My Pillow Pets Introduces New Pets for the Holidays

The ultimate in cuddly companionship, My Pillow Pets are adorable gift options for young children.
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When it comes to putting a nice, wide smile on the face of your child this holiday season, no product combines companionship and personal comfort quite like My Pillow Pets. Stuffed animals have served as one of the most immensely popular children's toys on the market for decades and kids also love the comfort that a soothing, relaxing pillow can provide them with.

My Pillow Pets has combined these two items into one incredibly practical and thoughtful product that has won awards and received rave reviews from consumers. My Pillow Pets has expanded their collection of cuddly creations in order to generate interest for the holiday season. The Pink Zebra is one of the newest additions to the Pillow Pets collection and it is sure to be a prominently featured item on the holiday wish lists of little girls all over the world.

Another recent addition to the Pillow Pets collection is the Bumblebee, which appeals to boys and girls due to its friendly facial expression and comfortable texture. Pillow Pets are available for purchase at MyPillowPets.com in two separate sizes. The 11' Pillow Pets retail for $16.99 while the 18' version retails for $24.99.

Since children can play with their Pillow Pets when they feel energetic and cuddle with them when they start to feel sleepy, this product is undoubtedly a must-have children's toy due to its affordability and versatility.


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