Jimmy Kimmel to host the 90th Annual Academy Awards in 2018

Jimmy Kimmel
THE OSCARS® - Late-night talk show host, producer and comedian Jimmy Kimmel will host the 89th Oscars® to be broadcast live on Oscar® SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 2017, on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Jeff Lipsky)

Jimmy Kimmel will be back at it again and maybe this time he’ll double check the envelopes before they are opened himself!

ABC announced the late night host would be hosting The 90th Annual Academy Awards for 2018.

Kimmel took to Twitter and said, “Thanks to @TheAcademy for asking me to host The #Oscars again (assuming I opened the right envelope).”

In a statement, Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs spoke highly of Kimmel along with producers Michael De Luca and Jennifer Todd. “Jimmy, Mike and Jennifer are truly an Oscar Dream Team. Mike and Jennifer produced a beautiful show that was visually stunning. And Jimmy proved, from his opening monologue all the way through a finale we could never have imagined, that he is one of our finest hosts in Oscar history.”

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This is in reference to the now infamous envelope gaffe in which La La Land was announced as Best Picture when it was actually Moonlight that won.

In his own statement to E! News, Kimmel joked, “If you think we screwed up the ending this year, wait until you see what we have planned for the 90th anniversary show!”

We’re looking forward to seeing what Kimmel brings to the Oscars next year.

The 90th Academy Awards is scheduled to air Sunday, March 4, 2018.

Jimmy Kimmel sets new Twitter record with Trump tweet [VIDEO]

Jimmy Kimmel
Credit: YouTube

Jimmy Kimmel has set a new personal best, at least when it comes to Twitter.

This was because when hosting the 89th Academy Awards on Feb. 26, he sent a tweet directed at President Donald Trump, who was surprisingly silent during the show, despite the numerous comments made about him by various celebrities.  He was actually at the Governor’s Ball, which was being held the same night as the Oscars.

The tweet he sent out soon became Kimmel’s most retweeted tweet in under 15 minutes.

The tweet read “Hey @realDonaldTrump u up?”

Additionally, Kimmel further teased Trump by tweeting “@realDonaldTrump #Merylsayshi” alluding to the fact that Trump once called the actress “overrated.”

Now all we can do is wait and see how Trump reacts.

You can see the segment from the Oscars below:


Ian Somerhalder Foundation to be official beneficiary of CatCon 2017

CatCon, Ian Somerhalder
Image Courtesy of Ian Somerhalder Foundation

For the past two years, the convention of all things feline, CatCon , has offered attendees a fun convention to celebrate cats. Celebrities, both cat and human, have come to benefit this charitable event such as Lil Bub and Rachael Ray.

This year, the celebrity list grows even larger for this small yet mighty convention. One of TV’s most popular stars, Ian Somerhalder, from the hit CW show, Vampire Diaries, will bring his charity to this event to be the official beneficiary. The Ian Somerhalder Foundation (or ISF) was founded in 2010 by Somerhalder to offer programs to educate people on grassroot initiatives to help animals, the environment and the less fortunate. The charity is all about preservation and helping those creatures in need. The charity’s Emergency Medical Care Grant that has helped over 1,000 animals will donate the money made to help cats who have suffered from abuse or neglect and pay for the medical bills and procedures that are needed to help.

“I am beyond excited to have the Ian Somerhalder Foundation participating in CatCon 2017. As a proud cat person with three rescued cats, I share the kindred spirit we all feel when we get together with other animal lovers,” said Somerhalder. “Participating in CatCon marries my love for cats with ISF’s initiatives to help all animals. This is a convention which breaks stigmas, celebrates animals, and gives back to cat welfare organizations. What could be better?”

Each ticket sale will donate $2 to the foundation and “A portion of celebrity meet and greet funds raised will also go towards the foundation.”

Guests this year will find the CatCon location to have changed from The Reef in Los Angeles, to now being located at the Pasadena Convention Center, a much larger and more practical space for a convention. Rachael Ray’s Nutrish cat food will be hosting the event and celebrities from past years will be returning such as Lil Bub and Pusheen. The cat adoptions will be available again as well and last year alone, almost 100 cats were adopted at the convention.

CatCon will take place August 12th and 13th at the Pasadena Convention Center. Tickets have not gone on sale yet but will be available on the CatCon website. 

Hoodies for the Homeless: Where art meets activism

Pushmethod at Hoodies for the Homeless
Pushmethod performs at their at Hoodies for the Homeless event.

Tavis Eaton and Pushmethod use art – and a commitment to freedom of speech – to challenge inconsistencies and support Hoodies for the Homeless initiative.

On Feb. 8, Tavis Eaton and his band Pushmethod hosted ~600 people in a warehouse-style space in downtown NYC. The likes of Nyck Caution and Kirk Knight took to a central 360-degree stage over the course of the night. Large scale murals created on-site by urban artists covered the walls. Meanwhile, mannequins painted in a wide variety of styles and tones adorned the space. With lights flashing in a borderline immersive artistic environment, it would be easy to believe this was just an interesting party. However, the cause bringing each of these artists and activists together remained at the forefront of the night.

Eaton is a veteran, artist and a man on a mission. This event was only one chapter in an ongoing project to keep homeless individuals warmer and safer. Over the course of two years, Pushmethod collected over 30,000 hoodies during live shows. At times, the band even traded in ticket sales for hoodie donations. Why would a group on the rise opt for this method of entry to their performances? We decided to ask the man himself.


Mannequins for auction at Pushmethod's Hoodies for the Homeless event.
Mannequins for auction at Pushmethod’s Hoodies for the Homeless event.


Tavis Eaton and an artist’s responsibility

A few days after this big event, Eaton sat down with TheCelebrityCafe.com’s Erin Huestis to talk about Hoodies for the Homeless – past, present and future. Eaton explained that he has been struck for years by overwhelming stats associated with the homeless population in New York City. According to the Coalition for the Homeless, in Dec. ’16, the measureable homeless population was ~62,674. This number does not account for individuals outside of NYC, nor does it include those who do not make it to the safety of a shelter. Of this total number, approximately 24,076 were children.

Hoodies for the Homeless
Hoodie donations pile up at the Hoodies for the Homeless event.

In addition to the pull these striking statistics had on Eaton, the ongoing issue of homelessness among veterans hit close to home for him. Despite the city’s stance that chronic homelessness in this subpopulation has been eliminated, some organizations are not so sure.

We asked Eaton if it is the responsibility of artists to use their voice for the greater good in these scenarios – even if it is seen as dissention or labeled subversive. He replied: “Yeah, absolutely. We will definitely speak the truth. We’re not going to hold our tongue. We’re going to let you know that what you’re saying is BS.”

This attitude is reflected in Pushmethod’s music, actions and a bold statement on Facebook:

“I humbly swear to seek all opportunities to make my name heard. This may mean risking bodily harm, including bending or possibly breaking the law and utilizing my freedom of speech to its fullest extent.”

When a thought turns to a movement

Pushmethod takes these ideals a few steps further than mere statement. Musicians have long since carried the banner for freedom of speech and human rights. However, for many, the action stops in lyrics. By accepting donations – and now actively seeking to change the playing field – Pushmethod hopes to make real change. This is evident in the Good Hood, which was unveiled at their recent event.


The Good Hood
Good Hood, unveiled at the Hoodies for the Homeless event.

The Good Hood is slated to include a range of features that combine comfort and technology. Eaton described solar fabrics to keep people warm, hoods that expand into pillows and internal water bladders as some of the ideas at play in this new design. Among the various collaborators bringing this project to life is The Coalition for the Homeless. Hoodies for the Homeless will continue to work with this organization as the Good Hood nears distribution. Eaton’s aim is to donate one to the homeless for each hoodie commercially purchased.

Pushmethod maintains momentum

Fans of Pushmethod and Hoodies for the Homeless alike have a lot to look forward to. The band’s new album is scheduled to come out in March. Meanwhile, they plan to keep up momentum on the streets as well. Eaton indicated that he would like to see Hoodies for the Homeless expand. He is setting his sights on involving other bands in a nationwide tour to benefit this cause.

In the meantime, Eaton will continue to turn his ideals into action through Pushmethod and Hoodies for the Homeless:

“Freedom of speech is something we practice. Creating this movement is something that we have the ability to do… if you have a voice, you have a choice.” –Tavis Eaton


Groundhog Day 2017: Groundhogs as confused as meteorologists

Groundhog Day

The adventure into having a groundhog forecasting the weather became official in 1887 in Gobbler’s Knob in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania when a newspaper editor with an obsession with groundhogs declared that Phil, the Punxsutawney groundhog, was America’s only true weather-forecasting groundhog. And that is why Phil is the authority on weather today.

And just like our local meteorologists, groundhogs across North America are not in agreement today on whether spring will come soon or if there will be 6 more weeks of winter.

Check out these reports, including a battle in Pennsylvania:

Six More Weeks of Winter!! #punxsutawneyphil #ghd2017

A photo posted by groundhog club (@punxsyphil) on

And a Super Bowl Prediction? These ground hogs want it all!

Really Florida, REALLY!?!?

We do like this version of Bill Murray on Groundhog’s Day:

New York meatpacking district gets fashionable with B Collection by Bobeau co-op pop-up

Ultimate Gift-Giving Destination Includes Trendy Brands EMU, Bobble, Bliss & Bone, Stand Coffee, Flower Girl, Peony Activewear, Hollie Watman Activewear, Lizzy James, Raffi Cashmere, Aristotle Knight Pet Gifts and MoreCome ‘GET COZY’ with B Collection by Bobeau’s Holiday Pop-Up for a shopping event that will kick-off a Weekend of Exclusive Insider Discounts.

Exhale Meatpacking will be on-site providing chair massages to ease that holiday stress from 1pm – 4pm Saturday and Sunday!

Shoppers will receive a 30% discount on all purchases made throughout the weekend, along with a special gift with purchases over $100.

B Collection by Bobeau

‘B Collection by Bobeau’, a contemporary-inspired modern missy specialty line, takes a step into the New York retail market today with the launch of the B Collection By Bobeau Holiday Co-Op Pop-Up Shop.  The B Collection By BobeauHoliday Co-Op Pop-Up Shop not only features their modern trend-appropriate casual basics but also brings together premier lifestyle, wellness and gift brands to create a uniquely curated and fun holiday shopping destination.

“With the pop-up we wanted to create an inviting experience for our customers to get to know what the brand is all about in the presence of other curated brands that speak to their lifestyle,” says Michelle Hoover, Marketing Director of B Collection.  “By bringing this all together, and with a series of events in store that will help further tell the story of the B Collection By Bobeau woman, it’s an exciting way introduce the new line into the New York market.”

The B Collection By BobeauHoliday Co-Op Pop-Up Shop located in the hip Meatpacking District of New York at 410 W 14th Street houses the brand’s most popular items such as cozy knit layering pieces in the brand’s signature fabrications that emphasize affordable luxury under $200. The shop is rounded out with other affordable luxury gift-giving items including leather footwear EMU, reusable Infuse water bottles from Bobble, a stationary bar and leather gifts from Bliss & Bone, coffee tastings and Stumptown coffee beans from Stand Coffee, floral displays and greenery from Flower Girl NYC, women’s activewear from Hollie Watman Activewear, stackable jewelry from Lizzy James, handbags from August, men and women’s cashmere sweaters from Raffi Cashmere, upscale dog sweaters from Aristotle Knight Pet Gifts and more.

About B Collection By Bobeau

’B Collection by Bobeau’ fills a void in the marketplace with contemporary-inspired apparel at a competitive price point.  The brand, from the renowned Crew Knitwear company, offers sharply priced, trend-appropriate collections for the 25-55 year old customer.

About Crew Knitwear: 

The company, founded in 2001, is a wholesaler of women’s fashion. Its main brands are Bobeau in the modern missy market and H.I.P. in the junior market.   Crew Knitwear is well known for its ability to provide a frequent and large selection of on-trend fashion, which combined with its fast turnaround times and reliable quality has made it a customer favorite.  The company services a variety of customers, including department stores, specialty retailers and boutiques.  In addition, the company recently launched its own e-commerce store — www.bobeau.com.

Cosplay at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest Atlanta 2016


Last week Atlanta hosted its first annual Heroes and Villains Fan Fest. As advertised, it was low key and intimate. I had the opportunity to meet people that share the same interests as me, and had a lot of fun just hanging out.

Of all the perks Heroes and Villains had to offer, I have to admit my favorite part was the open panel set up. Getting a seat is nice, but if you can’t get “in,” there’s plenty of standing room around the seating area. I sat in on the John Barrowman, and the Once Upon a Time panels, but took advantage of the standing area during the costume contest. This gave me the opportunity to take pictures of the contestants up close as they exited the stage.

Like most sci-fi conventions, attendees of Heroes and Villains like to cosplay, whether they enter the costume contest or not. There were so many excellent costumes. The following photos are far from all inclusive, but will provide you with examples of how creative and passionate some cosplayers are. Enjoy!

And the winners are…

The first place winner was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Mech Turtle. Check out his unique design, including the light up wiring.

Teenage Mutant Mech Turtle @ #hvff Atlanta

A post shared by Carissa Shuman (@cshuman13) on

Second place went to Marvel Comics’ Thing.

Thing @ #hvff Atlanta

A post shared by Carissa Shuman (@cshuman13) on

One of my favorite Disney characters, Ursula, came in third place. Great tentacles!

#Ursula cosplay @ #HVFF Atl

A post shared by Carissa Shuman (@cshuman13) on

There were two honorable mentions: Rocket Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy and a little version of Dr. Who’s tenth doctor.

There “ain’t no thing like me, except me.”

Rocket Raccoon @ #hvff Atlanta

A post shared by Carissa Shuman (@cshuman13) on

You have to admire the details of this Dr. Who costume from the 3D glasses all the way down to the red Converse shoes!

The Tenth Doctor #drwho @ #hvff Atlanta

A post shared by Carissa Shuman (@cshuman13) on

The best of the rest

Of course, there were many more. Here are some of them:

Gotta love these costumes from JETSCOSPLAY!

Superhero cosplay with #jetscosplay @ #hvff Atlanta

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How about a little Poison Ivy?

The gorgeously dangerous Poison Ivy @ #hvff Atlanta

A post shared by Carissa Shuman (@cshuman13) on

The Avengers were well represented.

Thor & Captain America to the rescue @ #hvff Atlanta

A post shared by Carissa Shuman (@cshuman13) on

There were quite a few Arrows present. Here’s one:

#Arrow @ #hvff Atlanta

A post shared by Carissa Shuman (@cshuman13) on

Harley Quinn seemed to be another fan favorite.

#harleyquinn cosplay @ #hvff Atlanta

A post shared by Carissa Shuman (@cshuman13) on

Make way for the Queen of Hearts!

The Queen of Hearts @ #hvff Atlanta

A post shared by Carissa Shuman (@cshuman13) on

A more modern “warrior” style Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

Warrior Ariel @ #hvff Atlanta

A post shared by Carissa Shuman (@cshuman13) on

The beautiful princess Kida from Finding Atlantis and Belle from the Once Upon a Time version of Beauty and the Beast.

Kida from #findingatlantis and Belle from #onceuponatime @ #hvff Atlanta

A post shared by Carissa Shuman (@cshuman13) on

And, one of my favorites, DarkSwan from Once Upon a Time.

#DarkSwan #onceuponatime @ #hvff Atlanta

A post shared by Carissa Shuman (@cshuman13) on

For more about Heroes and Villains Fan Fest, check out their web page, heroesfanfest.com. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter, or by searching the hashtag #hvff on any social media platform.

You can also follow me on Instagram at cshuman13, Twitter @carissashuman, or Pinterest at carissashuman for more event coverage and lots of Once Upon a Time stuff.

Heroes & Villains Fan Fest 2016 arrives in Atlanta Nov. 19


In just two weeks Heroes & Villains Fan Fest will be held in Atlanta, GA. I’m beyond excited that I’ll be able to bring you coverage of the event this year, and look forward to your feedback! Please leave comments below, or through my Twitter account @carissashuman using the hashtag #HVFF.


The full guest line up is available on the Heroes & Villains Fan Fest webpage under Atlanta Guests, but some of the highlights include: Stephen Amell, Paul Blackthorne, Neal McDonough, Katie Cassidy, Willa Holland and more from Arrow; Robbie Amell, Teddy Sears, and Rick Cosnett from The Flash; Sean Maguire, Emilie de Ravin, Rebecca Mader, and Robbie Kay from Once Upon a Time; Jason Momoa from Game of Thrones (also known for his role in Aquaman; John Barrowman from Torchwood (also on Arrow); Matt Ryan from Constantine; and Mitch Pileggi from X-files. William B. Davis, “The Smoking Man” was originally slated to appear with Pileggi, but will not be able to make it.

Also in attendance will be Sean Gunn, Gregg Henry, and Dave Bautista from Guardians of the Galaxy; Micahel Rooker from both The Walking Dead and Guardians of the Galaxy; Milo Ventimiglia, Robin Lord Taylor, Sean Pertwee, and Drew Powell from Gotham; James Frain from both Grimm and Gotham; and Jack Coleman from and Heroes. Believe it or not, this list is not exhaustive. Artists, wrestlers, actors from other shows, and the Comic Book Men will also be there.

Heroes & Villains Fan Fest posted a reminder that guest appearances are not guaranteed. As a result, they suggest that if you are planning to attend to see only one guest that you wait to purchase your tickets at the door.


Heroes & Villains Fan Fest is a traveling two day convention that is run by volunteers (fans). For more information, visit their website. You can also find a summary of the convention in the article ‘Once Upon a Time’ guests at Heroes & Villains Fan Fest Atlanta.


The Heroes & Villains Fan Fest Atlanta convention is scheduled for 10:30 AM (9:00 AM for VIP ticket holders) through 6:00 PM on Saturday, Nov. 19 and 10:30 AM (9:00 AM for VIP) through 5:00 PM on Sunday, Nov. 20. Tickets are still on sale, and special offers have been advertised through the Heroes & Villains Fan Fest Facebook and Twitter accounts. When searching or posting, use the hashtag #HVFF.


The Georgia World Congress Center, located at 285 Andrew Young International Blvd NW, will host this year’s Heroes & Villains Fan Fest Atlanta convention. There are several parking lots near the Georgia World Congress Center. They offer online parking permits through Parkmobile. Parking Panda also offers lot reservations in the area, though they are not always in a comfortable walking distance. In addition, there are public transportation options (MARTA, Uber, Lyft, traditional taxis, etc…).


If you want to have close encounters with the actors and actresses of your favorite movies or TV shows, then Heroes & Villains Fan Fest is for you. They offer open panel layouts, fun activities, autograph and photo op sessions, and much more, all with an intimate small con feel. They said it themselves, “This is not your dad’s con, it’s your Fan Fest!”

EVENT COVERAGE: The 26th Broadcasting and Cable Hall of Fame Awards shine in NYC


Larry Wilmore and Norah O’Donnell host the 26th Annual Broadcasting and Cable Hall of Fame Awards Gala, at the iconic Waldorf-Astoria in NYC.


On Oct. 18, stars of the broadcasting industry – both from in front of and behind the camera – gathered together to celebrate at the Waldorf-Astoria in midtown Manhattan. Here, twelve inductees joined the ranks of nearly 400 industry pioneers who have been accepted into the Broadcasting and Cable Hall of Fame during its 26-year history.

Camera flashes illuminated the Waldorf-Astoria Basildon Room as each honored guest walked the Hall of Fame red carpet. Legends of the field such as Robert K. Kraft took a moment for photos before continuing into the primary event space. Kraft is the founder, chairman and CEO of The Kraft Group. Among The Kraft Group’s holding are the New England Patriots and Gillette Stadium. Over the last 34 years, Kraft has contributed greatly to the growth of the NFL and their broadcast partnerships. As such, he was presented with the prized 2016 Chairman’s Award.

Eleven additional pioneers in broadcasting were inducted into the Hall of Fame for 2016. Many graced the red carpet, along with hosts for the evening: Larry Wilmore and Norah O’Donnell. Wilmore was kind enough to chat with thecelebritycafe.com before heading in to dinner.

We started by asking how he felt hosting the event. He responded in a warm and friendly manner: “I’m always honored to be asked to do these types of things. I think there are so many distinguished people in the business who don’t always get the recognition – that is kind of nice, that they deserve. So it’s nice to be invited to be a part of that type of thing.”

Earlier in the year, Wilmore was invited to host a very different sort of affair – the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner in Washington, D.C. We inquired what that experience was like.

“That was surreal from every angle you can imagine. But I have to say; the thing that I’ll probably remember the longest is the opportunity to have dinner with the First Lady. It was amazing. I mean, she is such an amazing person. Everyone else when you’re there, they’re ‘White House.’ You know, whether it’s secret service – even the President. Very nice, but he’s the President. The First Lady, she’s like a relative. She’s like someone you knew. I mean it was so – disarming isn’t the right word. It puts you at ease in a way. So I’ll always remember that. Very special.”

We asked how he felt gathering material for such a distinguished event at the White House. “Well that’s always tough, you know, when you’re doing that. And you know you’re not going to please everyone. Which I proved in a very nice way [laughing]. Which is fine, that’s part of the gig… But I had a lot of fun. And as I said, it was a once in a lifetime thing and the window for it to happen is gone now. So I’m glad that I got in there. I’m going to miss the President.”

Wilmore is known for his humor, which is often drenched in social and political commentary. We inquired as to whether he would be delivering any such jokes during the Broadcast and Cable Hall of Fame awards dinner. He replied: “I’ll try to sneak in a couple of jokes. I’m going on in the second half of the evening, so people are going to be a little dessert sleepy. So, you know, I don’t want to do – I want to make sure I give enough time for the people giving their ‘thank yous,’ so they have the time they need and the attention that they need.”

After two seasons, Wilmore’s The Nightly Show aired its last episode in August. Consequently, in closing we hoped to find out when fans might see him in front of the camera again. “That I don’t know. I’m still trying to figure out what’s the best way to do that. It’ll be in some form, but I’m not sure yet. But the outpouring of support and emotion I’ve gotten from people whether it’s online, in Twitter, in emails and everything. I’ve never experienced anything like that, it’s really amazing.”

As Wilmore continued on to the awards dinner, more honorees took to the red carpet. Among them was Deborah Norville – the longest running female anchor of a show. Gentlemen from TNT’s Inside The NBA were also recognized on this occasion. They smiled broadly and seemed to be having a great time together while posing for photos.

The mood at the Waldorf-Astoria was joyous and warm as honorees headed into the dining room. Each went on to receive awards – and much deserved applause – for years of dedication to the industry.

Halloween costume ideas from Dragon Con 2016

Do you know what costume you will don this Halloween? We’ll be celebrating this fashionable holiday in a couple of weeks, and many festivities are already under way.

Cosplay, or dressing and acting like one of your favorite characters, has become quite popular over the years. Of course this popularity is partially due to Halloween, but it’s also thanks to the rising popularity of Sci-fi conventions such as Dragon Con, Heroes and Villains Fan Fest, and Comic Con International.

I had the pleasure of attending Dragon Con 2016 and was amazed by the costumes I saw. It is always spectacular to see the craftsmanship of the professionals, the simple designs of everyday fans, and the creativity abundant in all of them. Cosplay has become a key aspect for which Dragon Con is known. In case you need any last minute ideas, I thought I’d share with you some of the costumes I documented. I have to admit, it was nice to see so many fandoms represented as I made my way through the bustling crowds.

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Star Wars

Always a popular choice, Star Wars was well represented. I was impressed with how much this guy looked like Ewan McGregor’s Obi-Wan.

No way! Does this guy look like Ewan McGregor or what? Obi-Wan @DragonCon

A photo posted by Carissa Shuman (@cshuman13) on

Painted from head to toe and gorgeously adorned, these ladies were obviously dedicated to representing their favorite Star Wars’ aliens.

Double the fun with two Twi’leks @DragonCon.

A photo posted by Carissa Shuman (@cshuman13) on

There’s nothing cooler than seeing Boba Fett hanging out on the street corner. As I paused to admire this trio, one of them ignited his jet pack! Rather than fly away, though, his back started busting out jams worthy of break dancing.

Am I dreaming, or is that three Boba Fetts @DragonCon?

A photo posted by Carissa Shuman (@cshuman13) on


This furry couple decided to mix things up a bit. Judy Hopps from Zootopia and Lucario from Pokémon sure do look good together.

Look! It’s Lucario and Judy Hopps @DragonCon. Do I get extra points if I catch them both?

A photo posted by Carissa Shuman (@cshuman13) on

Speaking of looking good. No one can out glamour Jessica Rabbit!

Now that’s one Jessica Rabbit worthy of being “framed” @DragonCon!

A photo posted by Carissa Shuman (@cshuman13) on

For the kids in us all, allow me to present Unikitty.

Call me crazy, but Unikitty was my favorite costume @DragonCon.

A photo posted by Carissa Shuman (@cshuman13) on

If you want to “catch ’em all,” you’ll just have to make sure you attend Dragon Con 2017!

They’re ready to “catch ’em all” @DragonCon.

A photo posted by Carissa Shuman (@cshuman13) on

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Video Games

I’m not sure if World of Warcraft can be called a video game since it’s actually a massive multiplayer online game, but it was also well represented. Check out this Illidan Stormrage courtesy of Deisel Fueled Cosplay.

That’s one awesome Illidan from WoW @DragonCon! Courtesy of #DeiselFueledCosplay.

A photo posted by Carissa Shuman (@cshuman13) on

Kirin from Monster Hunter Freedom Unite made a special appearance.

Kirin from Monster Hunter @DragonCon

A photo posted by Carissa Shuman (@cshuman13) on

Just when I thought I was safe, I ran into none other than Edward Kenway from Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag.

I spotted Edward Kenway from Assassin’s Creed @DragonCon!

A photo posted by Carissa Shuman (@cshuman13) on

With all this new technology it’s sometimes easy to forget the classics, but not this young woman. Donning the unmistakable attire of Mortal Kombat’s Kitana, she definitely looks formidable.

Kitana posed for me @DragonCon

A photo posted by Carissa Shuman (@cshuman13) on

You don’t always have to dress by the rules. These ladies took Kitana, Jade and Mileena to the next level. It made me think of Las Vegas. Now that would be one heck of a show!

It’s Mortal Kombat like I’ve never seen it before! Leave it to @DragonCon cosplayers.

A photo posted by Carissa Shuman (@cshuman13) on

TV and movies

For a real throw back, try Gilligan’s Island!

Gilligan and the Skipper too on a three hour tour of @DragonCon

A photo posted by Carissa Shuman (@cshuman13) on

If you want to play the part of one of the best shows on TV, go for Once Upon a Time. (Alright, not everyone thinks it’s the best, but I do!) Check out this Rumpelstiltskin. He even has the mannerisms down.

There’s nothing like a live action adaptation of a classic Disney cartoon. This trio brought the 2015 Cinderella to life.

Even though I didn’t get to dance with the prince, I had a blast at Cinderella’s ball aka @DragonCon.

A photo posted by Carissa Shuman (@cshuman13) on


Sometimes you just have to be yourself. This woman dressed up as a “bookworm.”

Bookworm found @DragonCon

A photo posted by Carissa Shuman (@cshuman13) on

When all else fails, try your local general merchandise store. You might just find something as noteworthy as hot sauce!

Who put the “hot” in hot sauce? This girl @DragonCon did!

A photo posted by Carissa Shuman (@cshuman13) on

The best part of Halloween is to have fun. Show the world a part of yourself you might not get to express every day. I hope this list helped you come up with some ideas. Please feel free to share with us in the comments below, through Twitter, or through Facebook. We look forward to hearing from you, and seeing some of your costumes.