By Barry,
The star power of three Academy Award winners (Robin Williams, Hillary Swank and Al Pacino) turns a sleep disorder into a terrifying case of Insomnia.
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3.5 Stars

Love is like oxygen. Love lifts you up where you belong. All you need islove. If at any moment in your life, you've been blessed to experiencesuch a rare and precious love, you will be enamored with Moulin Rouge.

At the turn of the century, the elite in-crowd gathers to socialize withthe creatures of the seedy underworld and the Bohemian lifestyle at thelegendary Parisian hot spot, the Moulin Rouge. Satine (Nicole Kidman) isknown as the "Sparkling Diamond" for her dazzling beauty and immense talentas a courtesan. When Christian (Ewan McGregor), a young and talentedwriter, falls in love with her, she realizes he will be bad for business. Adeal is made between the Moulin Rouge's owner, Harold Sidler (JimBroadbent) and the Duke (Richard Roxburgh), to transform the club into atheater and put on a show, Spectacular Spectacular. In order to close thedeal, Christian comes up with a bizarre story off the top of his head andthe ensemble cast follows along with it. As the final piece, Satine mustexclusively belong to the Duke, a slimy character with evil intentions.

While Sidler agrees, it is already too late as Satine has fallen in lovewith Christian. They are careful to hide their torrid love affair, but itbecomes evident to everyone except the Duke who's as sharp as a sack of wetmice. Lushly directed by Baz Luhrmann, this post-modern twist on themusical uses extreme photography techniques, vibrant colors and costumes,and visionary dream sequences to tell the story through song. Academyawards were presented to Catherine Martin for both Costume Design and ArtDirection.

The magic of falling in love is captured so perfectly in the setting andmusical numbers that you are swept away with the overwhelming desire to gofall in love. Kidman and McGregor pour themselves into these musicalnumbers and sing with the emotions of a thousand magical dreams. It almostfeels like you are in a fairy tale. Original songs, "I'll fly away" and"Come what may," easily rival any memorable show tunes, but what reallysells them are the voices of Kidman and especially McGregor. As Christian,McGregor gives all an artist possibly could to portray the young writer whois captivated by the gorgeous Satine. You truly believe and feel everyemotion he experiences on screen just by looking in his eyes. It feels likeyou are looking into his soul.

Kidman is marvelous as the famed courtesan who is dying, but doesn't knowit. She is the consumate performer and as the number goes, "the show mustgo on." She won the Golden Globe for her performance in this role and wasnominated for an Academy Award. Among the dazzling music, vibrant sceneryand captivating performances, this tale teaches us "the greatest thingyou'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return."


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