Alec Baldwin sings ‘Hallelujah’ as Donald Trump in ‘SNL’ cold open


Saturday Night Live opened it’s season 42 finale with Alec Baldwin as President Donald Trump performing the classic Leonard Cohen song, “Hallelujah.”

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Throughout the performance, Baldwin was slowly joined by members of Trump’s family and cabinet. The skit featured Kate McKinnon as Kellyanne Conway, Beck Bennett as Mike Pence, Aidy Bryant as Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Cicily Strong as Melania Trump, Steve Bannon as the Grim Reaper and Scarlett Johansson as Ivanka Trump in a surprise cameo appearance.

“I’m not giving up because I didn’t do anything wrong, but I can’t speak for these people,” said Baldwin’s Trump, pointing to the cast on stage following the song.

The performance was in reference to SNL‘s first post-election episode in November of last year. The episode featured Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton playing the song in a much more serious fashion, paying tribute to Cohen, who had passed away that week. The performance also served as a farewell to McKinnon’s Clinton character on the show.

Baldwin’s performance has led to speculation that the skit may have marked the retirement of his Trump character as well. With Alec Baldwin’s busy schedule and talk of Trump’s impeachment buzzing around, it seems to be a real possibility. “Look, I’d love to keep doing this per my availability,” said Baldwin to The Hollywood Reporter, “but I have other things I’m going to do, so I guess we’ll figure it out.”

Following Baldwin’s cold open, Dwayne Johnson, who hosted the show, half-jokingly confirmed that he would be running for president in 2020, alluding to the idea that Baldwin would be his running mate. After Baldwin graciously accepted the offer, Johnson revealed that he was actually referring to Tom Hanks, who then joined them on stage. After some witty banter and series of jokes, Johnson and Hanks finally joined hands in celebration as a “Johnson Hanks 2020” banner descended from the ceiling.

The season finale also included a silent tribute to Brad Grey, the former chairman and CEO of Paramount Pictures, who lost his battle with cancer on May 14.

SNL also paid it’s respects to Chris Cornell of Soundgarden, who passed away on May 18. The episode ran Soundgarden’s performance on the show in a 1996 episode. Jim Carrey, who hosted the episode, tweeted this:

The episode was SNL‘s highest rated finale since 2011, according to Variety.

Sasheer Zamata becomes third cast member to leave ‘SNL’ this season


After news broke that both Bobby Moynihan and Vanessa Bayer would be leaving SNL, Sasheer Zamata also quietly left the show after the season 42 finale on May 20.

Zamata became a full-time cast member in 2014 when producers were pressured to add a black female to their roster. She quickly became a popular member of the cast known for her impersonations of Rihanna, Michelle Obama and Diana Ross.

Unlike Moynihan and Bayer, Zamata has not made a public statement on her departure from the show. She did, however, share a photo from her final episode on Instagram.

Wow. What a fantastic end to a fantastic season, thanks SNL ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

A post shared by Sasheer Zamata (@thesheertruth) on

Zamata previously told EW, “I feel like I’ve definitely become a better writer since working on the show.”

The actress released her first stand-up special, Pizza Mind, in March.

‘NCIS’ recap- ‘Rendezvous’

"Rendezvous" -- Gibbs, McGee and Torres travel to a remote area of Paraguay, controlled by a violent group of rebels, in an attempt to locate a missing Navy Seal who disappeared during an unsanctioned trip, on the 14th season finale of NCIS, Tuesday, May 16 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Pictured: Sean Murray, Wilmer Valderrama. Photo: Michael Yarish/CBS ©2017 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

The NCIS season finale began with a couple in South America as they were discussing their adventures while taking water samples. The husband is stunned when he sees his wife has inadvertently caught a hand in her net.

Meanwhile back in D.C., Abby is preparing for Delilah’s baby shower but Tim wants to wait. When Abby mentions the ticking clock, he snaps about knowing but she realizes he is just nervous about fatherhood. Gibbs arrives to bring Tim to MTAC, where they speak to NCIS Agent Nicole Taggart in Paraguay.

The hand the two chemists found belonged to Petty Officer Matthew Dean, who had entered the country on a tourist visa. He wasn’t supposed to be in Paraguay on account of a ban on military tourists due to rebel activity.

Getting an update from the team, Gibbs learned Dean was an avid explorer and would take on trips alone to do things such as rafting and mountain climbing. He could have gone rafting along the Paraguay River, but they still don’t know why he entered the country against orders.

Ellie and Alex speak to Dean’s wife, who thought he had been in Canada on a fishing trip. She does know he had been in Paraguay for his last SEAL mission, but he shouldn’t have actually told her where he was.

Tim and Gibbs speak to Commander Peter Josephson in MTAC, but he can’t tell them about the mission. However, he does tell them he had called about inviting Josephson on a fishing trip with Petty Officer Charlie Hudson. Hudson lives out of a motorhome so they need to find him.

After a Goodfellas reference between Ducky and Palmer leads to a classic silent Gibbs entrance, he learns that Abby is running DNA tests on the body parts to confirm they all match Dean. Ducky also informs Gibbs someone used a machete to dismember the body.

Nick and Tim go to the motorhome where Charlie lives. But when they enter, they find no one is inside but items including detonators, missing weapons and a travel memo indicate Hudson and Dean had both gone to Paraguay.

Abby and Ellie inform Gibbs that the items found in the motorhome all indicate the men were preparing for something big. They had items for four people, but only two people left. Since Josephson is in Iraq, they deduce from a photo their missing fourth person is Petty Officer Christopher Clayton.

Ellie and Alex find that Clayton is in the hospital after being injured while roller skating. He is reluctant to share information on Paraguay with them until he learns Dean was killed. Clayton tells them they had been sent to Paraguay for a recon mission to collect information on a rebel group known as Revolutionary Armed Council.

The team is able to find that the rebel group are just a bunch of thugs who are stealing uranium, likely to sell it on the black market. Hudson and Dean, who had money related issues due to gambling, could have gone back to get the cash the R.A.C. had. Tim has an idea to contact a connection about using weather satellite images to see if they can pick anything up involving Hudson.

Abby deals with a flirtatious employee at the NOAA as she and Tim look at satellite images. They show a group of people heading away from the city of Val Verde and going to a compound. One lone beacon of light shows someone watching the compound.

While down in autopsy, Ducky notices that most of the body parts were cut with a machete except for the hand. He begins to realize something and leaves the room.

In MTAC, Tim and Gibbs look at the satellite image of the person they are watching and then Gibbs notices that it appears the man is missing a hand. Ducky rushes in to tell Abby the DNA on the body parts belonged to Hudson. Dean is missing only his hand and he is likely the man they see on the satellite image.

The team prepares for Ellie, Gibbs and Tim to make travel arrangements to Paraguay. However, Nick wants to go instead so Ellie agrees. But this also means she is given the awkward task of telling Dean’s wife she was incorrect and her husband is alive. Even though Alex is with her, she is left alone when Alex has to take a call.

The agents arrive in Val Verde and split up to find information, although Tim makes a quick restroom stop. Back in the office, Alex tells Abby that Dean and Hudson had been in contact with a relief organization that sent food all over the world, including Paraguay. Ellie then tells them she spoke to someone from the organization who clammed up when she began asking for more information.

Gibbs speaks to an older gentleman, who is reluctant to talk, which makes Gibbs think someone is watching. Nick is able to get a little information from a young woman that her brother was taken by the R.A.C. and Tim couldn’t get anything from people he asked. Gibbs finds that the area where Dean was in the satellite images is 10 kilometers away, but they have to wait to head out.

Ellie and Clayton go to speak to the man who hung up on her. While he claims not to know what was in the box he shipped, he tells them he met Hudson and Dean at a bar and they were good friends.

Tim and Nick wait for Gibbs to finish talking to Ellie. When a couple with a little girl walk by, Tim looks longingly and Nick teases him about being ready for fatherhood. Gibbs gets off the phone and tells them they are heading to church.

They arrive to speak to a nun and another gentleman, who realizes they are there for him. They are led to a crawlspace where Dean is hiding.

It turns out Dean and Hudson had gone to Paraguay not for money, but to rescue a boy who had been kidnapped to be a child soldier for the R.A.C. The boy’s father is the one who helped them escape when they were first ambushed and they were indebted to him. Even though Gibbs tells him they need to leave, Dean refuses to go without saving the boy.

Vance is not happy to find that Clayton and Ellie have some sort of backup in place for Gibbs. However, on satellite phone, Gibbs tells Vance that it is just a rescue operation to then extract U.S. citizens from Paraguay. Vance tells him to make sure any action he takes is in a defensive move.

A plan is put together to try and rescue the boy, but things are very dire. Gibbs offers for Tim not to be involved, but Tim reminds him he is still an agent. The next morning, the four men work together to rescue the boys. When the rebels target them, Tim and Gibbs stay behind as Nick and Dean get the boys to safety. As the helo is about to take off, Tim leaves so he can help Gibbs. They are the only two left as they fight against the rebels.

Until next season.

Tonight on TV May 21: Season finales of ‘Madam Secretary,’ ‘The Simpsons,’ ‘Family Guy’

"Article 5"--Elizabeth heads to Brussels to seek NATO's support against Russia when it threatens to invade Bulgaria, but when France refuses to cooperate, it could threaten the alliance's very existence. Also, Henry's new government role has him dive into the Russia issue and turn to his former operative, Dmitri Petrov (Chris Petrovski) for help, and as Nadine and Mike B's relationship heats up, Elizabeth finds out information about her old friend that makes her question his loyalties, on the third season finale of MADAM SECRETARY, Sunday, May 21 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Pictured L-R: Zeljko Ivanek as Russell Jackson and Téa Leoni as Elizabeth McCord Photo: John Paul Filo/CBS ©2017 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Good morning and happy Sunday! We are heading down to the wire with our favorite shows going on their summer breaks soon. But have no fear because we still have plenty for you to watch tonight on TV, including a lot of finales from FOX, CBS and more.

It is the season finale of America’s Funniest Home Videos before the Billboard Music Awards.

Don’t miss out on catching AMC for the season finale of Into The Badlands.

Bravo has new episodes of The Real Housewives of the Potomac and Invite Only Cabo.

CBS has two episodes of 60 Minutes followed by the season finales of Madam Secretary and Elementary.

E! has new episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and What Happens at the Abbey.

Food Network has new episodes of Food Network Star and Iron Chef Gauntlet.

FOX has the season finales of Bob’s Burgers, The Simpsons, Making History and Family Guy.

Head over to HBO for new episodes of The Leftovers, Silicon Valley and Veep.

NBC is new with Dateline NBC and the season finale of Shades of Blue.

Showtime has two new episodes of Twin Peaks.

Starz has new episodes of The White Princess and American Gods.

Syfy is brand new with the season finale of 12 Monkeys.

‘Trial & Error’ renewed for a second season by NBC

Trial & Error
Photo by: Greg Gayne/NBC

After leaving fans hanging for quite some time, NBC has finally renewed sitcom Trial & Error for a second season set to air this fall. The show will return in mid-season for a 10 episode run.

The series premiered in May of 2016 to an audience of 5.9 million, however viewership declined to only 4 million by the end of the first season. Despite mediocre ratings, Variety has reported that the show is a favorite of NBC Entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt, which may have played a part in the show’s renewal.

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The series is a spoof on crime documentaries that follows the young New York lawyer Josh Segal, played by Nicholas D’Agosto, who embarks on his first big case to defend an eccentric poetry professor who has been accused of murdering his wife.

Trial & Error also stars Jayma Mays, Steven Boyer, Krysta Rodriguez, Sherri Shepherd and John Lithgow. The entire cast with the exception of Lithgow is expected to return in season 2, according to Deadline.

The show is written by and executive produced by Jeff Astrof and Matt Miller, along with producers Jeffrey Blitz, Warner Bros. Television, Barge Productions and Good Session Productions.

‘SNL’ loses Bobby Moynihan and Vanessa Bayer

Saturday Night Live, SNL

The season 42 finale of Saturday Night Live airing May 20 will be the last episode for two long time cast members. Bobby Moynihan and Vanessa Bayer will both be leaving the show after this season.

After nine seasons with SNL, Moynihan told E! News that he is “so scared” to leave. “It was the best. That’s all I wanted to do.”

He was known on the show for his impersonations of Chris Christie and Guy Fieri as well as recurring characters like “Drunk Uncle.”

Moynihan’s departure from the show seemed almost inevitable after CBS picked up Me, Myself & I for the fall 2017 season, a comedy series in which he is set to star. The show will follow the life of an inventor named Alex over the course of 50 years. Moynihan will play 40-year-old Alex in present day.

Me, Myself & I will also star Jack Dylan Grazer, John Larroquette, Brian Unger, Jaleel White, Kelen Coleman, Skylar Gray, Christopher Paul Richards, Mandell Maughan, Sharon Lawrence and Reylynn Caster.

Vanessa Bayer, the longest serving current female on SNL, will also be leaving the show, ending her seven season long run with the series. According to The New York Daily News, her contract with the show has expired.

Bayer impersonated Miley Cyrus on the show as well as the Weekend Update correspondent, Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy.

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She is also known for her SNL roles as Rachel on Friends and Nikki in the movie Trainwreck.

Kenan Thompson remains the most tenured SNL cast member and will be completing his 14th season.

The final episode of the season will be hosted by Dwayne Johnson alongside special musical guest, Katy Perry.

‘Jane The Virgin’ recap- ‘Chapter Sixty-Three’

Jane The Virgin
Jane The Virgin -- "Chapter Sixty-Three" -- Image Number: JAV319a_0127.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Joseph Sanders as Mateo and Gina Rodriguez as Jane -- Photo: Scott Everett White/The CW -- © 2017 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

The last episode of Jane The Virgin focused on how Jane had grown up to stop believing in fairy tales and focus on the trials and tribulations people went through to stick together. After putting Mateo to bed, she finds her parents talking about their own fairy tale wedding, complete with a carriage and a tiara for Jane to wear as maid of honor.

Alba, of course, wants to make sure God is present in the wedding and is not pleased when Jane reminds her it is their big day, which is supposed to take place in two weeks. Jane then gets a call from Fabian, who she is trying to avoid when he begins to try and take their relationship further.

When she talks to Rafael about this, he then asks for her opinion about if he should be with Petra, but she tries to stay out of it. It’s even more difficult when Petra asks as well, but Jane wants to stay out of it and claims to have no opnion. Of course, she tells Alba exactly what a bad idea it is, but she does not want to get in the middle of things.

Jane meets her parents’ wedding planners, Jean and Luc. But when they talk about how her mom can’t have a fairy tale wedding, she disagrees with them and ends up causing them to walk out and quit just as Rogelio and Xo get home.

Jane offers to be a wedding planner for her parents since the other two are gone now. Later on, she asks Rafael to pick up Mateo and he lets Krishna know, who reminds him about his annual screening with his oncologist. Petra urges him to make the appointment and then they find out Luisa is going to call him.

We learn that the police sketch from Chuck’s interview was Luisa’s girlfriend, “Eileen,” making Rafael realize Rose had to be connected. He makes the call with the police there, but Rose is timing the call and forces Luisa to hang up before they can trace it.

Jane works with her mom on white horses for the wedding when someone comes to the door. It turns out to be Petra, who wants to talk to Jane about the situation. She talks about all the reasons they shouldn’t be together and Jane reluctantly admits that Petra makes sense.

On her dad’s set, Jane talks to Rogelio about not having lavender cakes before telling him that she is trying to end things with Fabian. He asks if he is sure since he invited Fabian to the wedding, but he may not have seen the invitation yet. Jane then goes to Fabian’s dressing room to get it before he can spot it. However, Fabian comes into the room just as she grabs the invitation.

Jane notices a poster of Fabian on a white horse and learns he still knows the horse trainer from that show. He offers to help her to rent a couple of white horses and when he asks why she is in his room, she gives him the wedding invitation.

Alba is not pleased over Jane using Fabian, despite Jane saying she isn’t really lying and will see if they can work out after the wedding. Unbeknowst to Jane, Rogelio unwittingly tells Fabian that Jane wanted to break up, not realizing he was upset about something else.

Petra goes to talk to Rafael, telling him that she talked to a friend and doesn’t think they should be in a relationship again. He realizes this is Jane and when he goes to the school where she is waiting for Mateo, Rafael arrives to confront her. Jane reminds him that he asked her to get involved. After she leaves, his phone rings and it is his oncologist.

Fabian decides to sabotage the shoot by keeping Rogelio from getting to his appointment with Xo. Then, we also see he has led Jane to an abandoned field where geese chase her. Jane talks to her mom about what happened and promises she will fix things, not wanting to cancel the bachelor/bachelorette party.

Rafael is on the phone with Luisa, claiming his cancer is back to get her to come back to the Marbella. But Petra overhears and thinks he is actually sick again.

Jane goes to her father’s set to try to work things out with Fabian, but when he calls her a slut, Rogelio wants to defend her honor. They begin fighting in the parking lot and Jane goes to stop it. Jane gets Fabian to calm down, telling him that being with him did mean something. But just as she thinks things are fine, Fabian goes to punch Rogelio so Jane punches him. Both men then refuse to work with another.

Petra sees Rafael and confronts him about not telling her he was sick. Rafael quickly lets her know he was just saying it to get Luisa back to Miami. Relieved that he is just fine, Petra hugs him. At the performance, the parents excitedly greet the kids. Jane and Rafael make up before Jane leaves to work on the bachelor/bachelorette party.

Unfortunately for Xo, Rogelio has to work since the big bosses are keeping an eye on them. Xo is not happy about this and she cancels the party to just spend it with Jane. They get very drunk and pour their hearts out to each other. When there’s a knock on the door, they discover Jane forgot to cancel the stripper so they go with it and enjoy the night.

Rogelio soon arrives after getting a text from Jane that he needs to prioritize her mom. He leads her out of the Marbella to a horse drawn carriage and then he gets a text that Ricky Martin will officiate their wedding.

Jane talks to Rafael and Petra simultaneously about taking a risk and being together once more. As Rafael goes to Petra, Jane’s parents come back to ask her to be their wedding officiate.

As this is all happening, Luisa returns with “Eileen,” which turns out to be a trap for the police. Dennis removes the mask to find Rose underneath as he arrests her to Luisa’s cries.

‘NCIS: New Orleans:’ Top 10 moments from ‘Poetic Justice’

NCIS: New Orleans
"Poetic Justice" -- Unable to trust anyone in New Orleans, the NCIS team calls in FBI Assistant Director Isler (Derek Webster) to help expose and stop the sinister scheme Mayor Hamilton (Steven Weber) has planned for the residents of Clearwater, on the third season finale of NCIS: NEW ORLEANS, Tuesday, May 16 (10:00-11:00, ET/PT), on the CBS Television Network. Pictured L-R: Derek Webster as FBI Assistant Director Isler, Shalita Grant as Sonja Percy, Vanessa Ferlito as FBI Special Agent Tammy Gregorio, and Lucas Black as Special Agent Christopher LaSalle Photo: Skip Bolen/CBS ©2017 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

The season finale of NCIS: New Orleans found the team trying to put themselves back together while hiding the fact that their boss was not dead like everyone thought they were. In order to find Pride and stop Hamilton once and for all, Tammy calls upon FBI Director Isler in an effort to get help. In the meantime, Pride is practically going off the rails himself, going rogue in an effort to find out what Hamilton is planning for Clearwater.

When the mayor is abducted, Isler wants to talk to NOPD, but the team knows they will become focused on Pride and not why he is doing what he has been doing. Soon enough, they are led closer to what is going to happen and must stop it.

We saw just how dedicated to justice Pride was in this episode, but at what cost to himself? He did a lot to find the answers he needed, but it will be interesting to see how this entire arc affects the team as they work to gain back their credibility.

While we wait the entire summer for season four, check out the top 10 moments from “Poetic Justice.”

10. Stone

Pride has a confrontation with Stone, but the man refuses to reveal what he knows about Hamilton’s dealings in Clearwater. When he comes at Pride with a knife, we see he is tossed over the roof of a building. It is ambiguous about what happened and when his body is discovered, Chris and Sonja are called in despite being suspended. Loretta shows them a fingerprint, which turns out to be Pride’s. She quietly smudges the print.

9. Reinstated

When Isler is informed about what Pride is doing and that he is, in fact, alive, FBI Assistant Director Isler works on getting the team reinstated, but they have to be careful about their actions. He wants to inform NOPD about what is going on, but Tammy works on making sure he does not let it get out about what happened.

8. Mayor kidnapped

Tammy and Isler go to talk to the mayor, but he is not in his office. It turns out that Pride led him somewhere else under the guise of being Stone. When a gun is pulled and Hamilton is shot in the arm, Pride takes him along. The team knows Pride won’t let Hamilton die since he needs to know what his agenda is.

7. Phone call

Pride calls Loretta to find out how to rescue Hamilton. Loretta talks him through it, informing him he needs an actual doctor. Beforehand, Pride had also learned that a team is waiting on Stone’s instructions and he informs her. Unfortunately, the police track them thanks to a tracker on Hamilton and he ends the call so they can escape.

6. Explosives

When the team finds evidence of explosives, they realize something big is going to happen in Clearwater to drive the residents away. Unfortunately, they don’t know where it is going to happen. Pride, in the meantime, takes Hamilton to Clearwater Baptist to put him in the center of everything.

5. Flood

The team is able to find the men who are involved in the plot but not before they are able to cause an opening of the floodgates. Pride hears the siren warning go off for a flood and he notices Hamilton is getting increasingly worried. He knows the levees won’t let the water get close, but because of how Hamilton is acting, he realizes that the levees are going to be compromised.

4. Stand down

Pride leaves to go find the levee that will be compromised, but he is stopped when a police officer recognizes the vehicle involved in the mayor’s kidnapping. Surrounded, Pride is faced with the NOPD as the team watches on television. Isler than gets on the phone with NOPD to tell them Pride is working undercover for him. They let Pride go.

3. Facing the truth

After the team works together to stop the bad guys from blowing up the levee, they notice Pride has escaped from their view. He goes back to Hamilton and holds him at gunpoint just as Tammy and Isler arrive. Tammy had figured out where he would be and once he sees them, Pride lowers his weapon and arrests Hamilton.

2. Family

At the end after all is said and done, the team gets ready to head out when Sonja stops Chris to thank him for helping her out. They seem to be sharing a moment, but Chris puts it on pause, not wanting their thing to get in the way of the team and their family. Sonja agrees, albeit hesitantly.

1 Rebuild

Pride is in his bar, which is still damaged from the explosion. The team arrives, wanting to be with him and help him rebuild. However, he is not up for company, but they want to be there for him as family. Together, they begin cleaning up.

‘The Flash:’ Top 10 moments from ‘Infantino Street’

The Flash -- "Infantino Street" -- FLA322a_0271b.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Candice Patton as Iris West and Grant Gustin as Barry Allen -- Photo: Dean Buscher /The CW -- © 2017 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

The second to last episode of The Flash took place 24 hours before Iris West was supposed to die. Everyone on Team Flash was awake at midnight, doing different things as they prepared for the battle they hoped would save their friend. When Cisco was able to find that the device they needed was a piece of Dominator technology and that it was in A.R.G.U.S., they called upon Lyla Diggle to see if they could have it.

Unfortunately because of Barry’s involvement in Flashpoint, she didn’t want to risk further harm to anyone else. So Barry makes a decision to go back in time to find Leonard Snart, who is dead if you recall and break into the most secure base, more secure than the Pentagon according to Iris.

As the team makes their plan, Barry avoids listening so Savitar won’t catch wind of what he is doing. But when a critical mistake is made, someone feels guilty and everyone has to step up on their game. Did the team save her? What will happen next week in the season finale?

While we wait a few more days to find out, check out the top 10 moments from “Infantino Street.”

10. No help

Barry and Cisco go to Lyla for help saving Iris, but she does not want the device to get into the wrong hands and end up hurting anyone else. Of course, Barry just has to mention how he caused her daughter to no longer exist, which she then tells him she is mainly upset over why it happened.

9. Snart

Barry decides that in order to get the device to save Iris, he needs to go back into time to find Snart. When the team learns what he does, they are not thrilled since he said he wouldn’t time travel again, but he is desperate. He also tells them he will make sure to put him back where he belongs. Just don’t tell him he dies, okay?

8. Hiding

In order to try and prevent Iris from being taken or killed, the team suggests putting her in hiding. So Barry is unaware of where she is, they go in secret to Earth-2, but not before Iris and Barry share what could be their last moment together.

7. Breaking in

Barry and Snart successfully break into A.R.G.U.S. but almost get in trouble when Barry as Lyla doesn’t know her code. However, they get past and make their way down to where the device is being protected by none other than King Shark.

6. Memories

Iris and Joe share a sweet moment together, where they talk about secrets they did not know about one another. When Iris brings up a song he used to sing, Joe sings it and they dance together.

5. King Shark

Barry is almost ready to use the cold gun on King Shark to freeze him, but Snart uses his knowledge from Shark Week that sharks are warm-blooded so the cold gun won’t affect him. However, they can lower the temperature of the room. They are able to get inside and get the device, but this sets off security. Snart nearly becomes trapped with King Shark, but Barry rescues him and they are found by Lyla. Seeing how Barry had saved Snart, she gives him the device anyway.

4. Purpose

While spending time with Tracy, who he has been getting closer to, H.R. talks about how the team has given him purpose and he wants her to join their team. She accepts and they share a kiss.

3. Tricked

When The Flash arrives to say they got the device, his first question is about where Iris is. Not seeing his face, H.R. tells him but it turns out to be Savitar. Wracked with guilt, they can only stand by helplessly as Savitar goes to take Iris away.

2. Vibe

Cisco gets ready for the battle and he shares a moment with H.R., who is devastated and upset over his actions. Even though Cisco tries to calm him down, he feels terrible but Cisco tells him how dependable he is for them. Once he leaves, he is about to head out when he gets a vibe of Killer Frost. Realizing he has to face her, Barry also encourages him to go.

1. The battle

Barry and Savitar meet on Infantino Street with Tracy and Joe keeping overwatch. The one person we don’t see is H.R., strangely enough, but they are sure their plan will work. But when Barry uses the bazooka on Savitar, he is able to fight against it as Iris looks on helplessly. Barry tries to get to her, but is not fast enough as Savitar stabs her. A voiceover and video montage shows Iris saying goodbye to Barry the night before into his phone and reciting her vows.

Tonight on TV: May 19 – Toy Box, Reign, I Love Lucy Superstar Special

CW, Reign, tonight on tv
Ben Mark Holzberg/

It’s a light night tonight on TV, which may be a good thing! Is everyone as emotionally drained by these season finales as I am? I made the mistake of catching up and watching Chicago Fire before Grey’s Anatomy last night. It was traumatic to say the least.

Here’s what’s on tonight:

ABC starts with back to back episodes of The Toy Box followed by a new 20/20.

Then on CBS it’s a new Undercover Boss and the I Love Lucy: The New I Love Lucy Superstar Special, followed by a repeat of Blue Bloods.

CW has new The Originals and Reign, both of which have another month before finales.

FOX is doing Flashback Friday with the showing of Jennifer Lopez’s movie Maid in Manhattan. JLo’s new World of Dance will premiere May 30 over on NBC.

And on NBC it’s a new First Dates followed by Dateline NBC – Secrets of the Desert.