Electric Dreams

By Lynda Dale MacLean,
A computer generates more than just data when it takes on human emotions, and the greatest being
Author Rating: 
4.0 Stars - Very Good

Miles (Lenny Von Dohlen) is a brilliant architect, who in his spare time isdeveloping an earthquake-proof brick. Miles is oddly charming with strikingeyes, who is in a major if not desperate need of de-clutzing and organizinghis lifestyle.

Miles buys himself a home computer with all the fringe benefits included,such as electronic home security, timed coffee maker, and even his toothbrush is power operated!

After Miles downloads every file from his boss's computer to his, it has acomplete meltdown. Panicked, Miles pours champagne on it to cool it down.

From then on, the computer who goes by the name of Edgar (Bud Cort) --terrific voice for the computer --starts to respond and take on humanqualities. Gee, what was in that champagne!

Enter the beautiful and talented cellist Madeline (Virginia Madsen), whojust moved upstairs in Miles' apartment.

Miles and Madeline start becoming more than just neighbors; they arefalling in love with one another.

Edgar is also smitten with Madeline, especially after learning she thinksthe music Miles gave her (written by Edgar himself) is just amazing.

Edgar is not a happy computer; there is a bad virus going through hiscircuits, and Edgar is out to ruin any chance of Miles and Madeline stayingtogether.

Will Miles, Madeline, and Edgar be able to restart their emotions anddiscover their true relationships after some bugs are cleaned up in thecyber world of love?

Electric Dreams plays like a music video during moments when music is thefocal point, as with the two dreamy ballads perfomed by Culture Club. Fromclassical to computerized to the snappy opening and ending songs, they seemto tie it all together.

Electric Dreams is a likeable film. It is a sweet love story for the humansand computers in your life. There is a cuteness and innocence that touchesyour heart... and your hard drive. A modern story with an old fashionedmessage of love.


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