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Quirky is a social product developing company that helps innovative and creative people from around the world get their unique inventions and products into stores and available to consumers online. Every product created by Quirky was developed through the ingenuity and teamwork of the hundreds of members of the site.

Quirky has a new line of Spring Cleaning products that will help you keep your house refreshed and looking good as new as the time comes to have friends and family over for holidays and other events. Each of these unique products are affordable and unique.

The Broom Groomer Mini is an easy-to-use compact broom and dustpan that makes it easier for you to clean out the dust bunnies and pick up crumbs that a larger broom might miss. The Broom Groomer makes sweeping easier by using teeth to pull dust bunnies out of your broom. To get better use out of your towels, the Loop turns your towels into multiple scrubbing tools.

Other unique products include the Broom Stopper, which keeps brooms from falling over and sliding. You won’t have to waste time figuring out the perfect angle so that your broom leans on the wall without falling over. Finally, the Solo collapsible hanger makes putting clothes in your closet and pulling them out even easier. It is perfect for any style shirt.

Other great products from Quirky include Bandits (rubber bands with hooks), the Bobble Brush to keep your toothbrush upright, the Converge docking station for electronics and the Contour hanger.



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