All-New Prairie Home Companion, Now With Extra Movie Stars!

By Alexander Rogers,
Veteran showman Garrison Keillor invites the cast of the film to experience the actual show.

Meryl Streep may be more at home on camera, but she let her voice do all of the work for her stint with the regular cast of The Prairie Home Companion radio show. The program, which is mix of country, bluegrass and folk music with comedy sketches and memoirs of creator and front man, Garrison Keillor, invited Streep to perform alongside other Hollywood compatriots, Virginia Madsen and John C. Reilly. The three actors are all members of the cast of the up-coming filmic version of "A Prairie Home Companion," which was directed by Robert Altman.

Although Keillor broke from tradition a bit by having the show taped on Friday rather than performed live on Saturday in an effort to avoid making people have to endure the sun for three hours, the regular cast reportedly was thrilled to have the L.A.-based stars along for the ride. At least, that's what they said. The program was aired on National Public Radio. The film, which imagines a fantasy version of the show in which its theater is bought and closed by a large corporation, is set to open on June 9.

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