. His biggest U.S. hit with the Dreamers was "I'm Telling You Now." Just thought you'd like to know.

Lew Anderson:Musician, bandleader, and clown. Which role Anderson preferred I don't know, but my old man remembers him as Clarabell the Cow, who was more of a clown than a cow, but I guess it was just a different era. In the earliest days of TV, Clara wooed the kids as the mute, water-spraying comic for the "Howdy Doody Show." He also outlived Mr. Rogers. This probably had something to do with eating a complete breakfast. Those early shows were big breakfast completionists.

Joyce Brand:Remember that old Coppertone Ad with the kid who gets her pants pulled off by a puppy? Wasn't that just freakin' adorable? Of course, you'll never admit it, but it was. It was really adorable. Well, she was the kid. No, just kidding. She did create the image though. Not to be confused with the other Joyce Brand.

Joe Amsler:Not an entertainment industry veteran per se, but he did spend some time as a stunt man in Hollywood after a short career as the guy who helped kidnap Frank Sinatra, Jr. Also worked as a bodyguard for Ryan O'Neal after he kidnapped Frank Sinatra, Jr. Left L.A. to work odd-jobs after kidnapping Frank Sinatra, Jr. The inspiration for the Ryan Browning character in the cable TV special about kidnapping Frank Sinatra, Jr.

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