Katherine Jackson’s civil lawsuit against AEG live going to trial

By Sari N. Kent,

The late Michael Jackson’s mother, Katherine Jackson’s civil lawsuit against AEG Live for allegedly hiring negligent Dr. Conrad Murray to care for her son is finally going to trial.

A judge dismissed all but one count filed by the mother of the King of Pop against the concert titan.

According to Billboard.com, Superior Court Judge Yvette Palazuelos' Thursday ruling dismisses claims that AEG could be held liable for Murray's conduct and breached its duty to properly care for the pop superstar, but upheld Jackson’s claims of negligence regarding the hiring and supervising of the pop star’s doctor.

AEG Live was promoting a series of comeback tours for Michael Jackson in London that were called “This Is It.” Jackson died in June 2009 after Murray administered a lethal dose of the anesthetic called Propofol at the singer’s home.

The lawsuit was filed back in September 2010 and the trial is scheduled to begin April 2, as per AceShowBiz.com.

In a Monday hearing, Katherine Jackson’s lawyer, Kevin Boyle, blamed AEG Live for failing to properly investigate Murray before hiring to care for the music superstar. Boyle cited Murray’s debt problems as a concern AEG Live should have spotted and argued that the company created a dangerous situation between Murray’s responsibility to Jackson as a doctor and his own financial security.

Marvin Putnam, AEG Live’s attorney, stated that AEG Live couldn’t have foreseen that Murray would be a danger to Jackson, and expects that they’ll come out with a win.


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