Reptar's single 'Sebastian' off of their upcoming album

By John-Paul Helk,
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Whether you used to watch The Rugrats or not, you'll find yourself enjoying listening to Reptar. The four-person group announced their new album, Body Faucets, will be released on May 1 via Vagrant Records. A single off of the album, “Sebastian,” is available for free download if the fan seeking the song simply signs up for the group's email mailing list. The band is also celebrating the announcement with a two-month tour around the United States.

The single is the lead song on the album, and like much of the album has an upbeat reggae feel that incorporates a multitude of styles and influences to create a melded mellifluous sound. The percussion plays a vital role in the song, but the distinguishing factor in the song is the voice that delivers the creative and poetic lyrics to the listener's ear. The vocalist is a playful tenor with a voice that both punctuates and soothes. Coupled with the guitar, drums, and various other sounds, “Sebastian” is a composite of energizing sounds and rhythms that is sure to have the listener tapping their foot and drumming their fingers.

Anyone interested in hearing the single can find it at http://emailunlock.com/vagrantrecords/reptar-sebastian where they need only enter their email so they might receive email updates from the band. The full album will be available May 1 and promises to be one worth listening to.



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