Ben & Jerry’s launches ice cream inspired by Bob Marley

Ben & Jerry's, Bob Marley flavor
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Ben & Jerry’s just dropped an ice cream flavor in honor of Bob Marley and it’ll definitely be the hit flavor of the summer!

Aptly coined “One Love” after the musician’s iconic song, the flavor has a banana base with caramel swirls and textures of graham crackers, not to mention chocolate peace signs.

The flavor first hit freezer aisles over in the U.K. before making waves Stateside.

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Proceeds from the ice cream will benefit One Love Youth Camp, an organization headed by the Bob Marley Foundation and Partners for Youth Empowerment. The annual camp would benefit kids in Jamaica to instill that “one love” message Bob Marley held so dear. By partaking in workshops and activities in the creative fields, fifty students get to immerse themselves in the arts.

“Bob Marley stood for more than just music – he advocated for social change and inspired millions to think about peace, love, and equality,” said Jerry Greenfield, the co-founder of the brand. “Ben & Jerry’s has long strived to champion love and social justice, and by partnering with the Marley family we’re happy to play a small role in supporting Marley’s vision for a sweeter world.”

On May 22, Bob Marley’s eldest son, Ziggy Marley, will host a party in honor of the partnership and the flavor launch at the Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood.

Be sure to grab the ice cream flavor before it’s gone from the ice cream aisle.

Visit Killer Shrimp for National Shrimp Day on May 10

killer shrimp, california, national shrimp day

Killer Shrimp is the place to be on National Shrimp Day

When someone goes into a restaurant multiple times within a week, while always ordering the same thing and carrying a notepad; it is a safe bet that they are up to no good.  Sure, the person could be writing, studying or working, but more often than not, this scenario means someone is trying to figure out a recipe.  That’s what I was doing at Killer Shrimp.


The first time I went to Killer Shrimp restaurant was in the ’90s.  I went with my family to this chic hole-in-the-wall restaurant on the second floor of a mini-shopping center.  Technically, they only had two food items on the menu:  Killer Shrimp and Pecan Pie.  Now, some may call this a shrimp boil, but there is more to it than that.  It is one of the best tasting slow cooked concoctions ever created and I wanted to know what it was!

In the twentysomething years that have followed since my two year stint living in LA, and the subsequent 2-4 visits per year since, try as I may, the folks at Killer Shrimp in Marina Del Rey, California will not divulge the recipe.  The Pecan Pie is a secret too.

killer shrimp
Kevin Michaels, CEO Killer Shrimp


This recipe is a closely guarded secret.  Famed musician Lee Michaels would return from life on the road and make huge vats of spicy broth cooked shrimp and his son Kevin Michaels (CEO of the Killer Shrimp), would invite family, friends and neighbors to join in the feast of what is now known as Killer Shrimp.  Only Lee and his son Kevin know this 30-year-old secret recipe and they won’t share it.  Believe me, I have tried.

When I first tried Killer Shrimp I was a wuss when it came to heat.  For younger me, spice levels were always kept on the low-to-medium side of things—and that was with a vat of milk or huge dabs of sour cream or blue cheese nearby and tears flowed even with those accoutrements.  These days, my tolerance for heat is greatly improved.  I can even do the massively “Thai spicy” heat indicator when ordering my Sweet Basil Chicken lunch specials.  Back then, I found Killer Shrimp to burn my face off. But between the superb herby balance, perfectly cooked shrimp and exquisite spice blend, I couldn’t give up on eating it, powering through the delicious pain.

You could order Killer Shrimp “Original,” either shelled or unshelled (the latter is a better, albeit messier experience, but it should be tried authentically at least once) with plenty of bread for sopping up the broth or over rice or noodles.  I found the rice and noodle options to be a travesty. Why mess with perfection?

killer shrimp
Killer Shrimp

I wasn’t the only one who loved Killer Shrimp; they expanded.  Then in 2011, they made some huge changes to the menu and moved to a still local, but bigger, more beautiful waterfront location.  I was originally annoyed, perhaps even heartbroken, with this change. However, when I tasted their Grilled Hanger Steak, complete with bone marrow griddle cake, wilted spinach, roasted shallots, smoked bacon bordelaise and I almost changed my mind.  Their other offerings were all amazing and I dream of the bone marrow griddle cake, but the Killer Shrimp still remains in a class by itself.

killer shrimp
Grilled Hanger Steak with bone marrow griddle cake

I attempted to revisit the restaurant and not get any Killer Shrimp, but I was weak.  I couldn’t do it even though amazing Killer Crab Claws, Lobster Mac n’ Cheese, Asian Pork Drumsticks (an unbelievably perfect blend of sweetness and spice), Ahi Tuna Poke Bowl, Seared Ahi Tuna Szechuan and Killer Paella were on the table.

People who don’t like shrimp or vegetarians will also find delicious and original offerings on the menu.

In addition to great Happy Hour specials, cocktail lovers will have a ball at Killer Shrimp.  The full bar has something for everyone and their signature cocktails menu has a happy mix of classics and new favorites such as Pieces of Eight, Shrimp Killa, Smoky Paloma, Dark ‘n Stormy, The Westside, Killer Mai Tai and more offer some festive boozy fun and even the fruity frou frou drinks aren’t too sweet and have some nuance.

killer shrimp
Killer Shrimp Cocktails

So, what’s in the sauce?  I’m not sure.  I think it is tomato-based, either seafood or chicken stock is used.  There are lots of ingredients including:  herbs, garlic, peppers and spices—fennel seed, butter? Maybe a little citrus.

As my notetaking wasn’t truly successful, I created my own version of the recipe. It is my one family’s favorite dishes that I make for them.  I probably will never learn the actual recipe for Killer Shrimp, and while I am happy with my own, I will never stop going to Killer Shrimp in Marina Del Rey to taste their delicious offerings and hope to improve my own recipe.

Shrimp lovers should make Killer Shrimp in Southern California a destination location for some of the best food the world has ever known.

Find more information on Killer Shrimp in Marina del Rey, California go here.


Start to enjoy cooking again while spring cleaning your kitchen

Credit: UnSplash, Naomi Herbert

Spring is a time of year known for cleaning. What that usually means is pulling the couches and fridge away from the wall, scrubbing and dusting in, over and through everything in the house. Or it means lots of time in the yard, raking leaves, pulling weeds, mowing the lawn and generally getting sweaty, dirty and sunburnt. But when you’re done with all those chores you still have to make dinner.

I know! Exhausting! But maybe this year instead of putting so much effort into cleaning you can spend some time shopping for new and improved kitchen products that will make your life easier all year round.

Pots and Pans

When was the last time you replaced any of them or added to your set? Technology, especially for saute pans has exploded in the past couple years. Here are two brands that are affordable and easy to use.


From stovetop to oven to dishwasher the Hexclad pan is amazing for a quick sear or caramelizing veggies. Did we mention it’s virtually non-stick stainless steel? Plus their patented HexClad pattern allows you to get that great stainless steel sear with little or no oil, keeping your meals healthy and light.


Also dishwasher and oven safe, the T-Fal  ProGrade Titanium Nonstick Thermo-Spot is constructed to not only heat evenly, but the dot in the center tells you when the pan is hot enough! I love this for eggs and pancakes.


Someday you’re going to cut your finger off with those dull blades. Not sure what you need? Chef Ivan Flowers tells you about what you need and what to use them on in his cooking class on knives.

But what brand do you get? I have had my Henkel’s forever and got a secondary set when the style was on clearance last winter. But for the casual chef something simple and sharp can cut through any kitchen task.

We got to try the Ergo Chef SHINZUI Chefs Knife 8 Inch and instantly fell in love. The superior Japanese steel -vg10 Japanese super steel core is combined a 67 layer Damascus pattern, which makes each knife pattern slightly different, therefore one of a kind. The triple riveted handle is angled for comfort and precision. It comes in a beautiful box, which makes it great for gifting too! 

Countertop Electrics

So many gadgets so little space! If you don’t have a lot of storage there are two items that should be at the top of your list – a crock pot and a griddle. Crux Kitchen and Bella Housewares both have amazing lines of products to suite any space and lifestyle.

What you probably need most is a new toaster or toaster oven though. Once you start pushing the button twice or finding it easier to turn on the actual oven, it’s time to upgrade.

But if you do have a bit more space, I highly recommend a waffle iron. I got my first one over 20 years ago from my husband, then fiance, who was incredulous that that was what I wanted for Christmas. Just like the pans, technology has changed quite a bit with waffle irons, so it’s a great item to update.

Still have some space? A deep fryer, an espresso machine are great additions to any kitchen!



Even when you’re just grilling some hot dogs and burgers at the end of a long day, it’s a royal pain to scrub the crusties off the grates. That’s where the GrillBot comes in with their set it and forget it auto grill cleaner.

Pack your lunch again

Let’s be honest, as much as we try to reduce, reuse and recycle the plastic bags and old Rubbermaids are just that easy to use. I know I use baggies when I am pretty sure leftovers are going to get tossed – saves me some time, but totally not landfill friendly. Plus, let’s be honest, it can cost a lot to get reusable products, many of which don’t seal right.

Russbe saves the day with reusable bags and truly leak-free Bento lunch box. The 4-pack of bags is just $7.99 and the Bento box is $8.99. The slide grip technology on the Bento ensures even the kids can seal it up and the bags have expandable bottoms so they hold things like grapes and strawberries without the squish.


Don’t forget to bring your water! With the Puritii portable water filtration bottle you can refill anywhere and stay hydrated. Free of BPA/BPS or any other bisphenols and EA free the 25 oz. bottle is actually leak proof as well as dishwasher safe.


Angelenos get a taste of the Museum of Ice Cream

Courtesy of May Chan

After a successful run in New York, the Museum of Ice Cream set its eyes on Los Angeles with a sold-out crowd through July.

From a scratch and sniff wall to a mint greenhouse, guests walked through the magical doors, filled with free chocolate, gummy bears and of course, ice cream.

The pop art exhibit, filled with 10,000 dangling bananas transitions to a room filled with life-size gummy bears.

With an ice cream expert in each room offering you free generous samples, it’s heaven for any kid.

Do you technically learn anything at the ice cream museum? Not really.

Courtesy of May Chan

Without interaction, the exhibit is just an hour to kill time. However, if you suspend your adulthood for just a second and submerge yourself in the cheesiness (there’s no cheese at this museum), it’s a lot of fun.

After posing with gigantic melting popsicles, you take in the artsy chocolate ice cream cones on the wall.

The grand finale is the sprinkles pool with 100 million sprinkles. Although the sprinkles are not real in nature, the sticky surface of the pool perimeter seems counterintuitive of the fact.

While the website claims that the sprinkles, made out of “antimicrobial plastics,” are cleaned daily how much is true? We don’t know. The one thing we do know is that you’ll find sprinkles wedged between unexpected places once you’re out of there.

Courtesy of May Chan

If you’re a good sport about hamming it up for cameras, the Museum of Ice Cream is worth going.

Adult tickets are priced at $29 each. Tickets for children and seniors are priced at $18 each. Keep an eye out at a later time to see if tickets are available here.

12 Mother’s Day brunch recipes to add to your menu

National Breakfast Month feature

Surprise your mom this Mother’s Day from the beginning of her day with brunch in bed. Turn off her alarm so she sleeps in a little and beat her out of bed with a tasty, homemade meal.

Everyone knows that Mother’s Day is all about showing your mom how much you appreciate everything she does. It’s also about preparing, cooking and eating delicious meals. Brunch will not only start her day on a good note, but it’ll also put her in happy spirits. So put the cooking skills she taught you to work and prepare a meal that is out of this world.

Homemade meals are both elegant and intimate. There’s so much fun to be had when you’re in the kitchen with others. So if you’re preparing brunch with the rest of your family, make sure everyone has a job. In fact, it’s only fun when everyone does a job and is celebrating all moms everywhere.

Alongside a mimosa or a Bloody Mary, use these 12 recipes to create an extraordinary meal your mom deserves.

Is Brentwood’s Pizzana a slice of heaven or a dud?

Courtesy of May Chan

You know when word spreads in the office that there’s pizza in the break room and you’re skeptical why it’s there? That’s Pizzana with its Instagram billed with more photos of stars than pizza.

Even though the affluent neighborhood is littered with pizzerias, Pizzana is the brainchild of Sprinkles Cupcakes’ Candace Nelson and her husband, Charles, along with NCIS: Los Angeles actor Chris O’Donnell and his wife, Caroline.

On this Sunday morning, right before the lunch time bustle, the establishment sits on San Vicente Boulevard amidst Brentwood’s Art Festival crowd.

When you enter the pizza spot, the inviting blue landscape lures you to sit down and take in its menu.

Let’s preface by saying that what differentiates Pizzana from nearby pizza places is its dough formed the “Neapolitan” way (traditionally a 10-12 inch personal size) and fermented for 48 hours.

Courtesy of May Chan

We ordered the Uovo pizza ($19), which consisted of fior di latte, cherry tomatoes, prosciutto crudo, bacon jam, arugula and an egg.

Upon breaking the egg, it’s like paint strokes of yolk melting into the crust, kneaded from organic stone ground Italian flour. The result are slices of pizza you want to savor because of the fresh ingredients.

Prior to bringing out our pizza, our waitress brought us the Pate Di Fegatini ($13), an appetizer composed of homemade chicken liver pate, San Marzano jam and wood fired bread.

Courtesy of May Chan

Again, the place prizes itself for its fresh components, like its San Marzano tomatoes purposely grown in Naples for this sophisticated occasion.

That’s not to say that Pizzana’s not kid-friendly, as we saw indecisive groups of kids trickling in to devour their wood-fired meatballs and fried zucchini.

Let’s not forget their dessert, which will get your palette salivating if you don’t want to travel down to Sprinkles. We suggest trying the Panna Cotta with its salted caramel pretzel for its creamy vanilla goodness.

While Pizzana excels at delivering pizza for the stars, like Kate Hudson and Jennifer Garner, is it the best for us mere mortals, who have to curse through L.A. traffic to get here? We’re not quite sure.

However, we’re not opposed to returning to try the other wood-fired pizzas once the hype dies.

Disney Starbucks goes rogue with their own version of the Unicorn Frappuccino

Screenshot via YouTube

Lately, the internet has been obsessed with all things unicorn related. In response, Starbucks took it upon themselves to create a fruity limited time special “Unicorn Frappuccino.” Starbucks customers loved it, baristas hated it and the internet is still having a blast sharing pictures of the magical drink.

I need this right now 🦄 #unicornfrappuccino #starbucks #🦄 #inlovewithpink #yummy #californialove

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But one Starbucks located inside California’s Disneyland has decided that it isn’t fair for unicorns to get all the attention. What about the other mythical creatures? The Disney Starbucks decided to continue the trend of mythical-related drinks and created the “Pink Pegasus Frappuccino.”

One Instagram user, Agentlover, snapped a picture of the drink on her trip to Disneyland this week and captioned the photo, “This is what the Unicorn Frap SHOULD have tasted like.”

This is what the Unicorn Frap SHOULD have tasted like #pinkpegasusfrapp

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Other Disney Starbucks went rogue as well, creating their own colorful Frappuccinos to combat the Unicorn frappe. A Starbucks in Disney Springs just announced an exclusive “Pink Flamingo Frappuccino.”

6 places you probably didn’t know give away free pretzels on National Pretzel Day

National Pretzel Day
Credit: YouTube

Happy National Pretzel Day!

For those of you who were unaware, April 26 marks National Pretzel Day. That means you absolutely need to enjoy at least one large softie or a bunch of mini crunchy ones today.

Whether they’re salty or unsalted, large or small, hard or soft, these goodies are a great snack choice. And some of the best pretzels to ever be made could be the cinnamon coated ones for that sweet kick everyone craves halfway through a stressful week.

There are numerous accounts of when the first pretzel was created but we’re just glad it was. According to the National Day Calendar, cities like Philadelphia, Chicago and New York City would not be notorious for the soft pretzel beginning in the 20th century if they didn’t come into existence centuries before. You probably didn’t know that hard pretzels originated in 1850 in America.

If you choose to make your own pretzels today, try some of these special and unique places to enjoy a free pretzel. So scroll through to see if some of these freebie locations are near you and be sure to use #NationalPretzelDay on social media.

15 summer cocktails you didn’t know you were missing

Summer cocktails
Credit: YouTube

Summer is coming and you’re going to need a nice, carbonated beverage to keep you cool and refreshed on those scorching sunny days. Whether you’re lounging by the pool, hanging out at the beach or hosting a dinner party, a nice cocktail is just the thing you need.

While sticking with your classic drink of choice is always a good thing, it’s also fun to experiment with something new. Adding fresh herbs and fruit to your drink can make it 10 times more enjoyable and pair that with good company so your summer is complete. In fact, these seasonal beverages are the perfect thing to try.

Being an adult is difficult, but bubbly mixtures make it all the more enjoyable. Spicing up classic cocktails is also a great way to experiment with drinks. So drag your friends along with you for the wild ride. From floats, shakes and simple cocktails, these summer concoctions are the perfect drinks to try.

Top 10 smoothies you should make to shed weight fast

Green Matcha Smoothie

Sip up and slim down with these tasty and healthy smoothies. From helping you maintain energy to shedding inches around your waist, there’s no doubt that you’ll want to befriend one of these delectable creations.

Not only are these smoothies packed with essential nutrients to help your nails, skin, bone and teeth, but they also act as diuretics to keep your digestive system in check. Adding flaxseeds, chia seeds or hemp seeds, and even increase the amount of nutrients in them. They’ll even fill you up and keep you full longer to avoid unnecessary snacking throughout the day.

Consuming smoothies before or after workouts are also great ways to boost your energy and revitalize your muscles. The best one’s that’ll keep you full longer are protein-packed mixed recipes of nut spreads and fruits.

So whether you’re looking to revitalize, detox or energize, try one of these amazing creations to slim down today.