Top 10 best animated rock music videos

animated rock
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Ever since music videos became popular on MTV in the 1980s, artists have been trying new ways to get their songs out into the world. Over time, things seem to become formulaic with the standard music video featuring their band playing their music much the same as seeing it live.

While watching a band play on the small screen at home was new and innovative at one point, now it has been done so often that it has become mundane. What audiences really want is to watch a story told in rhythm of the music that is being played. Music videos have become a sort of short film in that sense. But, with an average of four minutes per video, that doesn’t leave the director a lot of time to tell a story. That means artists have to get creative.

What is a good way to capture an audience’s attention in order to best market the songs and satisfy the fans? One way of doing this is through animation. With hand-drawings, computer animation, stop motion, Claymation and mixed media there are unlimited ways to keep a video fresh.

Here is a list of the top ten best animated rock music videos since the ’80s.



Relive Lady Gaga’s most iconic music videos!

Lady Gaga, Beyonce
Credit: YouTube

While Lady Gaga has always released eclectic music, it’s her music videos that have cemented the songs as iconic.

From the images of Great Danes to seriously crazy-looking heels, it’s no wonder that Mother Monster receives the best product placement for brands. And when audiences doubt a performer can sing and dance at the same time, Gaga shuts down lip-syncing criticism with her vocals.

Given that it’s the singer’s birthday on March 28, we decided to look back on some of her most memorable music videos prior to her soft-rock pop album Joanne.

The “Million Reasons” performer may just be turning 31, but she’s given us more than just entertaining music videos. She has highlighted themes very prevalent in society that doesn’t get enough billing in music, like bisexuality and disability.

Early on, her music videos casted a harsh light on fame, however, explicit they were at the time, but looking back, it’s signature Gaga.

On a lighter note, the singer turned actress showed off her range of outrageous costumes in these music videos that we bet other performers wished they wore first.

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Top 10 songs to rock out with on St. Patty’s Day

Flogging Molly
Flogging Molly "Drunken Lullabies" Credit: YouTube

Searching for that perfect combo of Irish-rock-drinking music this St. Patty’s? Here are our top 10 tracks to get your playlist off on the right foot.


Here we are. Another March. Another end of winter. Another excuse to wear green, pretend to be Irish and win yourself a massive hangover. It’s officially Saint Patrick’s Day season. You have the outfit – don’t lie, we know you picked it out a month ago. You have the booze or the pub picked out. What’s left? The music, of course. That’s where we come in.

Whether you are hosting the festivities this year, bartending at your local watering hole or just looking to bring a piece of the action to the office – you need some good tunes. This means the search is on for that perfect combination of Irish-rock-drinking music. Well, look no further. Here we have our top 10 tracks to get your playlist off on the right foot. There are a few old standbys, as well as some you may not have heard yet.

So kick back and enjoy another day – or weekend (or week) – of the somehow socially acceptable debauchery this St. Patty’s Day. Be safe out there and enjoy!

10 artists who will be performing at three or more music festivals this year

music festivals

Do you know what time of year it is? It’s that time to start counting down the days till your favorite music festival. If you haven’t already checked out the lineups to your favorite ones, you better do so and quick!

According to Music Festival Wizard, there are over 400 festivals worldwide and over 150 of them are in the U.S. Whether we are talking about Bonnaroo, Boston Calling, Coachella or Panorama, the lineups will blow your mind this year. In fact, there are multiple artists who will be performing at multiple festivals. Not only does that mean you have numerous opportunities to see some of your favorite performers, but it also means you need to start planning your summer road trips.

So, buckle your seat belts for a quick guide through this list of artists who will be at multiple U.S. festivals.

What better way to spend your summer than with friends, live music and your favorite performers!

Rihanna’s top music videos for the hopeless romantic!

Credit: YouTube

While we’re still getting over the aftermath that is Valentine’s Day, part of us will always live vicariously through Rihanna and her yearning for love in music videos.

We’re talking about the soul in “Stay,” the hopelessness that is “We Found Love” featuring Calvin Harris and the endless flirting in “What’s My Name?” with Drake.

Needless to say, we haven’t forgotten old-school Rihanna before her “savage” era.

In honor of the singer, who turns 29 on Feb. 20, we’re counting the music videos that we wouldn’t have minded taking her place.

The music video vixen has shared the screen with plenty of hunks, but the elephant in the room, would be Drake. While we are still unsure of their relationship status, we still root for the lovey-dovey choruses.

Furthermore, the music videos have always served as inspiration to be confident and to be present in every heartbreak.

In this case, we’re glad as millenials, we can ask ourselves, “What would Rihanna do?” in this situation.

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Relive The Weeknd’s top performances!

The Weeknd
Credit: YouTube

While our birthday parties are filled with The Weeknd’s music to dance to we’re betting the artist, himself, isn’t dancing to just his music on his birthday which he celebrated on Thursday, Feb. 16.

We already know The Weeknd, whose real name is Abel Tesfaye, may be getting the best birthday party thrown by his girlfriend, Selena Gomez, yet that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate with his best performances.

From the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show to the Grammy Awards, the 27-year-old singer always commands attention from audiences.

Whether he’s performing “In the Night” or “Can’t Feel My Face,” the birthday boy’s smooth vocals win us over no matter what. And if you thought we would forget his collaborations with Daft Punk and Ariana Grande, don’t worry we could not exclude them from this list.

Take a look at these videos of The Weeknd’s performances and see if you agree. But we have to admit, it was hard to narrow down the performances without replaying them for that charisma and chemistry he has on screen.

12 music icons who have never won a Grammy

Credit: YouTube

Some of the most influential artists in the music industry have never won a Grammy. Even further, there are some who haven’t even been nominated. This is preposterous!

In some cases, artists were commemorated and awarded after they died. Why does this happen? The Lifetime Achievement Award is a common award that many icons on this list have earned. Despite selling millions of albums worldwide and making life-changing, everlasting music, these artists have not won a Grammy. We want to celebrate artists’ achievements during their lifetime with this 59th anniversary of the Grammy Awards.

They are especially lacking awards in Album of the Year category. None of these mentioned artists have won, whereas Taylor Swift has won two. Are you surprised? Not to diss Swift, but how does she have two when artists like Bob Marley, Nicki Minaj and The Who have zero?

This is a shock to music fans who listen to these performers. Although the list is incomplete, here are a few artists who have never won a Grammy.

Grammys 2017: Who will win, who should win?

Beyonce and Adele
Credit: YouTube

Every year award shows get us excited about our favorite nominees. Yet, every year the academies make decisions that many of us ultimately disagree with.

While the Grammys don’t air until Sunday, Feb. 12, we can already tell that while some deserving artists will walk away with hardware, others will be snubbed and we’ll be sad.

This year will yield one of the great Grammy rivalries we’ve seen, pitting two legendary ladies against each other in three of the four main categories. Adele and Beyonce, so great they each only go by one name, are in for the ultimate battle come Sunday.

While we’ll still cross our fingers and root for our favorites, here’s our prediction of what will go down and what should go down on music’s biggest night.

Top 10 (slightly unconventional) love songs that are not played out

Top 10 (slightly unconventional) love songs that are not played out

We have complied our Top 10 list of – slightly unconventional – love songs from an array of genres, which you haven’t already heard 20 times this week.


Valentine’s Day is coming up fast. Hopefully by now you have at least a vague sense of what you plan to do for your sweetheart. Just remember: Whether you’re spending your night out on the town or keeping it cozy at home, it’s always the little things that make the date. Small details are the perfect way to let your honey know you listen when they speak. Because you do, right?… Right?


Let your special someone know that you understand their likes, dislikes, style and inclinations this Valentine’s Day. Not sure how? We are here to help. Some people adore the typical, super sappy, dramatic love song. However, formulaic tunes don’t always capture your unique situation or the specific individuals involved. So we have complied our Top 10 list of – slightly unconventional – love songs from an array of genres. None of these tracks are played-out or stereotypical and each carries its own distinct message.


So take a few minutes to check out these tunes, along with the statement we think each gets across. Whether it’s an “I’m sorry” sort of Valentine’s Day, or a “I’ll love you forever” type of holiday, we got you covered. Good luck out there kids.

Top 10 Twitter reactions to Beyoncé’s pregnancy news

Credit: YouTube

On Wednesday, Feb. 1, Beyoncé announced that she is pregnant. This particular announcement may have been more exciting than when the world learned she was pregnant with her first child, Blue Ivy, because now she is pregnant with twins! This time she posted a photo on Instagram, which features the singer posing in front of a vibrant floral background touching her stomach. Needless to say, fans went wild.

Since the announcement, over 10 million people have liked the photo and that number continues to grow. Twitter  also erupted after the news broke with the hashtags#BeyonceHavingTwins and #beyonceispregnant. So, be prepared for some witty, funny and unapologetically real tweets. The Beyhive is unbelievably excited for the double additions to their family.

Without further ado, here are the top 10 Twitter reactions.