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Newsday's LI People On the Move, October 2013

Newsday's LI People On the Move, March 2012

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07.11.2012 TheCelebrityCafe's Dominick Miserandino Awarded SPJ's Volunteer of the Month

06.13.2011's Executive Editor Dominick Miserandino Elected President of Press Club of Long Island

03.24.2011's Dominick Miserandino Appears on Al Jazeera English to Address Significance of Elizabeth Taylor’s Passing

01.27.2011's Dominick Miserandino Honored with LIBN's 40 Under 40 Award

10.18.2010 Newsday Interviews Founder Dominick Miserandino for Website’s 15th Birthday

05.11.2009's Dominick Miserandino to Receive Phil Spahn Award

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