Great Products for Mom to Be

With all of the hype towards celebrity pregnancies, what are some of the latest great gifts to get a mom to be?
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Lila Bean Nursing Coverup
This over the shoulder nursing sling affords the privacy that mommy needs and the intimate connection that baby wants, even in a public place. The styles of the Lila Bean come in quite a variety, from fun colors to elegant silk. Each allows for a sense of time and place to provide the most life-giving of experiences. When Mommy is happy the baby is happy, so why not have both be happy in a unique and special way.

Malie Kauai
After a while, all the social pampering grows tiresome for a new mom. Friends, relatives, and co-workers seem to enjoy pushing the pregnancy thing, but soon mom-to-be senses that the well meaning wishes are for the role, not the person. Inside the mom-to-be, is an over achieving, but bone weary woman who needs some real down time from the "stage attention". Malie Kauai provides two organic products that can allow "me time" to happen. Imagine setting up a clean burning soy candle with a gardenia fragrance, then sitting awhile. Allow the scent to float into the room; then tiptoe into the shower and let the soothing moisture of the Mango Butter Bun relax every pore.

Hot Mama Ink
From Baby slings to nursing tank tops, wear these and let the world move aside. The designs are tattoo style based and quite hard hitting. Attitude, style and functionality: the website contains enough information for first timers to learn the ropes. Sexy, smart and above all empowering, this is a real business about real needs. They make no excuses or wimpy presentations, so tighten your seat belt and check the electric fuses before entering their world. The clothes are practically designed by and meant for a Mama. You got problems wit Mama?

Saphia Water
You might be wondering why water is on this list of great baby shower gifts. I'll give you two reasons, it's geared towards satisfying the needs of pregnant and nursing women and it is an original concept. Oh/ one more reason- it tastes great. The Saphia water comes in three different flavors, BlissBerry, PacifyinglyPeach, and LovinglyLemon. Although they have a variety of nutrients for the pregnant women, they are meant to be a supplement and not a substitution to prenatal vitamins. It gives women an alternative to drinking all that water they are supposed to be drinking. It is also a little healthier than a variety of flavored waters out there, because they are naturally flavored.

Sara Holliday's Stroller Workout for Moms
It's something no woman wants to think about, but we put on a few pounds after having a baby. The Stroller Workout for Mom is a great gift because it incorporates baby time with workout time. It's a complete 60 minute workout that combines kickboxing, lower and upper body exercises and yoga stretches. So if you don't mind doing leg lifts in the park with your baby, this is a great idea. What better gift than helping that pregnant woman in your life get back in shape and feel better about her body?

Bella Materna Maternity Essentials
Here is a great gift for mommy on baby shower day. Very comfortable and attractive nursing bras and camisole tops. Although they are comfortable, I should emphasize the attractive part because that is often difficult to find in maternity nursing wear. Bella maternity has created a line of panties, nursing bras, camisoles, sleepwear and loungewear made of quality Italian fabric blends. The bras are also easy to use with an easy clip you only need one hand to use. Go ahead and help that mom-to-be feel sexy!

Sexy Belly Maternity
Want to get that pregnant woman something sexy and hip- look no further. Sexy Belly Maternity has designed a variety of clothing items including tops, dresses and pants that I think non pregnant women would want to wear. Their signature tee shirt is made of a cotton and spandex blend and is meant to be worn fitted. It has the Sexy Belly logo written in rhinestones on the front. I found this top really cute and although I usually think that shirts that announce pregnancy can be corny, this one is cool.

Tummy Honey Cream
Something else pregnant women dread- stretch marks and there is supposedly not much you can do about them. Tummy Honey Cream contains an ingredient Siegesbeckia Orientalis which is a plant extract that reportedly fades stretch marks 50 to 70% in 30 days. The product which comes in cream, butter and stick form contains no artificial preservatives and it is very lightly scented for those sensitive noses. It also contains anti-itch ingredients. There is a gift set that includes the Tummy Honey Butter, Cream and Stick in a cute little carrying case- great gift!

The New Mom's Stress Survival Kit
This is a cute little item to use as a gift topper as well as a stand alone gift. This kit contains 30 cards with a variety of advice to help make the new mom's day a little easier. Some tips include how to pack a lean diaper bag and how to make your baby laugh. Nothing will distress a new mom like their babies chuckle or smile. It also comes with a cute eye mask that says New Mom Do Not Disturb so she can get a good quick nap in during the day.

Shade Maternity Clothes
Shade makes fashionable and modest tops for women and even little girls so why not expand to maternity? These are the most comfortable shirts ever. They are fitted so they offer support, but they are constructed so there are no baby bellies or huge baby boobies sticking out. The Maternity Cap Sleeve is great as a layering piece or even alone. It comes in all the basic colors like black, white, and soft pink. Shade also makes a maternity Baby Tee with a longer sleeve to flatter the arm.

Belly Ups
Low-rise pants are very popular even in the maternity fashion world. Unfortunately they don't stay up as well on pregnant women and that can be very unflattering. Belly Ups are these cool suspender-like items that keep your pants, or skirts for that matter, up where they belong. One side clips to the side of your bra and the other to the top of your bottom. They are actually very comfortable. The only downside is that you can't wear a very fitted top with them because you will see the strap.


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