Batwoman is Back, and She's Gayer than Robin!

By J. Rachel Anderson,
Nerds everywhere are endlessly debating whether or Batwoman's sexuality is a sacrilege in the DC universe.

Batwoman hasn't seen the light of day since 1979, when DC Comics killed her off, but now she's back, more modern than ever. Kathy Kane, Batwoman's alter ego, has been transformed into a buxom 5-foot-10 lesbian socialite, and she's coming out of the closet this July.

This is the latest move toward diversity from DC, who is also working on adding more black and Latino characters, and Dan DiDio, DC's VP and executive editor thinks that this is a natural move to make.

"We deal with stories about identities and secret identities," he said. "And we think that a character who is openly gay, yet keeps it a secret from certain members of her own family, has a lot of strong emotional layers."

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