My Virtual Tutor - Reading: Pre-K to Kindergarten

This video game release provides children with fun and enjoyment to go along with educational value.
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While video games are one of the most popular forms of children's entertainment in the world, certain parents are hesitant to support the habit based on a lack of educational value. However, 'My Virtual Tutor - Reading: Pre-K to Kindergarten' is a video game that is exclusively available on the Nintendo DS and it represents a beneficial holiday gift purchase for the entire family.

This video game release was created in order to assist children during the process of mastering the concept of reading. It contains a variety of individual learning exercises that cater towards children of a specific grade level. Parents will be assured by the quality of this video game since reputable researchers from the University of Colorado were involved in the development of 'My Virtual Tutor's' software.

There are four separate play modes and eight interactive books featured on 'My Virtual Tutor - Reading: Pre-K to Kindergarten' that allow your child to practice reading, correct their mistakes along the way and advance through the game's various stages.

'My Virtual Tutor - Reading: Pre-K to Kindergarten' was released on September 8 and it is currently available for purchase at quality electronic retailers nationwide. For just $29.99, you can obtain an educationally beneficial video game that your children will enjoy playing.


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