Satan's School for Girls

By Lynda Dale MacLean,
A degree in the supernatural is what this school offers a chosen few.
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3.0 Stars - It's Good

A TV movie by its original maker, the God of television shows and movies,Mr. Aaron Spelling. What better way to pay homage to one's own pulsatingveins of creativity than by reincarnating the 1973 version of Satan'sSchool for Girls into a stylish, eerie, and sexy modern version ofwitchcraft at its most evil.

Witchcraft and superstitions at a prestigious woman's college are rumoredto be the extra curricular activities that an elite group of girls dabbleinto and who call themselves The Five.

As a child, Beth (Shannen Doherty) was able to see visions in her dreamsand be able to identify if a card being held up was a face or number cardwithout second guessing it. One night all that changed when Beth and herparents got into a fight over being able to stay home and watch her sister,Jenny (Irene Contogiorgis), without a baby sitter. That night Beth dreamther parents were killed in a car crash and they were. Beth's guilt causedher gifts to be buried deep in her heart for the memories and the pain weretoo much to bare.

Years later, Beth receives an urgent call for her sister to meet her backhome. Shockingly Beth's arrival ends in a horror scene when she finds Jennyin a puddle of blood, suicide the obvious cause of death. Beth doesn't buythis especially since Jenny told her she needed to talk to her aboutsomething very serious happening at the college she attended.

Beth, with the help of her friend, gets a fake ID and enrolls at FallbridgeWomen's College as "Karen Oxford."

Karen meets Dean Olivia Burtis (Kate Jackson) and asks her about the recentsuicide the school had to deal with. Olivia professes her great sadness andtells Karen that the girl was very troubled and no one could help her.

Karen gets befriended by a few of the college gals named Alison (JulieBenz,) Paige (Taraji P. Henson) and Hillary (Mandy Schaffer) who fill herin on some of the more colorful personalities that the school has to offer.Karen also starts to date Mark (Daniel Cosgrove), who's a real nice guy andsomeone that Karen can finally open up her past to and, at the same time,awaken her magical powers, but there seems to be some strings attached thatKaren is unaware of with her girlfriends and boyfriend.

When Karen starts to question Lisa (Victoria Sanchez), the girl her sisterwas roommates with, there is a cold wall placed in front of Karen and Lisadoesn't want anything to do with Karen. In fact, she even threatens Karenso she will stay away, but Lisa seems to know something about Karen andKaren's new gal pals and her boyfriend Mark tell her to stay away from herbecause she is involved in the occult.

What happens when Karen has a dream that Lisa is murdered and wakes up tosee her mangled body outside of her window?

Karen is getting deeper into finding out that the school may be up tosomething sinister and that The Five are looking to recruit a fifth memberto complete their cycle.

Who are The Five and what do they have planned for Karen, and can Karenfight this evil without giving into temptation?

This dark, campy and pleasing movie will appeal to fans of Shannen Dohertyand Mr. Spelling's work in general.

There's good stuff in here and the performances and the theme should makefor an engaging watch.


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