‘NCIS’ recap- ‘Rendezvous’

"Rendezvous" -- Gibbs, McGee and Torres travel to a remote area of Paraguay, controlled by a violent group of rebels, in an attempt to locate a missing Navy Seal who disappeared during an unsanctioned trip, on the 14th season finale of NCIS, Tuesday, May 16 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Pictured: Sean Murray, Wilmer Valderrama. Photo: Michael Yarish/CBS ©2017 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

The NCIS season finale began with a couple in South America as they were discussing their adventures while taking water samples. The husband is stunned when he sees his wife has inadvertently caught a hand in her net.

Meanwhile back in D.C., Abby is preparing for Delilah’s baby shower but Tim wants to wait. When Abby mentions the ticking clock, he snaps about knowing but she realizes he is just nervous about fatherhood. Gibbs arrives to bring Tim to MTAC, where they speak to NCIS Agent Nicole Taggart in Paraguay.

The hand the two chemists found belonged to Petty Officer Matthew Dean, who had entered the country on a tourist visa. He wasn’t supposed to be in Paraguay on account of a ban on military tourists due to rebel activity.

Getting an update from the team, Gibbs learned Dean was an avid explorer and would take on trips alone to do things such as rafting and mountain climbing. He could have gone rafting along the Paraguay River, but they still don’t know why he entered the country against orders.

Ellie and Alex speak to Dean’s wife, who thought he had been in Canada on a fishing trip. She does know he had been in Paraguay for his last SEAL mission, but he shouldn’t have actually told her where he was.

Tim and Gibbs speak to Commander Peter Josephson in MTAC, but he can’t tell them about the mission. However, he does tell them he had called about inviting Josephson on a fishing trip with Petty Officer Charlie Hudson. Hudson lives out of a motorhome so they need to find him.

After a Goodfellas reference between Ducky and Palmer leads to a classic silent Gibbs entrance, he learns that Abby is running DNA tests on the body parts to confirm they all match Dean. Ducky also informs Gibbs someone used a machete to dismember the body.

Nick and Tim go to the motorhome where Charlie lives. But when they enter, they find no one is inside but items including detonators, missing weapons and a travel memo indicate Hudson and Dean had both gone to Paraguay.

Abby and Ellie inform Gibbs that the items found in the motorhome all indicate the men were preparing for something big. They had items for four people, but only two people left. Since Josephson is in Iraq, they deduce from a photo their missing fourth person is Petty Officer Christopher Clayton.

Ellie and Alex find that Clayton is in the hospital after being injured while roller skating. He is reluctant to share information on Paraguay with them until he learns Dean was killed. Clayton tells them they had been sent to Paraguay for a recon mission to collect information on a rebel group known as Revolutionary Armed Council.

The team is able to find that the rebel group are just a bunch of thugs who are stealing uranium, likely to sell it on the black market. Hudson and Dean, who had money related issues due to gambling, could have gone back to get the cash the R.A.C. had. Tim has an idea to contact a connection about using weather satellite images to see if they can pick anything up involving Hudson.

Abby deals with a flirtatious employee at the NOAA as she and Tim look at satellite images. They show a group of people heading away from the city of Val Verde and going to a compound. One lone beacon of light shows someone watching the compound.

While down in autopsy, Ducky notices that most of the body parts were cut with a machete except for the hand. He begins to realize something and leaves the room.

In MTAC, Tim and Gibbs look at the satellite image of the person they are watching and then Gibbs notices that it appears the man is missing a hand. Ducky rushes in to tell Abby the DNA on the body parts belonged to Hudson. Dean is missing only his hand and he is likely the man they see on the satellite image.

The team prepares for Ellie, Gibbs and Tim to make travel arrangements to Paraguay. However, Nick wants to go instead so Ellie agrees. But this also means she is given the awkward task of telling Dean’s wife she was incorrect and her husband is alive. Even though Alex is with her, she is left alone when Alex has to take a call.

The agents arrive in Val Verde and split up to find information, although Tim makes a quick restroom stop. Back in the office, Alex tells Abby that Dean and Hudson had been in contact with a relief organization that sent food all over the world, including Paraguay. Ellie then tells them she spoke to someone from the organization who clammed up when she began asking for more information.

Gibbs speaks to an older gentleman, who is reluctant to talk, which makes Gibbs think someone is watching. Nick is able to get a little information from a young woman that her brother was taken by the R.A.C. and Tim couldn’t get anything from people he asked. Gibbs finds that the area where Dean was in the satellite images is 10 kilometers away, but they have to wait to head out.

Ellie and Clayton go to speak to the man who hung up on her. While he claims not to know what was in the box he shipped, he tells them he met Hudson and Dean at a bar and they were good friends.

Tim and Nick wait for Gibbs to finish talking to Ellie. When a couple with a little girl walk by, Tim looks longingly and Nick teases him about being ready for fatherhood. Gibbs gets off the phone and tells them they are heading to church.

They arrive to speak to a nun and another gentleman, who realizes they are there for him. They are led to a crawlspace where Dean is hiding.

It turns out Dean and Hudson had gone to Paraguay not for money, but to rescue a boy who had been kidnapped to be a child soldier for the R.A.C. The boy’s father is the one who helped them escape when they were first ambushed and they were indebted to him. Even though Gibbs tells him they need to leave, Dean refuses to go without saving the boy.

Vance is not happy to find that Clayton and Ellie have some sort of backup in place for Gibbs. However, on satellite phone, Gibbs tells Vance that it is just a rescue operation to then extract U.S. citizens from Paraguay. Vance tells him to make sure any action he takes is in a defensive move.

A plan is put together to try and rescue the boy, but things are very dire. Gibbs offers for Tim not to be involved, but Tim reminds him he is still an agent. The next morning, the four men work together to rescue the boys. When the rebels target them, Tim and Gibbs stay behind as Nick and Dean get the boys to safety. As the helo is about to take off, Tim leaves so he can help Gibbs. They are the only two left as they fight against the rebels.

Until next season.

‘Jane The Virgin’ recap- ‘Chapter Sixty-Three’

Jane The Virgin
Jane The Virgin -- "Chapter Sixty-Three" -- Image Number: JAV319a_0127.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Joseph Sanders as Mateo and Gina Rodriguez as Jane -- Photo: Scott Everett White/The CW -- © 2017 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

The last episode of Jane The Virgin focused on how Jane had grown up to stop believing in fairy tales and focus on the trials and tribulations people went through to stick together. After putting Mateo to bed, she finds her parents talking about their own fairy tale wedding, complete with a carriage and a tiara for Jane to wear as maid of honor.

Alba, of course, wants to make sure God is present in the wedding and is not pleased when Jane reminds her it is their big day, which is supposed to take place in two weeks. Jane then gets a call from Fabian, who she is trying to avoid when he begins to try and take their relationship further.

When she talks to Rafael about this, he then asks for her opinion about if he should be with Petra, but she tries to stay out of it. It’s even more difficult when Petra asks as well, but Jane wants to stay out of it and claims to have no opnion. Of course, she tells Alba exactly what a bad idea it is, but she does not want to get in the middle of things.

Jane meets her parents’ wedding planners, Jean and Luc. But when they talk about how her mom can’t have a fairy tale wedding, she disagrees with them and ends up causing them to walk out and quit just as Rogelio and Xo get home.

Jane offers to be a wedding planner for her parents since the other two are gone now. Later on, she asks Rafael to pick up Mateo and he lets Krishna know, who reminds him about his annual screening with his oncologist. Petra urges him to make the appointment and then they find out Luisa is going to call him.

We learn that the police sketch from Chuck’s interview was Luisa’s girlfriend, “Eileen,” making Rafael realize Rose had to be connected. He makes the call with the police there, but Rose is timing the call and forces Luisa to hang up before they can trace it.

Jane works with her mom on white horses for the wedding when someone comes to the door. It turns out to be Petra, who wants to talk to Jane about the situation. She talks about all the reasons they shouldn’t be together and Jane reluctantly admits that Petra makes sense.

On her dad’s set, Jane talks to Rogelio about not having lavender cakes before telling him that she is trying to end things with Fabian. He asks if he is sure since he invited Fabian to the wedding, but he may not have seen the invitation yet. Jane then goes to Fabian’s dressing room to get it before he can spot it. However, Fabian comes into the room just as she grabs the invitation.

Jane notices a poster of Fabian on a white horse and learns he still knows the horse trainer from that show. He offers to help her to rent a couple of white horses and when he asks why she is in his room, she gives him the wedding invitation.

Alba is not pleased over Jane using Fabian, despite Jane saying she isn’t really lying and will see if they can work out after the wedding. Unbeknowst to Jane, Rogelio unwittingly tells Fabian that Jane wanted to break up, not realizing he was upset about something else.

Petra goes to talk to Rafael, telling him that she talked to a friend and doesn’t think they should be in a relationship again. He realizes this is Jane and when he goes to the school where she is waiting for Mateo, Rafael arrives to confront her. Jane reminds him that he asked her to get involved. After she leaves, his phone rings and it is his oncologist.

Fabian decides to sabotage the shoot by keeping Rogelio from getting to his appointment with Xo. Then, we also see he has led Jane to an abandoned field where geese chase her. Jane talks to her mom about what happened and promises she will fix things, not wanting to cancel the bachelor/bachelorette party.

Rafael is on the phone with Luisa, claiming his cancer is back to get her to come back to the Marbella. But Petra overhears and thinks he is actually sick again.

Jane goes to her father’s set to try to work things out with Fabian, but when he calls her a slut, Rogelio wants to defend her honor. They begin fighting in the parking lot and Jane goes to stop it. Jane gets Fabian to calm down, telling him that being with him did mean something. But just as she thinks things are fine, Fabian goes to punch Rogelio so Jane punches him. Both men then refuse to work with another.

Petra sees Rafael and confronts him about not telling her he was sick. Rafael quickly lets her know he was just saying it to get Luisa back to Miami. Relieved that he is just fine, Petra hugs him. At the performance, the parents excitedly greet the kids. Jane and Rafael make up before Jane leaves to work on the bachelor/bachelorette party.

Unfortunately for Xo, Rogelio has to work since the big bosses are keeping an eye on them. Xo is not happy about this and she cancels the party to just spend it with Jane. They get very drunk and pour their hearts out to each other. When there’s a knock on the door, they discover Jane forgot to cancel the stripper so they go with it and enjoy the night.

Rogelio soon arrives after getting a text from Jane that he needs to prioritize her mom. He leads her out of the Marbella to a horse drawn carriage and then he gets a text that Ricky Martin will officiate their wedding.

Jane talks to Rafael and Petra simultaneously about taking a risk and being together once more. As Rafael goes to Petra, Jane’s parents come back to ask her to be their wedding officiate.

As this is all happening, Luisa returns with “Eileen,” which turns out to be a trap for the police. Dennis removes the mask to find Rose underneath as he arrests her to Luisa’s cries.

‘Empire’ S3 Ep 15 ‘Civil Hands Unclean’

©2017 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Chuck Hodes/FOX

In the aftermath of Cookie rejecting Angelo’s proposal, she goes to Lucious to tell him the “good” news, but Lucious has started up a relationship with Giuliana, once again leaving Cookie heartbroken. Again, Lucious looked way too uncomfortable with Giuliana for me to believe they’re legit. I don’t care what the flashbacks say. Something’s afoot.

Andre is furious with Lucious for cutting Nessa from the gaming commissioner show and tells Shine to get his men ready to kill him. Cookie stops Andre and tells him to let her handle things so that they can get Lucious on their side while also demonstrating her kitchen skills by softening Shine’s crew up with a home cooked soul food dinner—peach cobbler and all.

In between trying to win Lucious back and throwing down in the kitchen, Cookie also attempts to smooth things over with Angelo, who along with his mother has taken up trolling Lucious and Empire as his new pastime. Angelo shuts down Leviticus and lashes out at Cookie when she attempts to apologize to him. So maybe Angelo is truly no angel. In an effort to patch things up with Angelo and right the wrongs of his family, Jamal offers Angelo a $5 million anonymous donation to his family’s endowed scholarship which Angelo, after some cajoling, seems to accept.

Meanwhile, Hakeem approaches Lucious and tells him he wants his name on Bella’s certificate. Lucious maintains that just because Hakeem is Bella’s father it doesn’t mean he’s prepared to assume the full responsibility of raising her. After sulking about Lucious’ rejection and having some sexy bubble bath fun with Tiana and Tori, Hakeem releases another livestream song on Jamal’s channel. This one’s about leveling up and being an elevated human being … I think, sometimes Hakeem’s wokeness is hard for me to keep up with.

Jamal and Lucious continue to work on their rivaling projects but both seem to be missing something. Lucious is also wooing Snoop Dogg (guest starring as himself) to enter into his Vegas deal but Snoop also notices that Inferno isn’t quite there yet and insists that Lucious needs to include Jamal on the project. Jamal refuses at first but after realizing that Lucious’ arrangements are what his songs need, Jamal agrees to work with him.

Finally, the Lyon family convenes around the dinner table at Lucious’ mansion (thankfully sans Giuliana, who is in Vegas on business). Lucious thanks Anika for all she’s done for him and his family by offering her divorce papers plus a $25 million settlement (Cookie is not pleased), which she gladly accepts. He places Hakeem’s name on Bella’s birth certificate (after making a pretty funny quip that Hakeem is adopted) and gives him back his Xtream channel. All seems to be well in the Lyon family until authorities barge in and take Bella from a tearful Anika after receiving reports of child endangerment. Chaos ensues and Lucious immediately suspects the DuBois family.

And that was just one episode.


Other things we learned from this episode:

  • Lucious doesn’t know the difference between a livestream and a podcast.
  • Cookie makes a mean peach cobbler.
  • Laundromats, like Ferris wheels, are also excellent places for dirty dealings.

‘Empire’ S3 Ep 16 ‘Absent Child’

Empire, Absent Child
©2017 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Chuck Hodes/FOX

“Absent Child” opens with the Lyon’s meeting with the Dubois family. After a pregnant pause Cookie accuses Diana of having Bella taken away. Diana and the rest of the family insist that they had nothing to do with Bella’s disappearance and after yet another shouting match, Anika tearfully pleads with Diana to help her find her baby.

After trying to go to authorities to find Bella, Lucious sits the family down and tells them that they all must keep their noses clean so that Bella can come home to a cohesive family.

The Lyons attempt to return to business as usual as they try to find Bella. Jamal and Lucious continue working on their track for Inferno but Lucious blindsides Jamal by trying to remix their track and add a rapper (who left the hospital after being shot four times to record in the studio) to the track. Lucious tries to tell Jamal that he doesn’t have a high understanding of music because he stopped making music after getting shot only once. Jamal reminds Lucious that he’s never been shot and has Lucious listen to his own arrangement of the track, which everyone in the studio agrees is superior. Lucious, of course, goes to a corner and sulks but finds unlikely inspiration for his track with Jamal from his mother, Leah. Leah says that although Lucious has done a great deal of wrong in his life, he got one thing right with Jamal. Lucious realizes that Jamal’s music is the natural development of his legacy and concedes to using Jamal’s track.

Cookie, Andre and Shine attempt to rework their Vegas plan by meeting with the promoter and pitching a show centered around Jamal’s album When Cookie Met Lucious with the whole Lyon family on board. Shine wonders how he factors into the deal and Andre, bent on punishing Lucious, loses his cool further indicating to Cookie that he’s off his meds. Making good on his promise to Rhonda, Andre finds Anika and attempts to strangle her but instead leaves her alive to suffer as he does everyday with the loss of his wife and child (Author’s Note: I can’t imagine how hard that scene was for Grace and Trai Byers to do as they are married in real life).

Distraught over his daughter’s disappearance, Hakeem livestreams from his house publicly accusing the DuBois of taking his baby. Team Keem (yes that’s apparently as much of a thing in the Empire-verse as Coocious) protests the DuBois.

Cookie meets with Marcone to pitch the When Cookie Met Lucious show, but Andre’s temper nearly derails the meeting. Andre further complicates matters by bringing Hakeem to the laundromat where all of Andre’s dirty dealings have been taking place. Cookie shoos him away so he doesn’t see that she’s holding Angelo hostage trying to find information on Bella’s whereabouts. Cookie is sure that Diana had something to do with Bella being taken but Angelo swears he knows nothing. Cookie begs Lucious to consider her Vegas deal but Lucious continues to side with Giuliana (who is back from Vegas—darn).

Nessa is furious with Andre for once again failing to defend her against his family. Andre’s callousness causes her to conclude that he is “crazy” (her word not mine) and she angrily slaps him after he tries to kiss her. I was actually sort of rooting for them.

After Angelo is beaten by Shine and his boys, Diana brings him home to take care of him. Angelo vows to put the entire Lyon family in jail but Diana does him one better, revealing that she actually did in fact take baby Bella.


Other things we learned during this episode:


  • Even Cookie recognizes the fierceness that is Lemonade.
  • Hakeem really needs to find another coping mechanism besides strippers.
  • Cookie’s backhand might actually be worse than her skill with a baseball bat or a broom.


We are down to the last two episodes of the season … Will Bella be returned? Will Andre exact his revenge on Lucious? Will Giuliana disappear so we can finally get the Coocious (bleh) reunion we’ve all been waiting for? Tune in tonight.

‘Supergirl’ recap: ‘Resist’

Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW -- © 2017 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

This week on Supergirl Kara struggles to save not only her boyfriend and best friend, but the entire city from the Daxamite invasion.

Last week, Rhea opened a portal and Daxamite ships appeared over National City. She escaped and transported Mon-El and Lena with her to a ship.

“Resist” opens on Rhea waking Lena on the ship. Lena remembers what happened and is understandably upset. Rhea explains she wants Lena to be a part of her new world as the two watch the Daxamites attack the city. Rhea’s voice and image echoes throughout the city, telling people she is their new ruler. Maggie fights the aliens and calls Alex, who also ends up fighting Daxamites when they transport into the DEO. Alex evaluates the DEO and calls Supergirl for help. Alex runs and flips off of the balcony, taking down one more alien as she plummets. Supergirl grabs her just in time as Rhea welcomes the city as a new Daxam.

On the ship, Mon-El asks his mother about her plans. She wants to create monuments to their people, which humans will build. Mon-El exclaims the humans will fight back, as will Kara. Rhea ignores his warnings and tells him he will marry a human to connect the two peoples. She has chosen Lena for his wife.

Kara, Winn, Alex and a handful of DEO agents set up operations in the alien bar. J’onn is there, but he is still unresponsive after the fight from the last episode. James walks in, letting them know how bad it is outside and the team discusses how they have not been able to find Superman. Maggie arrives and the team tries to figure out where to start when Lillian Luthor shows up. She tells Alex she does not know where Jeremiah is and says she wants to team up to fight the aliens, saying she knows a way onto the ship. The group strongly declines. She pleads with Supergirl, calling her Kara so Lillian knows who she is, to help her save Lena and tells her to contact her if she changes her mind.

Back on the ship, Rhea receives a message from U.S. President Olivia Marsdin, demanding the Daxamites leave. She tells them she is coming to fight her with the military. The two argue and Cat Grant walks into the room with the President and tries to talk them down, but also insults Rhea but introduces herself as “queen of all media.” Rhea ends the conversation and attacks the plane. Winn picked up the signal and aired the showdown between Cat and Rhea for Kara, who immediately flies to save Cat and the President. Supergirl is able to grab Cat before Air Force One breaks into pieces. On the ground, the President pushes a piece of the plane off her body while in her alien form, thus revealing herself to Cat and Supergirl.

Supergirl brings the President and Cat to the alien bar. Winn hugs Cat and she asks about all the DEO agents and equipment. They tell her the DEO exists and she tells them about being in Washington D.C. when the Daxamites invaded. President Marsdin was her RA in college, and she tells them about a night she saw her alien face and thought it was just because she was high. Winn laughs until the President walks out as an alien. Cat shrugs off the fact that her friend is an alien and walks off to take a call with Madeleine Albright, making a quip about Bill O’Reilly.

Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW — © 2017 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

The President sits down with the team and tells them she is from the planet Durla, which was invaded and people were enslaved. She reminds Alex she is now the head of the DEO with J’onn still in a coma. Kara tells her they have civilian friends on the ship, but she tells them to get a positron cannon from the DEO headquarters to destroy the Daxamite ship.

On the Daxamite ship, Lena and Mon-El tell Rhea they are not getting married. Lena tells her they are not having a child, but Mon-El tells her Daxamites can create a child with their hair, which Rhea already took. Rhea threatens all the hospitals in the city. The two reluctantly agree to have the wedding ceremony.

Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW — © 2017 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

After sending the President back to the White House, Alex and Kara argue over using the cannon. Alex tells her even if it was Maggie on the ship, they have their orders. Kara walks outside as Supergirl and finds Cat sitting by a dumpster Cat thanks her for saving her life and asks her who is on the ship. Supergirl replies her boyfriend and best friend are on the ship and she will be devastated if she loses them in this fight. Cat tells her she left the city because she was unhappy and went to Bhutan, because her phone said it is the happiest place in the world. She talks about the people and what she learned was happiness is connecting with other people. Telling her, “It’s not about what you do, it’s about who you love.” Cat tells her she is not selfish and to go save the people she loves. Kara listens and goes to team up with Lillian.

Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW — © 2017 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Alex is annoyed that Kara teamed up with Lillian, but the group works on a plan. They have a way of beaming on the ship. Alex and the DEO agents will work on getting the cannon from headquarters. They need a distraction for Rhea and Cat volunteers, asking for Winn’s help. The sisters say goodbye to each other, Alex telling her she would do the same thing for Maggie. Alex tells her to be as fast as she can.

Kara, Lillian and Hank go to the Fortress of Solitude. Kara asks why Lillian never told Lena who she is and Lillian says Lena will find out and hate her when she does. Hank fixes the portal and they beam to the ship where Lena and Mon-El are at the beginning of their marriage ceremony.

Cat looks around CatCo and is more upset about the free weights and sports items in the office than the destruction of the office. She asks Winn where James and Kara are and he lies saying they are in hiding.

Alex and Maggie work on breaking into the DEO together, Maggie reminiscing about how they first met. They get in and find the cannon and start charging it to fire. The President tells her to fire when it is ready.

The marriage ceremony is almost complete when Cat’s broadcast starts airing. Cat tells the people to fight back against the invaders, to resist. Rhea is angry and sends a group to kill Cat. On another part of the ship, Supergirl battles Daxamites while Hank works on finding Lena.

Meanwhile, Mon-El picks a fight with a guard and Lena picks up his gun and saves Mon-El. Lena picks the lock to one of the doors and when the door is open they meet Supergirl. Lena’s happiness at her mother working with Supergirl is short lived when Lena is the only one transported with Lillian and Hank. Lillian calls Alex and tells her they are free and to fire on the ship. Lillian is confused when Lena is angry with her and wants to save Mon-El and Supergirl.

Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW — © 2017 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

On the ship, Kara tells Mon-El she thought something like this might happen so she has a device that will turn the tech back on. Kara sends him back, telling him she wants to give Rhea the option to surrender.

Daxamites arrive at CatCo and Winn and Cat are surrounded. Guardian arrives and sprays the aliens with lead dust to weaken them before he knocks all of them out. Cat thanks him, calling him James and tells him she can see his eyes.

Mon-El beams down and calls Alex, telling her Supergirl is still on the ship. The President tells Alex she must destroy the ship and Alex stands there, weighing her options. But while she does that, the cannon blows up.

Kara asks Rhea to surrender. Rhea admits to killing her husband when he disagreed with her and says Kara’s words are wasted. Rhea tells Kara she has lost and a punch sends Kara flying. She looks up and it is her cousin who punched her. Somehow, Superman is under Rhea’s control.

I really enjoyed this episode. I missed Cat and I loved every Cat scene. I like that we finally know the President’s backstory. This was a good episode in giving all the character’s at least one solid scene. The Superman reveal is not my favorite, but I am looking forward to the finale.

Check out the trailer for the season two finale, airing Monday at 8 p.m. on The CW.

‘Gotham’ Recap: ‘Heroes Rise: Light The Wick’


It is a rainy night at Arkham Asylum as former GCPD Captain Barnes is being transferred when he goes into rage mode and attacks the orderlies. He then battles with our favorite assassin from The Court. He subdues Barnes and they take him to Kathryn where we see they also have Dr. Hugo Strange. Strange is working with The Court. They need a sample of Barnes’ blood. It looks like Gotham’s judgment has to do with the Alice Tetch virus. One of my favorite parts of this opening scene was the cameo of The Mad Hatter. When will he come back? Season 4 maybe?

The Court of Owls high ruling council is spending their activity to prepare for “Gotham’s judgment.” Jim does some clever detective work and sneaks back into The Court’s meeting room and is trying to get a fingerprint to find out more information about Kathryn. He just avoids being caught.

Ivy goes by the club looking for Selina when she runs into Tabitha. Tabitha tells her to check out Gotham General. Ivy finds Selina unconscious and she is hopeful that her friend will wake up. She uses her perfume to try and find out some answers. I hope that Ivy becomes a major antagonist next season. The alliance between her and Selina could be dangerous for Gotham.

Jim Gordon is a busy guy right now. He has just joined The Court and we find out that Leslie thinks Jim knows something about his uncle’s murder which he does. Jim is relieved when they find out Kathryn’s last name is Monroe and he has her address. He is going to her house to search for clues. He also finds out that Barnes is missing and he runs into his old buddy Penguin. Penguin wants the truth about The Court and he wants them to give up The Riddler. He gives Jim a phone to call him on when he has news for him. It is never a slow day in Gotham City for Jim Gordon.

The Shaman is continuing Bruce’s training. He tells Bruce that this rage is blinding him and it has controlled since the night his parents were murdered. The Shaman wants to release Bruce from these destructive emotions that control him. He tells Bruce that Gotham needs a protector and Bruce needs a purpose. Bruce decides to let go of the emotions that have controlled him since that night. This is exactly what The Shaman wants and he even says, “Gotham will pay.”

Jim goes to Kathryn’s house and is looking for clues. He finds a hidden compartment inside a desk drawer and finds a Wayne Enterprises lab keycard. He then confronts a surprised Kathryn and tells her Penguin is alive and knows The Court took Riddler. Jim wants to know the truth about the judgment that is coming. Kathryn replies by telling him that the only way to heal the city is to show the people of Gotham their darkest selves. Jim immediately knows she is referring to the Tetch virus. 

Ivy is decorating Selina’s hospital room with plants because … well it’s Ivy. She really wants Selina to wake up. Her prayers are answered as Selina’s fingers start twitching and she slowly opens her eyes. Selina starts getting ready to leave and Ivy asks where she is going. Selina tells her she has to go to Wayne Manor to kill someone. It looks like next week Alfred might be finding out he has not been living with Bruce the past few weeks.

Jim tells Bullock and Lucius about The Court’s plan to weaponize the Tetch virus. They also piece together that The Court has Barnes and can use a sample of his blood. Lucius guides Jim and Bullock to the lab where they are attacked by infected lab workers. Dr. Strange makes the save, much to the surprise of Jim and Bullock. Strange tells them he is being held captive by The Court and that Kathryn took some of the virus to “test it.” Jim knows they can’t arrest Dr. Strange because then The Court would know they are on to them. Jim is going to look for Kathryn when ironically she calls him and tells him to meet her so they can take the next step. 

Bruce is having another training session where he seems to be improving now that the destructive emotions are gone. Bruce tells The Shaman he feels nothing and The Shaman promises Bruce he can take away his pain. Bruce wants to become more powerful so he decides to stay and finish his training. The foreshadowing  during these training scenes is truly brilliant.

Jim meets with Kathryn and her sidekick assassin Talon. They are observing a party of Gotham socialites and she shows Jim the bomb that she intends to test the power of the Tetch virus. She sets the timer for 15 minutes and is truly testing Jim’s loyalty to The Court. Jim is very clever though. He calls Penguin on the phone he gave him and tries to discreetly talk to Talon so that Penguin can find out where they are. The bomb is ticking under three minutes when Jim decides to attack Talon. They fight and Talon is preparing to stab Jim when Firefly makes the save. Penguin shows up, demanding the truth. Jim tells him since they just killed her assassian, The Court will probably reach out to him. Jim is able to clear all of the innocent people out of the building. 

Penguin is screaming at Firefly about why The Court hasn’t called him yet. We notice an assassin standing behind him who quickly kidnaps him. Penguin wakes up in a holding cell next to Riddler. Riddler is shocked to see Penguin alive. Penguin just stares at him without saying a word. I admit that was pretty creepy and intense. The fact that Penguin just stared at him without saying a word.

Leslie is packing up her office when Jim comes in. She blames Jim for infecting this place and everyone involved with him. They finally have a big fight, all of the tension that has been building between them since Mario’s death. Everything is out on the table and Jim tells her he isn’t sorry for what he has done. Is this the last we have seen of Dr. Leslie Thompkins? It’s Gotham City … so probably not.

Kathryn gets a call from The Shaman who says that things with Bruce are progressing as planned and they will be returning to Gotham very soon. Kathryn quickly becomes angry when she notices her desk drawer has been opened. She talks with Barnes about how they both want the same thing for Gotham … judgment. She knows that Jim betrayed her and The Court and she wants Barnes to kill Jim. Barnes screams, “Jim Gordon is guilty!” We have two more episodes before the two-part season finale. The final few episodes of this season should be a wild ride and all bets are off about who survives, who goes back to Arkham and maybe who doesn’t make it to next season.

Episode Grade: B

Gotham airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. on FOX.

‘Once Upon a Time’ musical review: ‘The Song in Your Heart’

Photograph by: ABC/Jack Rowand

We shared our review of the general plot of “The Song in Your Heart,” and now it’s time for a closer look at the songs, their lyrics, and some behind the scenes clips from rehearsals.

“Powerful Magic”

This Snowing duet was entertaining with their surprise at singing. I especially found it interesting how conceited Charming was with his vocal ability (“My do I sound good!”). His character just doesn’t strike me as the arrogant type. Anyway, “love is the most powerful magic of all” are perfect lyrics for Snowing’s story. It was their love that broke the sleeping curse, and created a savior. From the beginning of the show, true love has been referred to as the most powerful magic of all.

Some of the lyrics that are worth mentioning include Snow’s declaration that “words expressed through song are a weapon like the queen has never seen.” This reminds me of all the times Rumple uttered the words “love is a weapon!”

Another line that caught my attention was how “love can overcome curses, potions and beans.” The first thing I thought of was how Neal fell through the portal right after being shot. As he’s falling he and Emma express their love for each other, but that didn’t stop it from happening. It didn’t overcome the bean’s portal. Other than that, I like it.

“Love Doesn’t Stand a Chance”

During the Evil Queen’s solo, “Love Doesn’t Stand a Chance,” she confronts the dwarves and breaks Grumpy’s axe. It made me wonder how many axes he’s gone through. Also, as I was perusing fan commentary, there were many who expressed shock at the Evil Queen’s use of an inappropriate term to describe Snow. I want to remind them that this isn’t the first time Lana Parrilla’s character has used such language.

From the beginning of Season 3:

Then, in the twelfth episode of Season 4:

I have to say, the choreography for “Love Doesn’t Stand a Chance” did such a good job of capturing the Evil Queen’s frustration and anger as she went around half dancing and kicking stuff, and Parrilla just killed it with her evil voice! Is there a part you really liked about it?

How about her showdown with the Charmings?

She might have won, but it certainly wasn’t due to any help from Rumplestiltskin! After all, the Dark One doesn’t sing.

“Wicked Always Wins”

Let’s look at why the Evil Queen won that match against Snowing. It was really Zelena. I guess in a way wicked did win, but no one will remember any of the singing sequences so in a way it didn’t win. Too bad Rumple will never know it was her or that he chose the wrong one. Rebecca Mader has an amazing voice and for many Oncers, hers was the best performance.

“Revenge Is Gonna Be Mine”

Captain Hook is the only character who burst into song and didn’t seem shocked or perturbed by it. He just went right along with it. I suppose it was because all he really cared about was his revenge. I just love the line when he says “some say let it go, but I say hell no!”

Here’s a behind the scenes clip of Colin O’Donoghue practicing the choreography for “Revenge Is Gonna Be Mine:”

By the way, O’Donoghue broke his foot during one of the many rehearsals for this scene, and just kept going. It happened while doing the chair tipping move. Here’s a clip of him explaining it at the Once Upon a Time Vancouver convention:

“Emma’s Theme”

It’s the background music that’s been part of our psyche since the show began, and captures the essence of Emma during those intense moments. The following is the actual score written by Mark Isham (instrumental):

Michael Weiner and Alan Zachary wanted to use Emma’s theme music in her solo. The original score plus their writing and Jennifer Morrison’s amazing voice come together to make this short, but heart wrenching addition to the musical episode:

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“A Happy Beginning”

The writers and composers brought the musical episode to a magical close with this Disney-esque song. Everyone sings and dances together, even Jared Gilmore (Henry). I have to admit, it’s cheesy, but it’s my personal favorite… except for the clock tolling at the end.

The musical aspect of this episode was met with the expected combination of enthusiasm and contempt. Whatever your preference, I hope you will tune in to the season finale. I will live tweet through @carissashuman.

‘The Big Bang Theory’ Finale Recap: ‘The Long Distance Dissonance’

The BIg Bang Theory, The Long Distance Dissonance
Photo: Michael Yarish/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. © 2017 WBEI. All rights reserved.

On the season 10 finale of The Big Bang Theory, a returning admirer is back and she is making a play for Sheldon!

We first met Dr. Ramona Nowitzki in season 2. She was a grad student who had a big crush on Sheldon. Well, she is back on the Caltech campus causing trouble while Amy is away.

Sheldon doesn’t pick up on her advances, but the gang notices. She is having lunch with him, touching his hand (which he didn’t immediately, Purell), and she even got him to go swimming with her while she adorned what sounded like a risqué swim suit.

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While Skyping with Amy, Sheldon mentions spending time with Ramona. Amy immediately becomes jealous and Skypes the girls right away. She yells at them for not watching Sheldon, which was their one job. They assure Amy  she has nothing to worry about, although they don’t completely believe this.

Sheldon brings Ramona to Leonard and Penny’s apartment to hang out with the gang, and later Sheldon invites her to his apartment. He still thinks this is all harmless. She is just his friend, right?

After she leaves, Penny takes Sheldon aside and points out that Ramona likes him and is making moves. Sheldon thinks that is ridiculous, she knows he has a girlfriend. Penny explains that it doesn’t matter, but Sheldon still dismisses the idea.

The next day at the college, Ramona drops by Sheldon’s office. He decides to ask her if she is trying to start a romantic relationship. That is what prompts her to kiss Sheldon.

Immediately after the kiss, Sheldon leaves and flies across the country to see Amy in New Jersey. He knocks on her door and a surprised Amy opens it to find Sheldon down on one knee, proposing to her.

Unfortunately, we will have to wait until next season to hear Amy’s answer!

The BIg Bang Theory, The Long Distance Dissonance
Photo: Michael Yarish/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. 2017 WBEI. All rights reserved.

‘Once Upon a Time’ plot review: ‘The Song in Your Heart’

Ginnifer Goodwin, Josh Dallas
Photo by: Jack Rowand/ABC

Let’s take a look at “The Song in Your Heart” as the dual-faceted episode it is. For now, we’ll concentrate on the actual plot and save the musical aspects for a separate review.

“The Song in Your Heart” brings the core characters together in a way that captures their individual journeys towards becoming the family they now are. Of course, that includes Hook and Emma’s wedding. Then, it pits them against the Black Fairy and the be-all-end-all of curses.

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To start off this episode, we were introduced to yet another sad moment in Emma’s childhood. Then, the scene switched to the Enchanted Forest of the past where a pregnant and desperate Snow made a wish on the star, Reul Ghorm, whom we know as the Blue Fairy. Snow wanted a happy ending for her unborn daughter, even if she couldn’t have one for herself. Blue answered her wish with the magic of music. As cheesy as it sounds, it was an effective technique that did a better job of tying varying plot lines together than other attempts we’ve seen.

As a result of Blue’s wish granting magic, the populace of the Enchanted Forest woke up in song. After an incisive tour through the kingdom (and a flash of Oz), the Charmings lost their musical power, and shortly thereafter, their memory of the entire escapade.

The reason for all the musical madness, Blue explained, was to capture their songs, and put them in Emma’s heart. The idea was that Emma would then have a part of her family with her always, and she’d be able to use the powerful magic of song to defeat the darkness of the final battle. When Snow pointed out that Emma won’t know she has this magic, Blue told her “we’ll just have to hope.” Sound familiar?

In a sequence of deciding what to wear mere hours before the wedding, Emma and Hook learned that Rumple double crossed them. The Black Fairy established that fact by ruining Snow’s wedding dress, which she had just given to Emma. Honestly, I was surprised that nothing else was said about that.

Anyway, after being confronted by the Black Fairy, Emma went to tell Hook “don’t worry,” which he correctly interpreted to mean “goodbye, just in case I don’t make it.” He pleaded with her to let him help, but of course she refused. This really bothered me. I feel like her character has become trusting, and she just got done telling him they face everything together. Why then did she insist on just the opposite? Maybe it’s just me, but I want to know why she went through the trouble of bringing him back from the underworld just to keep pushing him away. I know she wants to protect him, but can’t she imagine what it must be like for him to lose a second love of his life? Why bring him back for that?

Visibly distraught, Emma went back to the station to look through her ever growing box of things she’s kept since childhood. Henry walked in to find her staring at a picture of him when he was younger. When he asked her what she was doing, she told him that she was reminding herself what she’s fighting for. I know that Emma has opened herself up to being vulnerable, but why would she need to look through a box of old stuff to remember what she’s fighting for?

Meanwhile, Regina and Zelena made good on their word to find a way to stop the curse. Regina was familiar with it, because it’s like the one she cast. She and Zelena isolated the time freezing component with the intention of freezing the entire curse. Just as Zelena boasted and wondered aloud what Rumple would think, he showed up and poofed the potion out of their hands. In his ever sarcastically sassy way, he said, “I wonder how it works on people,” and froze them (along with the Charmings and Hook who were also there).

Emma went to face the Black Fairy, but to no avail. The Black Fairy displayed Emma’s frozen family, and announced to Emma that she is still all alone. At this point, Emma’s magic failed and her hand began to tremble, so she ran away. That surprised me. I guess I expected Emma to just walk up and slug her after that.

Somehow this rendezvous led to Emma deciding to just give in to the Black Fairy on the supposition that the rest of her family would then be free from threat, and Henry wouldn’t end up alone. She told Henry as much, and it all seemed very ill-conceived and didn’t feel right to me. However, it did lead to a nice grown up Henry moment, where like his grandpa Charming, he wiped the desk in frustration. Then, voilà! A new storybook page showed up depicting Snow’s wish. I love how random pages appear at just the right time!

Emma confronted the Black Fairy again, but this time offered her heart. However, the Black Fairy couldn’t crush it, and exasperatedly growled, “Why won’t you die?” Henry walked in and answered her question while he showed Emma the extra page, and explained that her song wasn’t her weakness, it’s her strength. She used this renewed strength to unfreeze the rest of her family and the Black Fairy left. Some fans have wondered why Emma didn’t defeat the Black Fairy right then and there, but I suppose as much as they wanted it to be, it wasn’t THE final battle.

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Of course, there was the wedding. It seemed a good way to end the episode. Everyone seemed happy, even baby Neal made an appearance, and the vows seemed genuine. Hook’s smile when Emma says “I do” was adorable. He tells her that she got her happy ending, but she replied that it’s not, it’s a happy beginning. Cue the last song. Watching them dance and sing was as out of character as seeing them be honestly happy. The ending of the song was punctuated with the dissonant tolling of the clock, and of course it wouldn’t really be the beginning of a curse without the town crier to announce it! Go Grumpy!

Wedding sans singing:

Much of this episode is reminiscent of the end of Season 2, and the first half of Season 3. Emma not wanting Henry to be alone really stood out to me. Some fans have pointed out that the curse separating them and affecting Emma’s memory, and Hook having to find her and make her remember (which is what the finale promo suggests) is a huge throwback to season 3.

If the singing and dancing had you rolling your eyes with humor laden derision, don’t worry, you’re not alone. If, however, you found yourself giggling with delight and singing along, be sure to check out our musical review. Oh, and don’t miss the two hour finale “The Final Battle,” which airs at 8 p.m. on Sunday, May 14!

‘NCIS’ recap- ‘Something Blue’

"Something Blue" -- The stress of McGee and Delilah's (Margo Harshman) imminent wedding takes its toll, as Delilah is rushed to the hospital. Also, the NCIS team travels out to sea after a young and healthy Petty Officer aboard a Navy destroyer dies in his sleep, on NCIS, Tuesday, May 9 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT), on the CBS Television Network. Pictured: Jennifer Esposito, Emily Wickersham, Duane Henry, Wilmer Valderrama, Sean Murray. Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2017 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

The last episode of NCIS began with Ensign Stoddard looking for Petty Officer Gregory Jones, who was supposed to arrive for his shift for food services. However, he is stunned to find him deceased in his bunk.

Meanwhile, the team is helping Tim look for a tux for his wedding. He is not feeling good about what he has tried on since Delilah didn’t seem to care for it. Plus, everyone else from Nick to Abby look better in their outfits than he feels like he does.

Gibbs and Jimmy go onto the ship to investigate Jones’ death. Commander Bitterman describes Jones as a good worker while Chief Choi takes Jimmy to where the body is being kept per protocol. However, they are both surprised to find he is missing.

Because of the latest developments, the rest of the team now have to come to the ship as well. Nick and Tim have a discussion about the first song choice the couple has made for the wedding (“She Blinded Me with Science”) before telling Gibbs that Jones’ parents and sister have been contacted. Ellie and Alex are told to stay on the ship while Nick and Tim head back home.

Ellie talks to Stoddard, who appears really shaken by what happened to Jones. He said he did not know of any issues he may have had with anyone.

In the office, Tim is surprised to see Delilah, who has come to him with a revised guest list of over 300 people. She reminds him that he needs to pick up the pace on his part of planning the wedding and he promises to be more available. After she leaves, Vance comes by and gives Tim advice about not taking marriage for granted. Once he leaves, Tim receives a phone call.

Nick talks to Regina, who is stunned and upset about her brother’s death. She tells Nick her brother had e-mailed her days ago about being hazed by his supervisor, Haring. Gibbs and Ellie question Haring, who tells them they were just giving him a hard time for wanting to transfer out of their division. They never would have actually killed him.

Alex comes to tell Gibbs they still can’t locate the body. Just then, Gibbs gets a call from Tim that Jones’ body was found in the water, having been tied down and wrapped in a trash bag.

In autopsy, Gibbs finds out from Jimmy and Ducky that other than his regular blood pressure medication, Jones had a high dose of ecstacy in his system when he died. They don’t believe he would have actually taken the drug since he would have known it would have a strong reaction to his medication.

Ellie and Alex arrive back at the office and try to figure out why Greg would have taken a drug when they’ve heard from his sister that he never touched drugs. He didn’t even drink coffee.

Tim has a talk with Abby about being more present for wedding planning, shocked that his best person would take Delilah’s side in a fight. After asking to change the subject, he is informed that the ecstacy pill in Jones’ system was found concentrated in sweet potatoes he had consumed before his death.

When Gibbs and Ellie speak to Commander Bitterman, he is stunned to find out what happened. He then realizes that the only sweet potatoes on the menu the night of his death were for himself. Jones was not the target; he was. The only reason Jones ate his sweet potatoes was because Bitterman lost his appetite after ordering food.

Alex and Nick discuss bringing dates to the wedding while searching the bunks on the ship, which is back in Norfolk. Alex finds a bag full of pills under Haring’s bunk.

Tim arrives home to see Delilah is taking a nap after feeling tired from going through wedding invitations. He offers to do them for her but she wants to do it together. As he is getting her wheelchair, she tries to get herself up only to suddenly collapse to Tim’s horror.

When questioned by Nick, Haring claims the drugs were not his. Gibbs has him try to tie a particular knot but he doesn’t do well, meaning he couldn’t have tied the knot to hold Jones’ body down. Once he leaves the room, he receives a call from Tim, clearly panicking and he makes a run down the hall.

In the hospital, Tim is distraught and worried that Delilah’s health issues are related to her having been injured when she became paralyzed. Gibbs leads him to sit down and try to breathe. Tim is worried that they were too focused on the little things to think about what mattered and Gibbs reminds him to wait until they know more.

Clayton has been told to fill in for Tim so he goes to see Abby. She informs him the pills they found were known as Blue Burgers and there was a dealer in Norfolk named Vernon Palumbo who was recently paroled.

Gibbs gets an update on the case, but refuses to get Tim involved when he asks. When Delilah is wheeled down the hall, Tim is relieved to see her. Doctors still are checking her out so he goes with her while Gibbs goes back to the case.

Clayton and Ellie try to play Vernon, but he makes them as cops. They manage to get him to talk about who he met with and show him photos of the different officers on the ship.

A doctor comes to let Delilah know how she is doing. Her collapse was likely due to stress since she is anemic and when she mentions her condition, both Tim and Delilah are confused. Realizing they don’t know, the doctor informs them Delilah is about 10 weeks pregnant. Delilah is stunned and watches as Tim proceeds to faint. She remarks that she figured that would be his reaction.

The team finds out from Ellie that Vernon had met with three individuals including Stoddard. Meanwhile, Abby goes to see Delilah and Tim at the hospital. She immediately can tell how happy they both are and they tell her not to say anything since they are still trying to get ahold of Delilah’s mother. Abby is thrilled and carefully gets on the bed to hug them both.

Gibbs, Nick and Alex confront Stoddard, who eventually admits he was only trying to prank Bitterman for being hard on them all the time. He never meant for Jones to be the one to be harmed.

Vance comes to Gibbs after the case is over to ask why Tim would invite him to dinner at his apartment. Gibbs tells him he also got an invite, as well as Ellie, Alex, Nick and Clayton. They all look at Abby, who is bursting at the seams.

At the apartment, with the addition of Ducky and Jimmy, Delilah and Tim are ready to give the good news when they find out Abby couldn’t keep the secret. They don’t mind and tell the team they are actually going to have the wedding at the apartment, with a party later for out of town family. Ducky will walk Delilah down the aisle while Gibbs will stand in as man of honor since her sister couldn’t fly out in time. Jimmy will officiate the wedding after becoming ordained online.

Everyone prepares for the wedding and in a special moment, Gibbs gives Tim a watch that was handed down from his grandfather to his father and finally to Gibbs. Tim is touched at the gesture and sees the watch is engraved to say “Breathe, Tim.” The wedding is held and the couple officially become “Mr. and Mrs. McGee.”