Big Brother Controversy Takes Its Toll on Goody

By Elizabeth Pace,
Goody is reportedly being treated for depression after massive media backlash.

Celebrity Big Brother star, Jade Goody, who has been accused of racist slurs against fellow housemate, Shetty Shilpa, is now being treated by doctors for "shock and depression," according to her agent.

John Noel, Goody's agent, issued a statement claiming that Goody is now the target of bullying by the media, after the recent backlash against her for comments she made on the show. "She has publicly apologized to Shilpa and to the country on national television," said Noel. He went on to scold the media for "doing to Jade what Jade is accused of doing to Shilpa."

Goody did apologize Monday morning on GMTV, stating her behavior on Celebrity Big Brother was "nasty and ugly."

After reportedly using offensive racial slurs such as "pig" and "dog," on national television, the 25-year-old is facing irreversible damage to her career and a very angry public. Next time, she better hold her tongue.

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