'Justified's Joelle Carter

By Sari N. Kent,

She's starred in short films, indie films, has had small roles in major motion pictures opposite some of Hollywood's most popular celebrities and has had guest appearances on some of today's hit television shows. But, now actress Joelle Carter is a regular cast member on Justified, the new crime drama on FX that stars Timothy Olyphant as the southern-bred federal lawman Raylan Givens, who enforces his own brand of justice in the hill country of Eastern Kentucky, TheCelebrityCafe.com's Sari N, Kent spoke with Ms. Carter about her new role and her always on the move childhood as an Army brat.

SNK: In your bio, I read that your father was in the army so your family had to move around the US a lot. How many times did you move?

JC: Wow, how many times did we move? Probably every four years. I'd say maybe eight times.

SNK: How did you feel about having to keep picking up and moving?

JC: Well, I was always kind of jealous of everyone who got to grow up with the same people. Having those lifelong friends but I had my sister, who is my best friend to this day and you know in hindsight I'm glad we did [move] because it made me very adaptable. Actually, I've had a lot of casting people tell me that a lot of actors are Army brats maybe because they more adaptable to change. They have that drive

SNK: What were some of the states you lived in?

JC: Texas, Indianapolis, [Indiana] Georgia.

SNK: Did you have a favorite place that you didn't want to leave?

JC: Probably Texas.

SNK: You also attended Augusta State University on a full athletic scholarship for swimming and cross-country. How did you from that to acting?

JC: It was interesting because I was supposed to go back and finish my education. My classes were in theater, photography, you know all of the arts but at the time I felt my path was going to lead me here [to acting] anyways but I have to give the credit to modeling because that got me to New York where my first discovery of the theater was and my love for acting grew from there so that's kinda how I got started. I continued to swim and run to pay for my education but it was the modeling that parlayed into acting. I guess in the path of life, they connected somehow. It also helped with competition I mean it's the same as auditioning. I learned from sports to be strong in that way.

SNK: I'm an avid swimmer as well, do you have a favorite stroke?

JC: Breaststroke

SNK: That's mine too. I like freestyle too but could never get the hang of the Butterfly stroke, with its arching of the upper body

JC: (laughs) I know, I have more lower body strength than upper body.

SNK: (laughs) Me too. Do you still swim?

JC: Off and on I do for the exercise/

SNK: Do you still model?

JC: No, I don't

SNK: You just landed the role of Ava Crowder on the new FX crime drama series Justified, what has that been like so far?

JC: How is playing Ava doing?

SNK: Yes.

JC: Oh, it's great so far. She's a great character to play.

SNK: Well. I watched the season finale last night and I must say every scene was action packed. I was riveted, I thought you were great and it's a very riveting show.

JC: Yeah, it was a great show wasn't it? It had a lot of surprises. Some scenes we had to shoot like 15 times. I'd have to say it was very (pauses) what's the word?

SNK: Stressful.

JC: Exactly. (laughs)

SNK: Before Justified, you appeared on a number of hit television shows in small roles such as NBC's Law & Order, CBS's CSI: Miami & Cold Case, has the experience of being a regular cast member on Justified differed at all from your guest appearances on those shows?

JC: Yeah, [with Justified] it's like you become part of a family.

SNK: Justified also stars Nick Searcy, who you also worked with on the 2006 horror film Cold Storage, what's it like working with him again?

JC: Wonderful. Amazing. He's smart, talented and incredibly funny! There's never a dull moment when Nick's around. (Laughs)

SNK: You've also starred in a number of short films such as 1998's Just One Time & in 2008's Jumping In and A Girl and a Gun, was starring in those different, if at all, from your roles in the feature films you've been in like 1998's The Horse Whisperer and 2000's High Fidelity with John Cusack?

JC: They were all different. I mean American Pie 2 was wonderful. Everyone worked straight through and High Fidelity was amazing getting to work with John Cusack. With the shorter, short films, it was like everyone wanting to get everything done.


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