Celebrity Deathmatch: Jack Black v. Steven Seagal

By J. Rachel Anderson,
The "Nacho Libre" actor wants to take down the action hero with feet of fury. Let the games begin.

Jack Black is officially a method actor: he trained with a real-life Mexican wrestler for his upcoming film "Nacho Libre," and now he's got his eyes on Steven Seagal.

Black told Sports Illustrated that if he could battle someone, it would be Seagal, "with his ridiculous Indian gear, ponytail, and swagger." How, you ask, would he take down the martial artist rivaled only by Chuck Norris?

Well, Black's got his own secret weapon, a rather hostile move known as "The Wind of a Lion." It involves sitting on your opponent's face and "[releasing] the lion's wind." Black swears that it "usually spells complete defeat."

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