Bands pay tribute to Chris Cornell at Rock on the Range

Chris Cornell
Screenshot via YouTube

Soundgarden was scheduled to headline the Rock on the Range Music Festival in Columbus, Ohio until the tragic passing of frontman Chris Cornell on May 18, just one day before the band’s Friday night show. Bands and fans alike mourned Cornell’s death this weekend.

In honor of Cornell, fellow grunge rockers Bush performed “Black Hole Sun” at the festival, one of Soundgarden’s most iconic songs.

Corey Taylor, frontman of Slipknot and Stone Sour, also paid tribute to the rock star, performing a powerful acoustic version of “Hunger Strike.”

Taylor also performed a rendition of Soundgarden’s “Outshined” with Stone Sour. “[Chris Cornell] was one of my favorite singers,” said Taylor. “He was one of my all time favorite songwriters.”

The band Live paid their respects as well with a cover of “I Am The Highway.”

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The official Rock on the Range Facebook page also posted this video featuring Cornell’s “Black Hole Sun” vocals.

Must Watch Music Videos – Camila Cabello, MUSE, Chance the Rapper

MUSE "Dig Down" music video Credit: YouTube

In this week’s Must Watch Music Videos we have old favorites like MUSE, along with new favorites like Camila Cabello and Chance the Rapper.


Good morning! Happy Monday! No? Ok, sorry. In any case, welcome to this week’s edition of our Must Watch Music Videos. We have an exciting lineup this go-round, with artist representing a wide range of genres.


If you watched the Billboard Music Awards last night and felt like pretty much every award went to the same five people, (you’re right and also) you may be looking for a change of pace today. Though a couple nominees make appearances on our list here, the winners are surprisingly absent. Maybe they knew they would be too busy this weekend to be releasing new videos. Who knows. In any case, what we have here is a list of great clips that are not yet played out.


So kick back and check out some – potentially new to you – tunes. We have old favorites like MUSE this week, along with new favorites like Camila Cabello and Chance the Rapper. However, we also have some British rock, alien love and apocalyptic work happening. So don’t worry, we’re sure your boss won’t mind if you’re just a little late today. Take a few minutes to cozy up with your coffee and our Must Watch Music Videos.


Review for Danii Roundtree album ‘Memoirs’

Danii Roundtree
Photo by Artist Press Promo

Atlanta-based Danii Roundtree is an R&B, jazz, soul and pop recording artist that exhibits all the stops that can make a well-rounded artist happen.  Since 2009, she has acquired a devoted fan base, as well as making a name for herself throughout the music scene, performing live at many different venues, festivals and other music events.

Her love for music began at an early age.  At 11 years old, she started taking singing lessons and started performing on stage as a child prodigy.  Fast-forward, these days, Roundtree is showcasing her powerful stage presence as well as displaying her wide-ranging vocal abilities on various platforms as well as to a growing following.

Roundtree’s debut album, Memoirs, opens up with “My Man,” a fun, exuberant song with a jiving fun spirit.  The melody is catchy with a happening Motown vibe.  With great jazzy flair, Roundtree sings with a great jostling feel to the music.  This track is something that will keep your feet moving and keep you in motion with its indie pop vibe.

The next track, “Pillow Talk” has a more intimate feel.  With a more sensual backbeat, Roundtree sings with a silky satin voice.  Everything comes across as smooth and is a cool jazzy blend of driven vocals and big band feel.

“Juke Box Boogie” has vocals that caramelizes into some great retro fun.  With its rocking vibe, the twist and sway of the whole affair is just engrossing.

On “Magic,” with its mysterious and gripping rhythmic beats, Roundtree sings with the thrill of some R&B variables.  The hush, expectant catch and sway of the music, like the title suggests, is magical.  This song has a great energy with a big band playing in the background.

“Blue Eyes” is a track that is also laced with something magical and surreal.  There are elements of some intricate jazz playing as well as rhythmic blues.  There is a bit of a lounge feel to the track with its catchy cool jazz vibe and big band ensemble.  Interlaced with a feel-good trumpet solo, the structured harmonies also intercede into the moment, giving this song a timeless sway.

“Caroline” is a retro song with a 70’s disco era feel.  It is a dance-worthy track filled to the tee with a funky, groovy cadence.  Vibrant, catchy, as well as melodic, this is a dance song that will keep you rocking along.

“Dysfunkshunull Love” is a jazzy track filled with a big sound.  The sweet harmonies with its bouncy beats can get you all caught up in the jazz, pop, blues infused cadence.  The great rhythms and harmonies give off an energetic bluesy spirit.  Here, Roundtree’s vocals caresses listeners into its fold, giving off a satin-like appeal.

The last track to this highly dynamic album is “Karma.”  With a marching backbeat, the great jazzy and blues sound gives off a strong bass section that backs up the vocals.  The great enthused sound elicits from early on a charged, electrifying brassy feel.

You can see from the get-go that Danii Roundtree has harnessed together a strong album filled to the brim with soul.  Her energetic sound backed by The Retro Rebels caters to a big band ensemble fueled sound.

The ill-contained songs are straight up rocking concoctions.  The big band addition produces a grand spanning and sweeping, expansive listen.  Memoirs is an energetic album that will definitely give you a rush as you listen to this!

This album is slated for a summer 2017 release.

Must Watch Music Videos – Katy Perry, Big Sean, Train

Big Sean featuring Jeremih “Light”
Credit: YouTube

This week’s Must Watch Music Videos include a bizarre clip from Katy Perry, powerful visuals from Big Sean and a fun piece from Train.


Happy post-Mother’s Day and welcome to this week’s edition of Must Watch Music Videos. We hope that you had a wonderful weekend full of great times with the family. However, we fully recognize that this is likely not the case for a large number of people out there. This particular holiday can certainly bring a lot of joy – or a great deal of annoyance – to any home.

Whether you are mourning having to leave the family and go back to work today – or mourning that conversation that somehow turned (once again) to why you aren’t married and how she wants grandchildren before she dies – we have you covered. Sometimes, distraction and good music are all you need to get back in the groove.

This week’s Must Watch Music Videos include a bizarre clip from Katy Perry, powerful visuals from Big Sean and a fun piece from Train. So kick back, relax and let the music help you through this Monday.


Miley Cyrus dances the ‘Malibu’ jig in new music video

Miley Cyrus
Credit: YouTube

After time away from releasing new music, Miley Cyrus has reinvented herself yet again with “Malibu” a folky ode to her fiancé, Liam Hemsworth.

At the start of the video, the 24-year-old appears in front of a waterfall. Wearing a white frock, the singer had her wavy hair tied up in pigtails.

Moving from the beach to the meadow, Cyrus looks at peace playing with colorful balloons and cuddling with her pup.

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Sporting the engagement ring that The Hunger Games star gave her, Miley sings the chorus, in reference to the home she shares with her significant other: “But here I am, next to you/The sky’s more blue in Malibu/Next to you in Malibu/Next to you.”

The tune picks up, as she dances in a jig that’s basically the best part!

Clad in the flowy white dress that prompted everyone to think wedding bells on Instagram, she frolics around on a cliff.

Towards the end, she sings, “Sometimes I feel like I’m drowning/And you’re there to save me/And I wanna thank you with all of my heart/It’s a brand new start/A dream come true in Malibu.”

In addition to releasing the song and music video, Miley shared on Instagram that the cover art of the single was taken by Liam.

Miley is set to perform “Malibu” at the Billboard Music Awards next Sunday, May 21.

Watch the music video here:

Must Watch Music Videos – Future, Ed Sheeran, Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons “Thunder”
Credit: YouTube

In our Must Watch Music Videos, we aim to soothe post-weekend depression, wash away FOMO accrued in the last couple days and get you ready to face Monday.


Welcome to’s Must Watch Music Videos. Here, we aim to soothe the post-weekend depression, wash away all the FOMO you may have accrued over the last couple days and get you ready to face the week ahead. On this particular Monday, all of us not in Miami are mourning our lack of attendance at Rolling Loud. But it’s okay. We still have tunes to share – and these don’t come with crowds that need elbowing through.

This week, we are featuring artists from a wide array of genres. Future makes an appearance this time around – so you get a small taste of the weekend’s missed festivities at least. Ed Sheeran’s adorable new video is also on our list, as well as new visuals from Imagine Dragons.

So take a deep breath, get those pants on, grab some coffee and start the countdown to Friday over again. Don’t worry, the music will help you through it.

Review for GaBso’s EP ‘Made Me Wanna Change My Name’

Israeli Pop/EDM Artist GaBso
Photo by: Artist Press Promo

Pop/EDM Israeli artist GaBso readily incorporates ethereal and mystifying beats into tight harmonies on his game-changing EP, entitled, Made Me Wanna Change My Name.  He was discovered when he performed onstage for the Kochav Nolad show  (American Idol), where he earned third place on its first season.

His career began to gain traction after releasing his first single, “Yom Veod Yomaim” (“Day and Two More Days”) after an Israeli label NMC suggested he release a single at the end of the Kochav Nolad show.  This led to GaBso releasing a debut full-length album Arim Roshi (I Will Raise My Head), which was released six months later.

The album went on to garner four radio hits that were No. 1 on the charts for over four months total, going on to reach “Gold Record” status.  Towards the end of that year, GaBso was titled “Singer of the year,” “Discovery of the years” and his first single was chosen as “Song of the year.”

Four albums later, GaBso has released his newest EP, Made Me Wanna Change My Name, a hybrid of pop and EDM tunes that will vibrate long after the last note has played.

The first track to the EP, “Where I’ll Put My Shoes” is an airy, feel-good song that is filled with soaring vocals and ethereal rhythms.  The pop influences as well as EDM feel melds well with grinding electronic beats.  The hot jam emphasizes a spiraling sort of effect with the background music.  It is a mysterious and fulfilling sort of sound that embraces synths with electronic nodes.  The sizzling beats and rhythms on this track surely resonates with a rich cadence.

“All In My Hand” is filled with skipping beats that blips and flares with electronic promise.  This flavors a pixilated sound that enriches this passionate and emotional song.  Catered to an R&B crowd, the lush strings that accompany the electronic flourish combine to make an intricate and dramatic sound.  The symphonic finish provides for a more grandeur sound, definitely making it more operatic.

“Words Words Words Words” has electronic background music that warble rather repetitiously.  This causes to make for a powerful, amped sound that is charged with desirable beats.  This makes for an emotional and tight sound.

Towards the end of the EP, it seems to be that GaBso is luxuriating in his sound, creating a darker energy in the title-track “Make Me Wanna Change My Name” and the airy and ethereal 789” that reverberates with chill and oscillating beats.

There is definitely a strong R&B vibe coming from this EP.  GaBso puts his emphasis mainly on his vocals to produce a golden sound that is both luxurious and vibrant.  His versatile style purposely alternates between the pop and EDM genres, while the entire scope of the EP encompasses dance music at its best.

The EP is out now!

Elliot Moss slings hits on new record ‘Boomerang’

Boomerang, Elliot Moss
"Boomerang" by Elliot Moss

If the last few years have proven anything, it’s that this is the era of the music producer. Usually multi-talented instrumentalists, the modern day producer is more than just a silhouette behind a drum machine. Artists James Blake, Francis & the Lights and Sohn have revolutionized the role of the producer, showing off their songwriting through stunning works of composition. New York based artist Elliot Moss is still relatively under the radar, but will surely rank among those names soon enough. His new EP Boomerang demonstrates his finely tuned neo-soul style.

Moss first sparked interest amongst alternative radio stations in 2015 with the hypnotic and rhythmic single, “Slip.” The song is a subtle, slow-burning recalls James Blake’s career-defining “Retrograde” without being a complete imitation. Two years later and Moss has created an even more individualized sound on Boomerang, an immersive seven-track EP. Though he excels in instrumentation, Moss’ smooth, soulful voice acts as his secret weapon on this record.

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Moss’ background as a visual artist contributes to his intricate attention to detail. Boomerang is built on contrasting concepts, evident from the battling red and blue tones on the album cover itself. The EP experiments with warm and cool, dark and light, moving back and forth like a boomerang between deep and shallow sound. No track demonstrates this texture better than soulful standout, “99.” The synth-driven song is equally minimalistic and complex, playing with layers of Moss’ haunting vocal over an electronic melody.

Title track “Boomerang” is a chilling modern lullaby that transitions seamlessly into the brief, yet soothing interlude “My Statue Sinking.” The second half of the EP relies more heavily on vocal distortion, but Moss uses it more as an accent than a crutch. Boomerang is an impressive sophomore work from an innovative and expansive artist with the potential for a meteoric rise to the top of the charts.

Listen to “99” below and don’t miss Elliot Moss on tour this summer!

Must Watch Music Videos – Highly Suspect, Goldfrapp, Avenged Sevenfold

Kygo & Selena Gomez “It Ain’t Me”
Credit: YouTube

Happy May Day and welcome to this week’s Must Watch Music Videos, featuring Highly Suspect, Goldfrapp and Avenged Sevenfold, among others.


Happy May Day and welcome to this week’s Must Watch Music Videos! In times gone by – before it was a day of protest – this holiday was a huge celebration of springtime, complete with singing, dancing and all around revelry. Now, you are most likely not going to be skipping around a maypole with ribbons today (though if you are, we’re a little jealous because that sounds like fun), however, that does not mean you should go without music in your life on this celebratory date.

We are here to deliver the best new video releases to fulfill your music needs. This edition features Highly Suspect, Goldfrapp and Avenged Sevenfold, among others. Whether today is about springtime, standing up for your rights or is simply just another day at the office for you, kick back for a moment with our Must Watch Music Videos. If your boss complains, you should probably tell them it’s a holiday and they’re lucky you’re at work at all. Or not. In any case, we hope you enjoy!


All Time Low releases new song ‘Life Of The Party’

All Time Low
Credit : YouTube

All Time unveiled their new song and video “Life Of The Party” Friday morning.

This is the third track off their upcoming album Last Young Renegade releasing on June 2.

With each track released thus far it’s no surprise that the group has changed their sound and evolved. Perhaps the new sound came with the switch the band made to a new record label.

Back in February they took to social media to announce they had secretly been recording their new album with Fueled By Ramen.

Here we are. Ten years since our first official full-length debut, (nearly 14 years since we formed this band,) and we’re lucky enough to be sharing another chapter in the tale of All Time Low with the world. We couldn’t be more grateful than we are right now. I hope you can forgive us, because we’ve been keeping secrets. Since the beginning of last year, we have officially been signed to Fueled By Ramen records, the very first label we ever showcased for during our senior year of high school. It didn’t work out back then, and that’s ok (we probably blew it), but FBR has always felt like a second musical family to us through everything. From Hopeless Records, to Interscope, and back to Hopeless, we’ve come up listening to the bands on the FBR roster, working together on outside projects, watching with pride and admiration, looking forward to the moment when timing and purpose would align, affording us the chance to come in under their wing. So, here we are; a year spent in secret on a new label, writing songs and brainstorming for what comes next. I’m happy to say that we can finally deliver. Dirty Laundry is a proud moment for me personally, a song written in the company of friends, torn apart and stitched back together several times over like all the best relationships… It’s about leaving the past where it belongs, and loving the people around you for not only their light, but their darkness too. We shot the video with that in mind; inspired by a dream about the ups and downs that make us who we are, sometimes worn and tired, but better for it… alive and inspired. You can check out the song and watch the video at . Our good friend Pat Tracy, who directed the ‘Missing You’ video helped us bring it to life, and we couldn’t be happier about where the story will go from here. Pay close attention. 🙂 I hope you all love the song as much as I do. We’re ecstatic about everything we have lined up this year, and can’t wait to add this one to the set list as we get back out on the road. See you soon! xo, Alex #DirtyLaundry

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This isn’t their first switch of labels, they released six full length albums with Hopeless Records. That was until 2011 when they switched over to Interscope to release Dirty Work. Then returning to Hopeless for Don’t Panic and Future Hearts.