Mayin Bialik

Former child star Mayin Bialik is living proof that early fame can lead to a normal and fulfilling life. She sets an excellent example of how to accomplish goals that change throughout a lifetime from fantasy to family and everything in between.

Bialik began her acting career as a young girl in the late 80s, cast for small roles in films such as Pumpkinhead and Beaches, as well as TV shows including Beauty and the Beast, Facts of Life and Webster. She even appeared in the video for Michael Jackson's Liberian Girl.

Out of her many childhood endeavors, creating a very impressive resume for a teenager, her best known role came about in 1991 when she was cast on the hit NBC television series Blossom Starring in the show as Blossom Russo, Bialik played the role of a young female growing up in a house of characteristic males, made up of her father and two older brothers. Blossom brings comedy to the everyday trials of being a girl at school and daughter of a single parent surrounded by testosterone.

When Blossom was taken of the air in 1995, Bialik turned her attention to activities more common for a woman her age. Despite her acceptance into both Harvard and Yale, Bialik attended UCLA in order to remain close to her family throughout her college years. In 2000 she earned her bachelor's degree in neuroscience and after taking a short break in 2005, completed her PhD by 2008. During her time in school she held fast to her faith by studying Hebrew and Judaism.

Between taking classes and studying for exams Bialik lent her voice for animated characters on various cartoons including Recess, The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest and Kim Possible She also made guest appearances on the TV series Fat Actress and booked three episodes on Curb Your Enthusiasm, playing the lesbian daughter of Larry David's friend.

In 2003 Bialik married Michael Stone in a traditional Victorian themed Jewish wedding. Their first son, Miles Stone, was born in October 2005. The happy couple gave birth to their second son, Frederick Heschel Stone, in August of last year.

Bialik has dedicated a huge portion of her time to raising her children and ensuring the happiness and normalness of her family, but she does still enjoy acting from time to time. In 2009 she appeared on an episode of both Bones and most recently Saving Grace. She is also scheduled to regularly appear on ABC Family's The Secret Life of the American Teenager as a high school guidance councilor.

Perhaps one of her most meaningful accomplishments, Bialik is the celebrity spokesperson for Holistic Mom's Network, a non-profit organization designed as a support network for mothers in over 100 chapters across the United States and Canada. The organization promotes national awareness and education for families who wish to practice home schooling, vegetarian or vegan diets, alternative medicines and positive discipline, as well as many other parenting choices that are of minority.

Reporting by Stephanie Pappas and Stefan Cruet


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