Courtney Love Dishes on Her New Bod

By Elizabeth Pace,
Rocker Courtney Love reveals how she lost nearly fifty pounds.

Everyone is talking about the latest celebrity makeover-Courtney Love. The rockstar mom is now sporting a rockin' body that's almost fifty pounds lighter than her former self. Love is crediting her weight loss to a positive outlook and "limitless" self-esteem.

In a posting on her website, MoonWashedRose.com, Love gives a little insight into her weight loss methods. "I'm pretty happy and really all I care about is that my self esteem is limitless and intact, and that nothing and no situation effects my self esteem in anyway, and creates negativity chaos or loss." Love added that she "lost 44 pounds, with 6 more, maybe 11 more to go."

But what good is weight loss without a little plastic surgery? Love, 42, admits to having a second rhinoplasty to fix her "nosejobby nose." She writes, "I just didn't like that old nose job. I went too far and I fixed it and made it natural again."

Let's hope Love doesn't follow the celebrity trend of taking weight loss a little too far. She looks great the way she is!

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