Must Watch Music Videos-Lady Gaga, Depeche Mode, Chance the Rapper


In this week’s Must Watch Music Videos, we have some trippy Lady Gaga, stark Depeche Mode and Muppet Show-inspired Chance the Rapper visuals.


Good morning and welcome to Grammy hangover day. Last night was filled with triumph, disappointment and some killer tunes. We hope everyone you rooted for won – because of course you cheered for the same people we did, right? Anyway, if you are anything like us, you’re feeling just a little post-partum style sadness today. Months of build up, guessing, debating and speculating have all come to an end. The good news? The music never stops.

Let us ease your Grammy woes with some amazing visuals in our Must Watch Music Videos list for the week. This lineup is exceptional. We have some trippy new work from Lady Gaga, a stark piece from Depeche Mode and an old school Muppet Show-inspired video from Chance the Rapper. This week’s edition covers a wide array of genres, styles and subjects – all of which are well executed.

So kick back, relax and let the music live on with our Must Watch Music Videos. Enjoy!

Must Watch Music Videos – Regina Spektor, Mariah Carey, Sampha

Mariah Carey
Screenshot via YouTube official "I Don't" video

Welcome to this week’s Must Watch Music Videos, where we provide a musical escape from the world – featuring Regina Spektor, Mariah Carey and Sampha.


Welcome to this week’s edition of Must Watch Music Videos, where you can always find solace from your troubles. This can be a tough time of year for a lot of people. Love is in the air – or so we are lead to believe – and if you are in anything other than a perfect relationship, it can be trying. Breakups, rough patches or interminable singleness can be tough hits to take as Valentine’s Day approaches. However, as the great Bob Marley said: “One good thing about music, when it hits ya, you feel no pain.” So let us dish out some tunes to sooth whatever ails ya.

On this week’s list of Must Watch Music Videos we have a new indulgent clip from the diva herself – Mariah Carey. Additionally, we have a gorgeous work from Regina Spektor, complete with a Joffrey Ballet dancer. Of course we are also featuring the soulful work of Sampha with his “(No One Knows Me) Like The Piano.”

So do yourself a favor and stop looking at all the “happy” couples on Facebook and take a few minutes to check out these great videos from a wide array of artists and enjoy!

Must Watch Music Videos – Missy Elliot, Ed Sheeran, Jamiroquai

Missy Elliot
Credit: YouTube

Amid this week’s edition of Must Watch Music Videos, we deliver you some Missy Elliot flair, Ed Sheeran charm and Jamiroquai oddity.


How was your weekend? And how has old man winter been treating you so far? We are looking forward to this week because Groundhog Day is on Thursday, Feb. 2 and we will know then if we have to bear six more weeks of winter or if spring is just around the corner.  Something else you can look forward to as we start off this workweek is our Must Watch Videos since it’s an eclectic lineup packed with some great artists.

Missy Elliot delivers a characteristically fascinating clip this week, while Ed Sheeran steals our hearts with hometown charm and Jamiroquai makes us equal parts entertained and confused. So kick back, relax and enjoy the show with this week’s edition of our Must Watch Music Videos.

Must Watch Music Videos – Future, Moby, Ryan Hurd


Stave off the extra painful Monday blues this week with our Must Watch Music Videos – including clips from Future, Moby and Ryan Hurd among many others.


Welcome to Monday and the latest edition of Must Watch Music Videos. No matter which side (if any) of the political fence you fall on, this was a long and exhausting weekend. We know. More so than usual, we are all wishing this were a long weekend. However, nobody seems willing to push pause on the bill collecting. So here we all are – off to work. Let us ease the transition back into the nine to five for you. Join us for some great tunes and rockin’ visuals with this week’s Must Watch Music Videos.

In this edition, we welcome the return of Moby – in collaboration with The Void Pacific Choir. The video for their post-punk track, “Erupt & Matter,” is full of imagery relevant to the present political state. If you are looking to escape from all that, Ryan Hurd is here to help you. In a smooth and broody clip, he’ll make you forget your inaugural woes. Then of course, we have Future in the mix with some old school hip hop values.

So buckle up and get ready for this workweek – but not before taking a detour down music video lane.

Must Watch Music Videos – Yo Gotti, Cage the Elephant, Breaking Benjamin

Yo Gotti
Credit: YouTube

This week’s edition of Must Watch Music Videos covers the best new pieces from artists like Yo Gotti, Cage the Elephant and Breaking Bejamin, among others.


Happy Martin Luther King Jr. day! Whether you are out participating in today’s events or just excited to have the day off (or stuck working – in which case we’re so sorry), we hope you take some time to celebrate with great music.

The music industry that has long stood hand in hand with civil rights, equality and strong sociopolitical statements. Looking at today’s Top 10 Must Watch Music Videos, there is a wide array of background, culture and history being represented. From Yo Gotti to Cage the Elephant to Breaking Benjamin, there is a spot on here of great artists from any genre.

As you move through this Monday, we hope you take some time to think on the occasion along with some great tunes. As always, we are here to help you with that second part. Enjoy this week’s edition of Must Watch Music Videos!

Must Watch Music Videos – David Bowie, Sia, Tinashe


This week we have another parting gift from David Bowie, a slightly eerie piece from Sia and a dance-hard play-hard video by Tinashe, among others.


Mondays … The thing that often keeps us from fully enjoying the weekend. If Monday was a person, they would be that one annoying friend who always nags you with serious subject while you’re just trying to dance off last week. They ask questions like, “Have you studied for that chem test yet?’ or “What are you going to do about that presentation?” in the middle of the club. It is really tough to thwart that ever-present sense that the weekend – and all the fun – is going to end. We say it’s time to turn the tables.

Rather than running from Monday, maybe we should all learn to dive in. With the right kinds of fuel, we believe this to be possible. So grab a coffee with one hand hit “play” with the other. Let our Must Watch Music Videos amp you up to take charge of this day. After all, the faster you get through Monday, the faster Friday will arrive.

This week we have another parting gift from David Bowie, a slightly eerie piece from Sia and a dance-hard play-hard video by Tinashe, among others. Let these artists carry you through the day!

Must Watch Music Videos – Future, James Arthur, Travis Scott


Welcome to the New Year and our first 2017 edition of Must Watch Music Videos. Our offerings this week include Future, James Arthur and Travis Scott.


Welcome to the New Year and our first 2017 edition of Must Watch Music Videos. We know some of you are stuck working today, some of you partied through yesterday and are feeling it this morning – and some unfortunate souls fall into both categories. Either way, don’t let the Monday blues take away your New Year’s high. Lets keep it going with some steamy videos from the past week.

2016 was a tough year for many – and the music world was definitely no exception. We lost many of the greats last year and are all hoping 2017 proves to be a little kinder to the industry. That being said, we totally understand why some of you wanted to keep the NYE action going for several days. There have been few moments in history in which everyone was excited to see the passing of time and a New Year starting.

We at want keep that page-turning, new chapter-building, goodbye to 2016-celebrations rockin’. Our offerings this week include new videos from Future, James Arthur and Travis Scott, among many others. Enjoy!

Must Watch Music Videos – Stevie Wonder, T.I., Alessia Cara


There are two kinds of people out there this morning: Those who still have family around and those who don’t. In either case, most of you probably need a little pick-me-up. If Aunt Meryl and Uncle Ernie are driving you up the wall, we have you covered. If you’re flying solo this a.m. and feeling holiday blues, we’ve got you covered.

Welcome to our Top 10 Must Watch Music Videos. This week we have a wide array of offerings for your consideration. Stevie Wonder brings us some feel-good tunes with the help of Ariana Grande. Also, Alessia Cara shares a little life perspective with “Seventeen.” This week, T.I makes the list as well, with a powerful sociopolitical video featuring Big K.R.I.T. & Trev Case. There is something for everyone in this between-the-holiday edition.

As you gather yourself together to face a few days of work before New Years, let us help you out with some great tunes – and visuals to go with them.

Must Watch Music Videos – Kings of Leon, Lady Gaga, Circle of Dust

Welcome to this week’s snowy edition of Must Watch Music Videos. Mother Nature just gave us the memo that it is officially the winter season. This means a few things depending on who and where you are. Maybe you are still in school and cannot wait to hear the announcement excusing you from attending on a snow day. Maybe your children are in school (and if you’re honest with yourself, sometimes you aren’t rooting as hard for that snow day as you tell the kids you are). Or, perhaps you live in an area where December means 70 degrees and sunny and you are now suffering from annual snow day envy.

No matter which of the above describes you, we have you covered. Our weekly Top 10 Must Watch Music Videos are sure to keep you distracted, whatever your weather-related woes.

This week we have a moving piece from Lady Gaga, a dramatic work from Kings of Leon and an engagingly twisted video from Circle of Dust, among others. So come with us and kick those cold snow blues with these must watch videos.

Must Watch Music Videos – Atmosphere, Bon Jovi, Red Hot Chili Peppers


Here we are, coming up on mid-December. Holiday decorations are going up, but we aren’t quite at break time yet. Bits of snow are beginning to fall, but no snowdays in sight. It’s official. We have entered the ‘tween holiday stretch where all we really get is freezing cold.

As you struggle to get up and going – after 30 minutes of hitting snooze because it’s far too warm and cozy under those blankets – we can help. We have here our weekly list of new videos to keep things hot. It’s a steamy one this week, with the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ new animated video, Atmosphere’s beats and Bon Jovi talking about “The Devil’s In The Temple.”

So take a little longer over coffee this morning – they won’t miss you at the office yet. Kick back, caffeinate and let the tunes warm your soul before you head out into this cold December day.