From Hell

By Judith Fox,
Prostitutes on the streets of London become victims of gruesome slaughters by a deranged killer. Fantastic scenes of vivid color with dark and light contrasts.
Author Rating: 
3.0 Stars - It's Good

Jack the Ripper, we know, was a serial killer committing his chilling andmacabre murders in London, England in 1888. One book, written by Moore andCampbell, entitled From Hell, was made into a movie. It depicts prostitutesin the streets of London becoming victims of gruesome slaughters by aderanged killer and the attempts to solve these killings. Although this isa mystery thriller, the best part is the settings in which the movie takesplace. Fantastic scenes of vivid color with dark and light contrasts. Toomuch blood and gore, but it sets the plot. I feel a profound statementcoming on. The grime and filth of the city is in many souls, from royaltyto lower classes.

Enter Inspector Abberline (Johnny Depp), a policeman with an opiumaddiction. Stage right, his sidekick, the Sergeant (Robbie Cultrate),rescues him from the opium den he frequents. Back in reality, Abberline isordered by his snobby boss to find the killer. Doing his duty, Abberlinemeets Mary Kelly (Heather Graham), a classy slum prostitute who is the loveinterest and there are more characters that I haven't mentioned. This movieis full of good actors; however, it's really about solving murders and amajority of the cast only contribute short performances.

The unfortunate inspector's many theories become a pile of red herrings.Didn't one of Peter Seller's character say, "I suspect everyone?" Nowonder those murders weren't solved. The ending is for you to find out --121 minutes in length -- you'll need two bags of microwave popcorn.


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